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William Zuber’s reviews

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Review William Zuber

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    Mr. Zuber handled my personal injury (automobile accident) case. I was very happy with all aspects of communication with Mr. Zuber and his office staff. Mr. Zuber helped me obtain medical treatment that I needed following my accident. I was able to recover property damage expenses, loss of wages, out of pocket medical treatment costs, pain and suffering and the maximum potential settlement for my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Zuber to anyone that needs an attorney for a personal injury or workers compensation case in San Luis Obispo County!

  • The Only Lawyer I Know Who Makes You Feel Guilty Asking For Help.

    1.0 star

    Posted by David

    Over the last ten years I requested a couple meetings after five years with Mr. Zuber, expecting my lawyer would be willing to tell me what is going on. To this date, his has found every excuse to not to grant me that small request. His secretary said "the attorney is too busy to meet with you but will call you to update your case. This never took place, no "update with my case". So, I wonder how does someone rate some attorney who is too busy to talk to his client, once every three to five years?

    I wish he would have told me with my "initial signing", "I won't return your phone calls and will blow you off once you sign the dotted line! Instead he was nice and said "I am here if you run into trouble or have a question." As the years passed and the case stood still, I rarely made any phone calls to my legal counsel. It was about five years ago, I desired to know what was going on with my case and ask, why are my medical treatment requests being denied by my P.T.P.? My phone calls went unanswered until I called the local State DIR agent, who made a call in my behalf to get the attorney to return my phone call.

    The last four years have demonstrated Mr. Zuber does not care about my case and will not spend any time to refute the barrage of "Request For Treatment Denials" by the UR. To this date, not one of the UR Denials has ever been taken before a WC Judge, or have I received any paperwork saying he is taking a stand against the Carrier.

    When my wife or I call the attorney's office, we receive the same line we have heard for Five Years now. The line goes like this "the attorney was just looking at your file and will get right back with you.(Right, like that ever happened!)" or "The attorney said he is going to challenge this denial before a judge (another statement said many times over the last three years, never have we been before a real judge) and let the judge decide!" Nope, none of my phone calls or letters are answered, are we as injured workers doomed to this type of neglect?

    It's taken me five years to muster up the courage from being treated like dirt to post a review of my attorney. This might seem unfair to post all "negatives" and a "Overall Rating" of "Bad" but I am not going to lie and tell potential "AVVO" customers to use my attorney only to have them suffer from "lack of communication", "non-aggressive representation", and "Laissez-faire approach to litigation".

    Mr. Zuber seemed nice ten years ago on my first consultation but that's all I can say about him. To be fair, California Workers Compensation has attacked the Applicant Attorneys ability to make a "living wage", so they must take on two to three the case-load of the Pre-2005 legislation, attorneys in Worker's Compensation must guard their time closely or they will end up making nothing on the claim!

    I am very sorry to write this review but I am sick and tired of being ignored and blown off because of being too nice and low maintenance. What can I do?

    William Lee Zuber’s response: “I am very sorry to read this negative review. My office staff and I strive to represent all of our clients to the best of our ability. We have had hundreds of successful cases and very satisfied clients over the past 30 years. I would be happy to discuss your individual case with you personally, but without a last name attached to your review, I am unable to contact you. Please feel free to contact my office anytime and I would be happy to answer any questions, and clear up any misunderstandings.”