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Kieran John Curley

Kieran Curley’s reviews

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  • A very satisfied client.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chuck Duffy

    Kieran led a team of Miller Nash lawyers that represented us, The Society of Jesus, Rome, during 2 years of very complex litigation, involving both domestic and international law. Kieran demonstrated great patience and also anticipated future events. His recomendations were critical to our successful defense. Kieran worked well with our client group and also led his team with confidence.

  • Many Turns

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Don

    Securities offering; very large sum; many twists and turns including agreements between plaintiffs and co-defendants that were kept from the other defendant attorneys. During the entire case, Mr. Curley was well prepared (and ensured that others in the firm were also), knowledgeable about State law and the necessary filings, and always kept client informed. His ability to remain calm and focused in light of unexpected actions on the part of the co-defendant contributed greatly to the settlement of this case for an insignificant amount as compared to the multi-million amount asked for. Having spent 42 years in the private sector, Mr. Curley is without question the best negotiator that I have seen. When others were willing to settle, he refused and ultimately the case went exactly as he had predicted. He has a unique ability to understand the other side, their strengths and weaknesses, and their next steps. Ultimately, Mr. Curley managed a relationship with multiple attorneys within his own firm as well as attorneys for three other firms sitting at the defense table. His knowledge of the facts, his understanding of the potential outcomes, and his factual based decision making provided a solid base for the other attorneys and kept them focused on the long term objective when they might otherwise have been distracted by actions that, while irritating, ultimately had little impact on the case. Never once during the 3 year life of this case did I have to call and ask to kept informed, ask for information, or request to be involved. In fact, Mr. Curley continued to keep me involved and to ensure that I was neither over involved or under involved. He and his team valued my opinions and my questions were always considered valuable and worthy input.
    In addition, there was no animosity between the plaintiff attorneys and Mr. Curley and not once did I hear him speak in an unprofessional manner about the defendant attorney team. It was also clear to me that the judge valued the preparation and knowledge of Mr. Curley and the Miller Nash team. While curt and short with some others, she was always open and willing to listen to Mr. Curley and his team.There is no question that I would go to Mr. Curley and his firm again for any legal matter. It is easy for me to rank Mr. Curley as "excellent" and if the scale was a 1-10 my ranking would be a 10 without reservation.