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Wilma Elizabeth Presley

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  • Custody

    1.0 star

    Posted by Angelique

    Where do I begin . I sincerely hope this attorney retires from practicing law immediately so no one else has to endure the pain and injustice I received from hiring her to help me .

    My case was very simple . i feel as I could have represented myself better . After months of spending hours and days printing out my own paperwork for evidence I do not think she ever even looked at them . Nor her or her staff took the time to put anything into the court for evidence either. Opposing council was very organized and had stacks of court approved evidence . I would call in tears at times begging to sit down and meet with her to discuss what would happen in court . The night before a 9 am hearing she finally called me in the phone and we spoke for about 20 minutes at 10 pm.

    She was late to court EVERY SINGLE TIME . Which I'm sure does not make the judges happy . When she got up to question myself or my ex it was like she completely forgot what we were there for . She would ask questions that made no sense whatsoever and also repeat the same questions multiple times . I have the utmost respect for older people but I believe there is an extreme amount of memory loss and confusion due to her age . Why is no one telling this person to stop trying to represent people ? The Jude would become so annoyed. Multiple times he would ask her things like "what's your point" or tell her get to the point . Or even say Mrs.Presley you already asked that question .
    I ended up firing her after the second day in court . It was literally the worst day of my life . I felt so betrayed that I put so much time,money and trust into this woman who intern ruined everything for me .
    I hired a new attorney to try to help but by the time we went back he had about 15 minutes to even Speak . He didn't get a chance to undo the damage she had done .
    Needless to say the judge ruled in my ex's favor . I've had to sell my home ,move , my fiancé and I will now be living in seperate homes because his children go to school where we lived . 3 kids lives who are highly attached were torn apart because of this . I sincerely hope she thinks before taking on something she is no longer capable of doing and ruining someone else's life . She is still sending me bills for over 15,000 and I had already paid over 30,000. I am working on finding a way to not have to pay this woman for the horrible representation she gave me . Please do not use this attorney . I am heartbroken .

    Hired attorney
  • Simply a terrible attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by Dean

    I hired Ms. Presley because the mother of my child was seeking support beyond the age of majority based on the child being incapacitated due to diabetes. The claim was absurd. The child was working, going to college and living a very normal life. We knew all of this through facebook postings and letters from the child herself. After spending about $13,000 in legal fees I reached a settlement just so I could put an end to the legal fees. A copy of a letter I sent follows.

    Now that my ordeal of having you as an attorney has ended, I want you to know that I am totally dissatisfied with the service you provided. I doubt that I have any legal recourse against you but I will consult an attorney about it. In any case, I will be using social media to let people know about my experience with your firm and I may picket your office.

    * For the first month or so, I could not get a response to an e-mail or a phone call. I would receive material from the court or child support services and I would call to ask what to do with the material, I would leave a message or an e-mail asking for guidance and I would never get a reply. It was only when I threatened to take my case to another attorney that this was corrected.

    * You had all the information you needed to win this case on day one. Despite that, you did requests for medical records that you can’t read and other assorted document requests. At one point, you even contemplated hiring a consultant to evaluate Sarah‘s incapacity. Utterly unnecessary but it did allow you to run up the bill.

    * Despite having two full months to have me complete my income and expense statement and my declaration, you wait until the last day to get it done. As a result, I endured an incredible amount of stress (ending up in the hospital) and the resulting work product was not nearly as good as it could have been and should have been. There is no excuse for that.

    * Your brief was very mediocre. It was completely pro-forma or boilerplate in nature. If it took you more than an hour to write it, I would be shocked. There was almost nothing in your brief distinguishing the facts in my case from the cases cited by the opposing attorney. In addition, not once did you cite any cases where the child was found to not be incapacitated. I don’t know, maybe there are none but it would be nice to know.

    * As the case progressed, it became obvious that you had a difficult time advocating for me. Several times, you told me that I wouldn’t be in this situation if I had “kept my dick in my pants“. I really appreciated that. You should have resigned from the case and refunded me some of your fees so that I could hire another attorney.

    * Somewhere early on, you should have suggested that I consider some kind of settlement of the case due to the costs involved in continuing the case. I may not have followed such a suggestion but at least you would have been on record that I consider the idea and you would have shown some concern for the costs involved in pursuing the case, However, we all know that settling the case doesn’t generate the fees that fighting it does.

    * I now understand your peer review rating. If I were an opposing attorney, I’d be happy to work with you too. It seems that no matter how many times Ms. Loveless lied to you and your staff, you would accept as true her next statement. For example, when I was trying to negotiate a settlement and Ms. Loveless said her client couldn’t even afford to pay $25/mo., Ms. Bergquist could not understand why I wanted to counter by offering to cover them if they paid $50 or $75. They ended up agreeing to pay $50/mo.

    * Your most unbelievable act was to introduce me to Ms. Loveless. For you to think that I would be interested in meeting this woman shows how totally clueless you are. Even my nephew was dumbfounded by it. This is a woman who has caused me a tremendous amount of stress and emotional pain and you think that I’m interested in meeting her

  • Excellent, Trustworthy, Caring, Effective

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Ms. Presley and her staff are incredible. They took my divorce and child custody case and turned it from hopeless, to a win win situation for my children and myself. Ms. Presley guiding me through the process. At times I was inpatient, at times I was unreasonable, at times I lost hope, - it was at those times that I realized she was more than an attorney, and I was more than a client. She did not always tell me what I wanted to hear. But when she told me to be patient, trust me, baby steps, I listened. I went from a distraught father to a father at peace. She mentored me, through tough love and a motherly touch. She encouraged me to be kind to my ex wife. “It’s important Michael, your children will remember.” And she was right. Ms. Presley and her staff are in a class of their own. I highly recommend her. She has represented three friends of mine. All of whom are all happy with her representation.