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Michael Daniel Rehm

Criminal defense Attorney at Sacramento, CA

3.9   19 reviews
  • State Years
    New York - NY 17 years
    California - CA 18 years
  • Licensed for 17 years
    State NY
    Acquired 2006
    Currently Registered No misconduct found
  • Licensed for 18 years
    State CA
    Acquired 2006
    Active No misconduct found

We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

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Mr. Rehm provides competitive rates and free confidential consultations, whether by phone or at his downtown Sacramento office. Payment plans are available. Mr. Rehm is a licensed attorney in the states of California and New York. Mr. Rehm received his law degree from the University of the Pacific-McGeorge School of Law and his bachelor’s degree from the University of California-San Diego.


The Law Office of Michael Rehm
2747 Riverside Blvd.
Sacramento, CA, 95818
The Law Office of Michael Rehm
505 Montgomery Street -- 11th Floor
San Francisco, CA, 94111
The Law Office of Michael Rehm
402 W Broadway
Suite 400
San Diego, CA, 92101
The Law Office of Michael Rehm
2880 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA, 95134
The Law Office of Michael Rehm
1840 Gateway Drive Suite 200
San Mateo, CA, 94404
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3.9 / 5.0
  19 customer reviews
Posted by Charles | December 23, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
A Very Satisfied Client..
I had gotten charged with reckless driving. Oh yes, I was guilty of an ordinary speeding infraction, but a bogus police officer saw an older man that he could take advantage of by turning a ordinary ticket into something way bigger..for him and the city of Lincoln, CA. After getting all the info and the officer's report, Mr. Rehm told me to relax and we had a winnable case. He was right. He totally took the Asst. DA and the Officer's account of things and kicked their butts with their own words..and dishonesty. The Jury was not only unanimous about acquitting me, they talked to me after court and said my lawyer really helped persuade them of my innocence. Mike Rehm saved my ass. What more can I say. He was a great lawyer, and I am thankful for choosing him. Next time you are in trouble, call Mike.
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Posted by tony | January 11, 2015
Michael is the one to represent you. Worth every dollar!
Contacting Michael for a consultation upon receiving a possible 3rd DUI in May 2014 was the best decision I have ever made. He clearly knows his stuff and provides realistic feedback on what opportunities you have to win. He gave me an outlook of the game plan and for me to relax. Michael took care of everything and answered all my questions. When it was finally time for court in November 2014 Michael demonstrated his experience and skill in front of the judge. He had a tenacity in him to use all discovery information as well as responses from the officer during cross examination well in his favor. Michael was able to win my case and really save my future. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone in a DUI situation.
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Posted by Tate | December 18, 2013
Micheal Rehm
I was charged with a DUI and I blew a .13 right outside my car. By the time I got to the sheriff's department I blew a .07 and .08. Micheal got the initial test (the PAS test, .13) thrown out and even though i was convicted of the DUI, I only served 5 days house arrest with a fine. DIDN'T lose my license, DIDN'T have to take any alcohol classes, NO work program. I may have lost the case but it feels like a win in my book. I ended up getting a Drunk in Public a couple months later and he got me on a program called DA Diversion. No fines, no sentence at all really. As long as I stay out of trouble for 6 months they will drop all charges. Micheal is a badass. You should definitely hire him.
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Posted by Corie | October 23, 2013
No regrets here...
I got a DUI. This was my first offense and my first experience in hiring an attorney. I hired Mr Michael Rehm based on other positive reviews I read online. He walked me through the process, told me what I needed to do every step of the way and reassured me that everything was going to be ok. The court process was as smooth as it could have been, considering the circumstances. He represented me in court and took care of everything. I definitely recommend him!
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Posted by A.P. | July 5, 2013
Effective, results-driven attorney
Attorney Michael Rehm helped me resolve a very difficult traffic case (Judge wanted to impose a 30 day suspension for speeding). His persistence paid off (multiple court appearances) and resulted in only a fine. Michael Rehm is straightforward, knowledgeable and honest. He understands the Sacramento County court system really well. I really appreciated his integrity throughout the whole process. Other attorneys I called about the matter were significantly more expensive and less knowledgeable about the process. I will be recommending him in the future to people who ask me for referrals.
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Posted by anonymous | July 4, 2013
Great lawyer!
Well, he got me a wet and reckless wit a 0.11 BAC!... and he went to court in my place. He was able to get my license suspended when I was on vacation out of the country, that helped a lot!!! Great lawyer!
Posted by Alex | September 11, 2012
Got me a not guilty on a DUI charge and saved my job
I was arrested in downtown sacramento for DUI and tested above the limit. I should also mention I'm a commercial driver, so my livelyhood, my house,car and ability to support myself and those that depend on me was on the line. Michael Rehm got me an incredible deal that resulted in a not guilty verdict and me keeping my license. I can't express in words how appreciative I am for his help.
