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Kenneth Maynard Cavin

Kenneth Cavin’s reviews

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  • I got my 4 children back!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Terra

    When I hired Mr. Cavin I had been trying to battle for myself in court trying to get back four children that had wrongfully been taken away. My Ex earned over $100,000 a year and I had no earnings. He had hired a lawyer and had representation while I had tried to defend myself. I lost everything without a lawyer. I had been a homemaker for 9 years and he emptied our bank accounts leaving me barefoot and homeless. He got a restraining order that kicked me out of the house, despite the fact he knocked me out in my home, claiming I was unconscious because I was drunk. I was in jail for 19 days until all charges were dismissed by a Judge at the first hearing. But my Ex and his attorney concealed that from the Family Court and got 100% custody.

    When I first contacted Mr. Cavin I didn’t have the funds to hire him, but he talked with me on the phone for 90 minutes trying to encourage and educate me anyway. A few months later I borrowed the money and that was when my life turned around. I now have my children half the time, and I am working on getting full custody.

    I hadn’t seen my children for almost two years when Mr. Cavin and I worked together and gathered the evidence to prove I had been set up on a false Domestic Violence charge by my husband. The evidence showed the Judge he was a liar and I now have three days every week with my 4 children. Mr. Cavin also got the bogus restraining order dismissed and got me child support and alimony that had been withheld for 2 years. It is retroactive, and my Ex owes me thousands, AND was ordered to pay my attorney’s fees.

    Mr. Cavin and his staff handled my case with the utmost professional attention. As a client I feel that had it not been for Mr. Cavin I would never have been believed by the Court. Mr. Cavin truly has been my champion fighting a battle for me that only he could have won. The true care and concern I have received from Mr. Cavin has extended beyond my case and the court room. During my case I graduated from college. Mr. Cavin and his wife surprised me at my dinner with gifts for myself and my 4 children Mr. Cavin had gotten a court order that they be present for my college graduation despite my Ex’s opposition.

    My case has been in the process for two and a half years. It is not over as we are now dealing with custody evaluations. But I know that no matter how long it takes Mr. Cavin will be there till the end. When Mr. Cavin takes you on as a client he invests his heart and soul into getting you the justice you deserve. We all deserve to have a champion who will stand up for us and fight for us. If you’re in need of a champion your best choice is Kenneth Cavin, my attorney.

    Hired attorney
  • This is attorney who knows what he's doing .

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ruben

    Mr. Cavin was very iformitive from the start . When I hired him in 2014 he actually showed me how to do my own investigating & research to save money while he was working for me . I'm a father who got Sole custody of his son . That's not an easy thing to convince a judge even though I & my family new my son needed to be with me . In the End with all that Mr. Cavin help me build in the case . In March of 2015 The judge had no choice but to award me full custody. Thank you Mr. Calvin & God bless you for fighting for truth & what's right .

    Hired attorney
  • He never gave up for nine and a half years, and won the fight to save my daughter

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    I have been a client of Kenneth Cavin for nine and one half years. The case that he undertook for me was not a typical case. The case was complicated which prolonged the legal process and thus is the reason that I have been a client for such a long time.
    The case was based on a request that I was making to share custody and visitation with my then 11 year old daughter. As the case developed the information that had been obtained about my daughter and the environment that she was in raised red flags to Mr. Cavin. The case quickly became more complicated and developed into a request for change of custody from my daughter’s mother to myself.
    Mr. Cavin’s professionalism, enthusiasm, ethics, knowledge, and guidance all contributed to making my case a success for my daughter. We prevailed in the custody case and were able to have my daughter relocated to my household.
    Once the actual physical custody was obtained, Mr. Cavin again, because of his insight and skills, convinced me to petition the court to limit the contact between my daughter and her mother. The keen instincts and legal knowledge that Mr. Cavin relies upon to prosecute his cases produced a second achievement that was of great benefit for my daughter.
    With Mr. Cavin's support and direction I was able to provide a severely needed intervention in my daughter’s life. The attorney-client relationship that developed between Mr. Cavin and I over the nine plus years was fraught with disappointment and shared dismay at times. However, his determination, concern for my daughter’s safety, and belief in what is right convinced the judicial system that the best place for my daughter was here with her father. Not many people could have had a better leader to engage in such a fight. I have recommended Mr. Cavin to several friends over the years. If anyone out there needs an excellent Family Law attorney he is the one that can get the job done.

    Mark C

  • The Best Lawyer For The Job

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I had a scarry, humiliating and embarrassing case. Mr. Cavin was the third lawyer I met with. Right away, he made me feel comfortable enough to speak openly to him. After alot of leg work, court appearances and a trial, he was able to bring out the horrible thruths of my case and save my daughter. He is not just a very good attorney but he is an honest and good man. If I had to choose a lawyer again, I would put my families fate in his hands every time.