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Marc Terbeek’s reviews

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  • Do not go here!!!!

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Do NOT use this law firm, they will wash their hands of you as soon as they get their cut, regardless of whether your case is finished or not!!! My husband went to one of his Spanish-speaking representatives of Mark Terbeek for his worker's comp claim, Leonardo. Initially, Leonardo got him off work, which is what he desperately needed to heal his injury. Problem is, he sent him to a Chiropractor instead of a specialist or real doctor to treat the injury. After a year of being off the job and getting no information about his case, and bogus treatments from this non-doctor's assistant (the chiropractor rarely even saw his patient!) my husband is STILL not recovering and the lawyer hasn't done jack to help, change doctors, or even communicate what is going on with the case. Meanwhile, the crack-pot chiropractor sent my husband back to work without notice, and without even looking at his injury first to see where he was in the healing process, and washed his hands of the case. My husband went back to work as he was told, and couldn't perform the tasks at work because it still hurt too much. His employer told him to stay home and wait. Then the worker's comp insurance told him that, since the chiropractor is no longer his doctor, they legally don't have to pay my husband. So, he's not working, not getting paid, and is stuck in limbo-land. Immediately, he called the lawyer to see what to do next, but surprise surprise.

    Apparently, this law office received their cut, and neither Mark Terbeek nor his representative, Leonardo would respond to my husband's numerous phone calls or e-mails for help. So, it's been a month now, and my husband can't work, hasn't been paid any worker's comp, and the lawyer hasn't shown signs of life even after tons of phone messages and e-mails. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make the same mistake we did in choosing this law firm!!

  • Diamond in the Rough

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    I met Mr. Terbeek and his excellent associate attorney, Drew Sanchez, in a very distressing situation involving damages and injuries to my two children in a trust fund fraud scheme. Mr. Terbeek listened intently, asked questions, and worked very well with Mr. Sanchez in developing a strategy to resolve my children's case. Their dedication to the welfare and success of their clients' claims is paramount to them. This is a no frills, down-to-earth law office and friendly staff suited to help regular folks like me to have outstanding legal representation in a fair, honest, and balanced way. I sincerely recommend Mr. Terbeek and Mr. Sanchez for my family and friends without reservation.