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Richard Coryell Dayton

Richard Dayton’s reviews

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  • Expertise & Service did the job!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brett

    I met Rich when looking for a good estate planning attorney to refer my real estate clients to. After talking with several attorneys Rich professionalism and expertise made him stand out as our best option. I used him personally for my own estate affairs and found his team to be exceptional in managing the details and answering any questions we had. A true professional in his field

    Hired attorney
  • Development of new Trust

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bonnie

    I found Richard Dayton an excellent attorney. I went to him to review my previous trusts and make recommendations that would accommodate my new needs. Due to changes in family relationships he developed a Trust document which dealt with all of my concerns including a special needs trust for one of my sons. He provided me two excellent thorough note books: an "Estate Planning Organizer" containing copies of all my legal documents with explanations and a "To my Trustees" book stating all the processes required to deal with my estate. I have found these extremely helpful and have reviewed them with my other son. After several years I needed answers to several questions which we were able to deal with over the phone and e-mail to my satisfaction. I have recommended him to my friends.

    Hired attorney
  • A Will Emergency

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carol H.

    I found myself in a situation where my father was in the hospital and terminally ill. While he had a will, it was very outdated. I needed an attorney that my father could trust as well as be able to handle the situation quickly and efficiently. Rich Dayton fit that bill perfectly. As it turned out, two days after the new will was drafted, my father passed. It meant a lot to me that he was at peace when he died.

    After that first phone call to Rich, he came directly to the hospital. I was a bit worried as my father wasn’t a particularly trusting man. Honest, patient and caring, Rich gained my father’s confidence; he was able to document how my father wanted his estate distributed.

    Rich and his staff were so patient, answering all of my questions and explaining everything. It’s been a very difficult situation, one where I’ve had to deal with family conflict. Rich expedited things whenever he could, and then guided me through all the steps involved with Probate administration.

    I’m so grateful for Rich Dayton. He helped with me through some very difficult times. When I’m ready to put together my own estate plan, he’s the only one I would call.

  • Conserving My Mother

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert Frost

    When my mother fell and was taken to the hospital, it was clear she was no longer able to live on her own. When the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s came, we didn’t have a power of attorney in place. All of a sudden we needed to go through the process of having her conserved.

    My mother lives in a San Jose facility and I’m located in Virginia. I immediately needed a local resource to help me navigate this time-consuming, confusing and labor-intensive process. Rich Dayton and The Dayton Law Firm were very kind and helpful. I immediately felt they were sensitive to my time constraints and our unique circumstances.

    Being out of state and managing the process remotely has its challenges. Communicating via email and phone, The Dayton Law Firm was very responsive and handled all the legwork for me. Our situation was complicated, and everything went smoothly because they diligently followed up and followed through.

    In retrospect, I now know the importance of having a power of attorney before things happen. It would have saved me a lot of grief, time and expense. Even so, I’m grateful that Rich Dayton was there when I needed him. Now that the conservatorship is formed, I’m relieved that Rich is helping me manage it. He and his staff are just a phone call away.

  • Conservator Administration with Integrity & Open Communication

    5.0 stars

    Posted by George & Carol Walker

    My wife and I are conservators for my daughter and her estate. Part of that responsibility requires working with an attorney to submit monthly reports to an assessment agency and court for her care. We moved our business to The Dayton Law Firm because we wanted better service and open communication. Professional, responsive and compassionate, Rich Dayton and his staff were dedicated
    to helping us streamline the conservator administration process.

    Rich clearly outlined what was necessary for compliance and reporting; he immediately addressed the most worrisome areas of the complex process. I walked away from each meeting with clear expectations and the next steps. It was a tremendous relief to be able to have frank conversations with Rich, and his staff follows through as promised.

    In a few short months, we reduced the time (and money) spent on administering our daughter’s estate. We are grateful for Rich’s efforts as it allows us to preserve the estate’s assets for as long as possible. We appreciate The Dayton Law Firm’s integrity and commitment to open communication. For conservators who need an attorney they can trust, The Dayton Law Firm is a wise choice.

  • Creating a Unique Estate Plan & Providing Trust Administration

    5.0 stars

    Posted by R York

    After my mother died, we were referred to The Dayton Law Firm. My sister and I hold real estate in common, so we needed to create a special trust and Rich Dayton came highly recommended. In our initial meeting, we gave a thumbnail sketch to what we thought we needed and asked a lot of questions. Ever patient and thoroughly explaining all the legal terminology, Rich Dayton demonstrated his deep knowledge of the law and outlined our options based upon our specific needs. Along the way, he made adjustments so the trust was truly custom tailored.

