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Edward Lewis Blum

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  • A professional lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathleen Smith

    I have been looking for an eviction lawyer, and receive E.L. Blum's name as a respected lawyer. I wrote to him, explaining our challenge in an eviction for non-payment of rent issue. Within 30 minutes, Mr. Blum responded that he did not do eviction cases, BUT he gave me an email address that allowed me to view By Area lawyers who do handle eviction cases, and at Mr. Blum's suggestion and guidance, I was able to check out Oakland lawyers both by peer review and reviews by customers. Mr. Blum's response and suggestions have been much appreciated, and shows what a good lawyer he is - no wonder he is held in such high esteem. (Now if only he handled eviction cases......) Thanks, Mr. Blum

    Consulted attorney
  • Very responsive knowledgeable real estate attorney with very fair pricing.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Ed was referred to me via one of the best real estate agents in Sonoma County, Peg King. I tried to find someone in Sonoma County, but I was not impressed with the referrals.

    Ed turned out to be a great find. He was straight forward, helped me with selling my house to my tenant. I was impressed with how quickly he responded to my questions and promptly stepped me through the process. Best of all, his billing made sense without trying to rack up the bill. The transaction was completed quickly and at a fair cost.

  • Highly ethical and professional - could not have asked for more.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    We needed an attorney in the bay area for a real estate matter, but don't live there so we were unsure where to turn. We received a very positive referral from someone in the area to Ed. From the beginning he was very professional and attentive. Phone calls and emails were always returned quicker than expected. He was also VERY knowledgeable on the law relating to the issues involved in the dispute - hours of research were not necessary, which we really appreciated. He gave sound, objective advice and was very fair with his billing practices. I would absolutely reach out to Ed should I need further representation in the bay area in the future. Thank you Ed.

  • Good Man, Good Advise, Good Price

    5.0 stars

    Posted by george

    Mr. Blum was quick to meet, get an understanding of the situation, and without delay, displayed a willingness to stand strong and negotiate the dispute. His efforts allowed us to proceed and avoid possible third party damages.

  • Enlightening - I just wish I had consulted with this expert sooner.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    I am losing my home. And these days (Nov 2012) despite some improvement reported by the media, the banks are still very inefficient, unhelpful and greedy.
    Through my real estate broker, I got connected to attorney Ed Blum. For the first time I was able to get straight answers to all my questions regarding alternatives to foreclosure, credit impact, recourse, tax consequences and more. Mr Blum armed me with a validated (and where needed, a corrected) understanding of how banks work/think and in my case: how the process of a shortsale really works. I would highly recommend Mr Blum's services for a very tangible reason: working with him has already kept money in my pockets as opposed to the bank's. Those of you familiar with my situation will surely know the disclaimer at the beginning of each phone call with the bank "we are attempting to collect a debt and any/all information you give us will be used for that purpose". That disclaimer is there to clarify to you that the rep's friendliness should not be mistaken for empathy or generosity by the bank. Well, when you are up against a large financial corporation, it's good to have an expert on your side. One who's knowledgeable, experienced and not intimidated by banks. For me, Attorney Ed Blum is that guy. My only regret is that I did not contact him sooner.

  • Highly Recommended.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    Edward Blum provided exceptional service for my case regarding negotiations on a purchase of new construction. His attention to detail and responsiveness, coupled with his wealth of technical knowledge was a tremendous resource. The subtleties in my situation involved both issues with the builder and the builder's preferred lender, requiring a precise method for generating the results needed to successfully close the deal, and do it on time. Mr. Blum provided expertise from both the legal standpoint as well as in negotiations, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome.