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Glenn Richard Wilson

Glenn Wilson’s reviews

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  • My guy, hands down!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tiffany

    Calling Mr. Wilson's office was the best choice I could have ever made! I had a court date approaching to make my temporary restraining order against my ex a permanent one. It also had custody orders attached. Very complex. I had a lot of "if this, then that" type questions that all the googling in the world could not answer. The abuse was all emotional. I wasn't sure how the court would view my evidence. I was pretty sure I couldn't afford a lawyer... But I couldn't afford to not get some expert advise. So I set up a consultation with Mr. Wilson. He was very nice, understanding, and tried to understand what I actually wanted as a result of the hearing. He gave me a little background on restraining order hearings with custody AND invaluable info on my particular judge and my ex's lawyer! He then answered EVERY SINGLE QUESTION I had. He advised how nasty a custody battle could be and after hearing my circumstances, he offered a few suggestions I never even knew were options. Point blank, I Ultimately got every single thing I requested in my settlement agreement with my ex, even one thing the judge himself would have been unlikely to order! I never would have had the courage to stick to my guns if I wasn't empowered by the advise Mr. Wilson gave me. He said to let him know if I'll need his representation. But then He literally said, "Why pay me if you don't have to." Wow, this guy was heaven sent... Just for me!
    If anything arises in the future, this is my guy. Hands down.

    Consulted attorney
  • Best there is!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Mr. Wilson is quite frankly, the best lawyer you could ask for. His knowledge of the law and aggressiveness to protect what is justly due his client is unsurpassed. These traits are only matched by his compassion towards his client. He has gone above and beyond to help me in every aspect of my divorce. To have achieved the things in court I have as a man in California speaks volumes to Mr. Wilson's abilities. If you need a divorce attorney, you just found your best choice.

    Hired attorney
  • Best in Fresno!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christopher

    Glenn is an aggressive lawyer, but that's exactly what you need,someone with that type of fire!! I hired Glenn for a child support and child visitation case and he was worth every penny that I paid. I would definitely recommend Glenn to anyone who is in need of a family lawyer. Glenn is the best hands down!!!

  • He's aggressive and knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by AK

    Forget about the sanctions he's had, that's because he IS aggressive. That's what you want in an attorney. He prepped me for mediation (unbundled services), looked over my paperwork that I had and gave me a long consultation that went over by 45 minutes but didn't charge me for going over. He didnt charge to return emails or phone calls. He never lied about what he could do for me. He knew the other parties attorney and told me exactly how the other attorney would handle the ex'es case. In mediation I did stellar while the ex sunk his own ship. He told me what paper work to file if need be. We never made it to trial but if we had, I would feel 100% confident in Mr. Wilson's ability to win my case. His paralegal is also amazing and can be hired separately if you just need help filling out forms, etc.

  • OUTSTANDING Attorney.

    4.0 stars

    Posted by philpepper01

    Mr Wilson sat with me on my child support case. His knowledge of the law baffled even the judge that was hearing the case. The judge didnt even know the statutes so she had to continue the hearing. My ex wife was so concerned that in the end she might end up having to pay me child support that she made an agreement with me that we pay nothing. Which is what I wanted in the first place. We had the same profession and made the same amount of money with 50/50 custody but the unbiased court saw fit to award my ex wife child support anyway the first time I went to court. Mr Wilson is outstanding. I have referred friends and work aquaintances to him and have heard more of the same things I am saying. Another great thing is that Mr. Wilson allowed me to complete and file the paperwork as to keep the costs of having him represent me down. Being a father in the court system is a difficult thing but if you have to do it having someone like Mr. Wilson on your side really takes a lot of the stress out of it. I cant thank him enough. Also, his overall rating would be excellent but this website isnt loading correctly.