    After this experience, I now see that my mother’s estate attorney was not as detailed as they should have been. In comparison, Rich Dayton and his professional staff are exceptional, diligent and resourceful. Not only did they create our trust, but they helped us with the loose ends necessary to settle my mother’s estate.

    Working with Rich Dayton was a positive experience; he took care of everything we needed and more. By explaining the tax ramifications and liability of our choices, I’m confident we have a thoroughly crafted estate plan.

  • Timely, Responsive & Meticulous Estate Planning

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janet McCown

    Many years ago we tried to complete our estate plan, but were disappointed with the impersonal process and lack of quality from a trust mill. Coming highly recommended, we chose The Dayton Law Firm to plan our estate.

    Confident with Rich Dayton’s background and professionalism, he was approachable and listened attentively to our needs. Laying out our choices and making recommendations specific to our unique situation, he made sure we understood each before finalizing the documents.

    Rich Dayton answered all our questions, and it was clear he created a meticulous estate plan. Timely, responsive and methodical, The Dayton Law Firm delivered a high quality and customized estate plan.

  • Superb Estate Planning Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by L Szekely

    There are many estate planning attorneys, but none who compare to Rich Dayton. His professionalism and attention to detail are unsurpassed, key characteristics which I believe are the trademark of a top-notch estate planning attorney.

    Paying particular attention to his client’s short- and long-term goals, he zeros in on the goals you want to achieve. Rather than complex and unnecessary “legal-speak,” Rich clearly maps out what needs to be done, by whom and why. Then he follows up with a clear plan of action. By seeing the entire picture, he provides a level of protection to ensure that our plan achieves the goals we’ve set.

    Rich Dayton manages my estate plan, and I have often referred him to family and colleagues. He recognizes that family finances become intertwined and inadvertent conflicts arise.

    I also appreciate that he listens attentively, proposes several alternatives, and explains the ramifications of each. Life is dynamic, laws are amended and family situations change. It’s a relief to know Rich works proactively to keep our estate plan current and safeguards our interests. The Dayton Law Firm has been the best choice for our family.

  • Estate Planning & Expert Resource

    5.0 stars

    Posted by T. Scagliotti, CFP

    Rich Dayton and his law firm helped me with my personal estate plan as well as for my parents, mother-in-law, and numerous clients. Truly an estate planning specialist, Rich is my go-to resource. Confident with his knowledge and expertise, Rich consistently creates effective and well thought-out estate strategy.

    Paying particular attention that families fully understand all the components of an estate plan – including a will, power of attorney documents, and advanced health directives – Rich expertly outlines the financial and practical risks families face and recommends appropriate safeguards. For example, he completes scenario planning where successive trustees are named, then laddering them appropriately for individual circumstances. In addition he counsels clients to choose a local family member or trusted friend so they are available for emergencies.

    In my financial planning practice, I’ve referred Rich countless times; I regularly receive glowing feedback from my clients telling me how pleased they were with his services process. The entire package –convenient office location, dedication from his staff, and great personalized follow through – makes it easy for me to refer The Dayton Law Firm often. Wise, caring and service-oriented, my clients feel well cared for. Rich helps them navigate through a complex (yet critical) process, crafting an estate plan specifically suited to their needs.

  • Trust Administration for Mother's Estate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by D. McMillan

    I first heard about The Dayton Law firm via free seminar. It was clear that Rich Dayton is extremely knowledgeable so I asked him to review my mother’s trust. He confirmed that all the documents were in order, especially important since my mother had a stroke and I was the primary caregiver. After she died, I didn’t realize all the necessary and complex steps in trust administration. Starting with transferring a real estate deed, I immediately called The Dayton Law Firm for help.

    My brother lives in Texas, which put a lot of pressure on me to sift through mountains of paperwork. Caring and supportive, Geoffrey Lee walked me through each step of the way. What a relief to know I had someone to answer all my questions. The Dayton Law Firm referred me to expert and reliable professionals for tax preparation, appraisals and other services required in settling my mom’s estate. As a result, I saved a lot of money because of their guidance and expertise.

    For anyone looking to set up an estate plan or administer a trust, The Dayton Law Firm is an excellent choice. They are an honest and caring resource, one that I recommend without hesitation.