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Mary Holloway’s reviews

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  • Professional,Responsive ,Honest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pete

    There is no good divorce and Im sorry you are reading this. I have come to learn a lot about this process and hope this review may help you. Alimony sucks and so does child support.. These amounts are based on formulas used by ALL lawyers and the courts. So, no matter how talented your attorney is, they dont do miracles. So dont think an expensive Law Firm will be an advantage in lowering what is due or getting you more. Everyone is pissed and everyone feels wronged. Think about your childrens feelings, Its not about revenge and restitution. Its about re-establishing a new normal and learning from this and moving on as quickly as possible. Marybeth helped keep me grounded and focused. I hated to be told "NO" and that my request was not favorable. But at the end I was not stepping over dollars to pick up pennies. Honest guidance is what we need when we are emotionally charged. I rather be told up front that this is not possible then to be pumped up "we are going to rip them a new one" and then face reality when a judge says "yeah right" and you loose all that time and money. All that will happen is Your attorney will pretend to be angry at the judge when in reality they know what is possible and what is b^(($&!t. You will be stuck with an expensive bill at the end. And some like my ex-wife are naive enough to feel "my attorney really fought for me". when in reality they took advantage of her anger and emotions to extract as much as they could from their own client.
    Powerful and aggressive attorneys means "bend over" your going to get it. If you value Honesty and someone to really help you resolve your matter efficiently. You may want to at least talk with Mary Beth. I am happy I had her. MY only regret is ,having hired a high profile law firm in Corona as my first law firm and wasting years of my life just spending money, getting over-billed for phantom charges and not moving forward. Btw my ex hired a tough Top Gun Newport Beach attorney who promised my ex much. After several settlement conferences I realized who the Top Gun was. Marybeth is firm and direct and doesn't play games. I don't know what happened but I do know my ex was forced to find a third attorney one month prior to trial because the Top Gun quit on my ex. It was nice to feel safe, protected and well represented. Marybeth does not do miracles. She does her best. Her integrity is what I valued. Good Luck.

  • Excellent!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    MB held my hand through a fine walk through hell. Child custody, drug involvement, domestic case had it all. I don't know what I would have done without her. She was always available, answered questions thoroughly and reasoned with me when I needed someone to calm me down. She's super bright and has a moral compass that points north.

  • Honest. Intelligent. Reliable.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Ms Holloway provided exceptional legal support and advise. Her work was extremely thorough. She kept us informed and educated at all times. She won our case and provided peace of mind. I highly recommend Ms Holloway to those seeking an attorney to provide them with solid representation.