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Lawrence Peterson’s reviews

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  • Excellent Attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by Olivia

    Mr. Peterson is presently representing me in a divorce matter. He is working hard to resolve this situation by getting to the facts quickly and giving me a clear picture of possible final solutions. He responds to my phone calls in a timely manner and clarifies questions for me as they arise. I find Mr. Peterson extremely competent and proficient and intensely devoted to his work. I would describe his manner of work as humanitarian with a high level of fair mindedness. He looks at the big picture and responds appropriately. He mediates for good, fair solutions but will get tough if needed. I applaud the excellent service I am receiving from Mr. Peterson and I am confident he will get the job done!

  • Nightmare attorney - do not use

    1.0 star

    Posted by ingrid

    Background - 2008 my husband retired from his job of 32 yrs.
    While alive he was in the midst of an appeal against his ex wife to eliminate spousal support. In the divorce documents ( 1996 ) there was a statement that said " there was to be life insurance maintained on BR ( my husband's initials ) through his employment."
    My husband died unexpectedly in Oct, 2009
    His ex went looking for the life insurance she thought BR had on her -- she found none
    When BR died his ex placed a temporary restraining order on the 401K that I was sole beneficiary of. Peterson, my husband's attorney , contacted me to inform me of the TRO. and told me the ex could not find the life insurance my husband was to maintain. Peterson asked me to look for the insurance at the same time I was planning a funeral. I spent hours looking, with same results as the ex. I continued with Peterson because he was
    aware of the appeal and all involved.
    Peterson never mentioned that he already knew my husband didn't have any insurance, In fact he HAD ADVISED my husband not to have insurance. He allowed me to look for, stress over and become an emotional wreck looking for the insurance policy that didn't exist. It wasn't until several months later when my daughter found an email my husband had sent to Peterson -- the email read " There is no life insurance on (ex's name ) per YOUR ADVICE " It was then I found out Peterson not only knew but had advised. I confronted Peterson over the phone he told me " he was just as surprised as I was that there was no insurance" -- NOT TRUE
    Over a course of several months, I felt like Peterson was my enemy, I couldn't fire him because I didn't have the money to pay his bill. He told me if I let him go I would be responsible for full payment, if I didn't pay he would place an lean on my house. In essence, I was paying Peterson to defend me, for advice he gave my husband --TOTAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST
    Eventual I fired Peterson, my new attorney took on the case of the 401k and brought a malpractice suit against Peterson.
    Peterson had several months to figure out his plan of action he had many friends to consult with including his ex wife who is a judge. He came up with a winning plan for himself.
    During a deposition ( under oath ) Peterson admitted he had given my husband several options, one being to cancel. He no longer could play dumb -- we had the email
    Long story short -- I went before a jury and won my case regarding the 401k, I lost the malpractice case against Peterson. To this day Peterson and I both know the truth.
    One other totally irresponsible act on Peterson's part. While my husband was alive the ex's attorney ( Gazzola ) had requested Peterson send him verification of life insurance. Peterson blew off the request. The ex sued her attorney and won over 73,000. If Peterson had responded to that email I would never have had to go through what I did. Peterson laughed about the law suit.
    In my opinion, not only is he unprofessional in his practice he is a fowl mouth man, who who often referred to me as " Honey " instead of by my name
    Do not use Peterson.