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Sara Bernice Wang

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  • On top of it!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Working with Sara was great! She is knowledgeable and was quick to respond on any question or concerns I had. Sara really works with you to get the results you want out of your case and won't waste your time nor your money.

  • Phenomenal Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lucy

    Sara Wang Esq. was my attorney for my divorce. Although, I had no knowledge with the wonderful world of law-Sara kept me informed and educated me through the legal process. She informed me on my rights and was incredible efficient with her work. I would recommend Sara to ANYONE that needs any type of legal help, as she has expertise in all legal affairs. Thank you for an amazing job Sara!

  • Quick, thorough, and watches my blind spots for me.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Annie

    Sara is a true professional and joy to work with. I called her about a commercial tenant/landlord dispute that I was pursuing legal action for. I needed advice on how to draft a demand letter stemming from substantial damages to my office. From the start of our conversation, even when I engaged in verbal diarrhea and spewed numbers and facts and negative emotions at her, Sara remained articulate, intuitive, and calm.

    She listened to my brain dump of ideas and thoughts and was able to parse out important details that we could use as leverage in the case. She immediately asked for all documentation (emails, contracts, photos, invoices, etc) of my communication with this horrid commercial landlord. Given that I called her on a busy Tuesday afternoon, she drafted a beautiful demand letter by the end of the week. I was flabbergasted and impressed by her level of commitment to MY cause. It definitely put my mind at ease having her in my corner.

    Sara is ostensibly sharp, quick-witted, and more than willing to do her homework. I will definitely retain her for any and all future cases for my business and personal needs.

  • I wish I had met Sara Wang 6 years ago.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bethany

    I have been in a long custody battle for almost 6 years now. Within those 6 years, I have been represented by 4 different attorneys who came with high recommendations from others in similar situations and other highly respected attorneys. They all promised me great outcomes but in the end, they started to lean towards mediating instead of protecting my children from their abusive father, came to court unprepared, or did not jump in when they should have (during trial) because they didn't think fast enough about what to say or do.

    I have been so disappointed in all of my highly recommended attorneys and feel like I have spent thousands of dollars for nothing. I lost all hope in the legal system.

    Then, my father came across an add for Jarvis and Krieger law firm and we had a consultation with them. My court case was a couple of days away. I basically gave them the gist of what the upcoming case was regarding and left them a huge 10 pound file with every document, restraining order, monitor reports, investigative reports, etc. from years of my court hearings and trials.

    On the day of court, Ms. Wang introduced herself to me as my attorney and she had a list of things she was going to bring to the judges attention. Things that 4 other attorneys never thought twice about. Things that in her opinion (and the judges opinion, it turned out) were very important. It proved that my x was not safe to leave the kids around, and also proved that he was a lying. She had about one day to prepare for my hearing while my previous attorneys had months and didn't come close to getting me the results she did.

    When the opposing attorney tried to sneak in some changes to the orders, Ms. Wang caught it right away and had it changed back. In the court room, she fought for what I wanted. Not what she thought the judge would agree to. Not something to come to an agreement with from the opposing attorney. She made me feel like she was really there to protect my kids and not her reputation as an attorney. We came out of court with more than I ever thought I would get. All because of her attention to detail and agressiveness in the courtroom.

    Out of court, she keeps me well informed of anything that comes up and she does it right away. She is always there to answer my questions and give me options. I've never had to wait for a response because she always makes herself available and has answers right away.

    If you want an attorney that treats you with respect from beginning to end, pays attention to tiny bits of detail, is friendly and easy to talk to, is a bulldog in the court room, knows the law and every way around it, keeps you well informed 100% of the time, can think long term when it comes to your case, is quick with every response, and gets you what YOU want, you're wasting your time and money if you don't call Sara Wang.

    There are attorneys with good reputations because they have been around for a while or have won some big cases, or charge a ton of money. (Unfortunately, I fell for that 4 times!)Then there are attorneys who have a passion for what they do and do it right, the first time. If you schedule a consultation with her, you will see what I'm talking about.

  • Super informative, super assuring, super smart

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angie

    Sara is the most responsive lawyer I've ever met. She gives me the truth of the matter straight, and oftentimes illustrates edge cases for me which I did not think of. She's bright, honest, and hardworking. UC Berkeley's Boalt School of Law has always produced great lawyers with great minds. Go Bears!