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Posted by Steve | December 28, 2011
dui defense
I was arrested for a dui august 2011 downtown sacramento after a friends birthday party. I blew a .79 a .81 n then the blood draw at the station was a 1.1. With a "rising blood alcohol" defense, This lawyer negatioated a wet wrecklass and a hellmandollar instead of a dui. So I received no dmv classes, no loss of license, no professional loss of licensure, $1450 fine(as opposed to dui $8,000), and 3 years informal probation, and he even coordinated with my professional board the documentation they requested. I didn't have to miss a day of work . I was extremly satisfied with the final outcome. Michael even told me after a year and a half of informal probation I could petition to get it ended early and have it expunged from my record at that time. So theoretically in a year and a half, I Can get this all wiped away. I reccomend this lawyer. His price was right and his services paid for themselves.
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Posted by anonymous | November 28, 2011
Michael Rehm is a true professional who cares about his clients.
Michael Rehm walked me through the DUI / DWI process and helped to make a bad situation better. He provided me with all the information I needed as well as gave me support whenever I had questions. He responded quickly and friendly and always treated me with respect and compassion. Mr. Rehm's knowledge of the law and the DUI / DWI process is not limited to Sacramento County, he was able to provide specific, timely answers about the county I had questions about. Mr. Rehm represented himself as a true professional in court and gave me the confidence that every "I" was dotted and every "T" was crossed. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Rehm and I would reccomend him if ever you are in need of an attourney.
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Posted by Sally | August 3, 2011
The man performs miracles
I can't say enough about this attorney. DUI can't get anyone better. I pulled off the impossible and saved my ass. For personal injury....what can I say....he got many times over the amount for the case with the support documentation submitted. He's calm, cool, collected but goes for the juggler. Get him an opportunity to state your case and represent - he's unstoppable. The man packs his game face and knowledge for every angle. He knows his law and the best way to fight.
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Posted by Kurtis | April 30, 2010
Michael Rehm is worth the money spent
I got a dui and mr Rehm took the stress off my mind, he took care of everything, court, dmv and all that stuff that comes with a dui. he got my work project knocked down from 4 days to 2 days, to me is worth the money spent alone. I was kept informed and even called to ask questions several times and he assured me that I wasnt bothering him, by calling. If you need help with the law, dont think twice about Michael Rhem!
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Posted by Clay | January 20, 2010
Best money I have ever spent.
After hearing all the nightmares about attorneys, I was a bit nervous. However, I did my research and spent a lot of time on the phone talking with attorneys around town. I decided to hire Mr. Rehm based on his detailed analysis and straightforward responses to my questions. It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I met Mr. Rehm at the courthouse on the date of my court case and he explained to me everything that would happen and everything that could happen. At this point I was scared but I believed Mr. Rehm knew what he was doing. About a half hour after my case was addressed I met Mr. Rehm outside the court room. I cannot tell you how happy I was to find out that the D.A. and judge would dismiss my case. I will never forget the tremendous stress that was lifted off my shoulders. I am giving a big thumbs up to Mr. Rehm for representing me and I hope to never have to use his services again. I am definitely recommending him to anyone I know, family and friends who need a great attorney.
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Posted by anonymous | May 19, 2009
Knowledgeable, Ethical, Professional.
Attorney Michael Rehm actually surprised me with his instinctive abilities in the courtroom. I had hired him because he came highly recommended from a coworker. Turns out, it was the best advice I ever took. I say he surprised me because I did not really know what to expect. For my misdemeanor charge (DUI/first offense) he was throughly prepared and knowledgeable with regard to the law and DUI criminal proceedings. Once Mr. Rehm began to really immerse himself into my case, his courtroom savvy really kicked in. Even the DA and Arresting Officer quickly realized that by no means Mr. Rehm a "run of the mill" counselor. Naturally, I write this review because we won the case and I was extremely satisfied. However, I was extremely satisfied BEFORE the Jury went into deliberations. Mr. Rehm had by far, earned his fees and my total gratitude. Win or lose, I would already have recommended his services to family and friends. What else can I say? His fees were reasonable. He communicated with me and asked for my imput at every turn of the case. I finally told him that I trusted whatever move he made, categorically. In the end, when the smoke cleared, he won my case. Let me tell case was no slam dunk. He earned the win. Watch out for his name in the future. This is an attorney that is going to be seen and heard in a very big way, very soon. great
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Posted by anonymous | April 28, 2010
They came through for us
Recently the office of Michael Rehm assisted my son and I with the DUI charges he was facing. He was very reassuring during these nervous times for us. He and his associate Mat were there for us. I was a little anxious when he was a little late for court, but everything worked out just fine. He arrived before the Judge even took the bench. We put our trust in them and they came through. The charges and fines ended up being the best we could have expected.
