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Helen Brennan Baumann

Helen Baumann’s reviews

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  • Our family trust

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda

    Helen Baumann has been handling our family estate matters since 2014. She was very highly recommended
    by three Stanford families living near us.
    Helen has been very helpful and fair. She is a good, compassionate person aside from being a top lawyer!!
    I am so happy that she is handling our family trust!L

  • An excellent choice for you Estate Planning needs

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Estate Planning client

    I worked with Helen Baumann for over 4 years, and in that time found her to be one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in Estate Planning. She always went the extra mile for me and her other clients, sometimes even doing extras without charge. Helen is a member of the San Mateo County Lawyers Referral Service and helps clients who might not be able to afford an attorney otherwise. She is a very generous and caring person, as I'm sure all her other clients would say as well. Most of her clients are referrals, so she comes highly recommended.
    She has an excellent staff now, who work as hard, if not harder, to make sure every one of her clients is well cared for. She and her staff helped me understand how to plan for my needs, and was extremely patient as we worked through this process.
    Helen is an excellent choice to handle all your estate planning needs. You will not be disappointed.

  • The worst employer I have ever had.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I interviewed with the firm in 12/2013. I was hired and worked for only 3 days. In the beginning it seemed that they were nice and professional. However, after the third day things changed and Helen's partner Mary Ann gave me my check at the end of day. She said, I was over qualified. I explained to her ythat I has turned down two other jobs and She didn't care. I got my things and walked out. I was apparently the third person hired in the last month. I didn't know until I started. They are rude, unprofessional, and liars.

  • Unprofessional and Greedy

    1.0 star

    Posted by Bobby

    I interviewed Ms. Baumann over three years ago when I was searching for an attorney to handle some family trust issues. She assured me that the first visit was a no charge "meet and greet" so that we could discuss my needs and see whether we were a good fit for each other. I did not think anything was suspicious since I had already met several other attorneys who also had offered an initial free consultation.

    After meeting with her I had a gut feeling that I shouldn't use her. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing overtly wrong with her and she seemed pleasant enough, but something inside of me told me that she was not someone I should trust with our family legal matters.

    Regardless of the actual reason, I always try to listen to my gut feelings since it has protected me in the past. I ended up with one of the other attorneys I had interviewed and have been just thrilled with the service he has provided.

    Fast forward to three years later, lo and behold, I receive a billing statement from Ms. Baumann for the one hour "free" consultation we had in 2009. Due to the lateness of this bill, I can only surmise that either:

    1) Her definition of "Free Initial Consultation" means that it is free only if you end up retaining her as counsel.
    2) Her practice is doing poorly financially and now she must go back and bill all the "Free Initial Consultations" she did in the past.
    3) All of the above

    I showed her bill to my present attorney who basically laughed and said "pathetic." He recommended that I report her to the California Bar Association. Since I am not that kind of person I will do no such thing.

    I am willing to say that if you use her be aware that she most likely will not have your best interest at heart. I am glad I listened to my gut feelings three years ago.

    Helen Brennan Baumann’s response: “I truly sorry for this confusion. I can't imagine why my office would send a bill to a client for an initial consultation that took place three years prior to the billing activity. It is unfortunate that this person did not call my office so we could correct this obvious error.”