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Posted by marin | October 25, 2011
find somebody else
I won't recommend this lawyer.He charged me a lot of money and didn't do anything.
Posted by Stanley | February 13, 2023
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Abrupt and curt
I called and spoke with Mr. Rehm about possibly suing a man who recently attacked me and, without hardly any information, he told me that I don’t have a case. I am a local professional who was brutally attacked yet Mr. Rehm just wrote it off without finding out anymore information.
Posted by anonymous | August 21, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Sure if you want to take your chances
Michael Rehm was a horrible option for an attorney for my dui case. I was a first-time offender with no priors and he literally did the bare minimum at times, but displayed mostly below average effort. He did not maintain contact, was highly abrasive and hard to communicate with and never struck me as anyone who valued me as a client. I'd never met him in person and on the opportunity I did have (court date) he decided to send his less than respectable associate instead. Michael basically got me what any other offender would have gotten in this case, likely the same results I would have gotten representing myself or hiring a public defender. It was a waste of money and he made the experience that much more difficult and troubling. Don't chance it.
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Response from Michael Rehm August 24, 2015
If this is an actual client, please contact me and I will do what I can to make it right.
Posted by anonymous | January 6, 2011
Not worth what I paid! Should have represented myself!
I had gotten a DUI and asked a friend if they knew of a good DUI att. and was told to check out Michael Rehm. From day one I felt that something was kinda not right. Way... to laid back. I was nervous to even go with him but he came reccommended from a friend so i wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I Should have just represented myself or us a pd! Would have saved me a lot of money! I feel like i did all of the work. I told him my case and it seemed like he was more interested in making extra money going to trial then to actually help me. 1. I had been the one making all the calls to be in contact with him. He never called me unless i texted him, called him and left a voice mail, and sent him an e-mail....then i would get a call saying "Don't worry, I am taking care of it" 2. Pushed out my dates further and further with DMV and never contacted me to let me know. Once again only unless i called him, texted him, and sent him a e-mail did he call me back and tell me once again "I'm taking care of it!" 3. When we (ME) trying to fight this and show that the cop lied he never really fought for me, I got the same deal as what a lot of 1st time offenders were getting when he told me I was getting a deal! "BS" He by far has been one of the worst attorney's I have ever dealt with! I wouldnt reccommend him to anyone! *Oh and to top it off he sent his assistant to represent me and the guy didnt know his head from he rear! He was SO all over the place and didnt know what the hell he was doing nor saying! I was so embarassed in court to be standing next to this guy! I could have picked a bum off the street throw a suit on him and he could have represented me better! I had to speak to the judge cause this guy was so bad! OMG what a nightmare all of this BS was! Never Never Ever will i be contacting this office again!
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Posted by anonymous | November 5, 2009
Find a different attorney
If you need an attorney, look somewhere else. This guy paints a rosy picture when you first talk to him, but after he's got your money, good luck getting ahold of him again. And if you're expecting him to actually show up to represent you in court, keep your fingers crossed. There's a good chance it won't happen. You'll get a lot of "oops, my assistant..." stories and not much else. In my DUI situation, my license was suspended for twice the amount of time it should have been because he failed to show up for the DMV hearing. He also left me waiting over an hour and a half in court wondering if he was ever going to show up for that hearing. Having to explain to the judge that you don't know where your attorney is isn't a pleasant experience. Beware.
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AVVO RATING 7.5 (Very Good)

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  • Attorney
  • The Law Office of Michael Rehm
  • 2006 - Present


  • University of California - San Diego
  • 2001
  • McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific
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  • Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • N/A
  • State Bar of California
  • Attorney at Law
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  • New York State Bar Association
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Criminal defense Attorney | Jan 15
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Michael Rehm has my highest recommendation. I have personally observed him advocating for his clients and negotiating with the DA. He has a great court presence and he knows how to talk to people. I would consider Michael one of the best in his field and I trust his advice."
Criminal defense Attorney | Nov 29
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"This attorney works very hard for the client and keeps up with the law by attending legal seminars to assist them in this regard. I endorse this attorney."
Criminal defense Attorney | Jul 26
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"Michael Rehm is a strong advocate for his clients. He does not back down from a challenge and his results are some of the best. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Michael."
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