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  • Can My Landlord Evict Me for Letting My Kids Play Outside? No!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anna

    I never imagined being in a situation where I needed to take such extreme measures in order to fight for my child's right to play outside our apartment complex. One day as my neighbor and I were supervising our kids, the on-site manager approached us told us that the kids could not be playing outside. She stated that our lease agreement indicated that kids were not allowed to play outside. We continued to allow our kids to play outside.

    A few days later the on-site manager's husband went to my neighbor's and my apartment. He said we CANNOT continue to allow our kids to play outside. I asked him where he wanted the kids to play and his response was, "you are lucky we live right across the street from a park, so take him there." I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I decided to escalate it and give the management company a call because I knew they could not prohibit our children from playing outside. Boy was I wrong! The management company and the property owner supported the on-site manager. There were so many feelings that we were going through anger, alone, scared, the not knowing. We felt as we did and used everything in our power to try and to reach out to someone because we were crying out for help! How can managers get away with such a thing and allow them to feel like they have all the POWER in the world?

    One day my neighbor received a 60 day notice to leave the apartment and we received a verbal threat that we were next. I did my research because I could not allow the managers to continue to intimidate us nor our children.

    I reached out to a few attorneys and all they'd say was we "really" didn't have a case or that they can send the manager a letter. I felt as if the doors were shutting and that the manager may be right after all. When I Craig Fagan's website, I had tears in my eyes. My neighbor and I decided to give Craig a call. He is SUPER understanding, kind, family oriented and most important makes you feel like everything is going to be fine. If you talk to Craig, it is obviously because you have been discriminated and do not know what to do. All I can say is, fight for your right and stop allowing discrimination to continue. The thought of the entire process sounds scary, but TRUST me it's the right thing to do. You are not alone; Craig is with you through the ENTIRE process. I normally do not write testimonials but I had to for this because it has honestly been the best decision we could have made and I want EVERYONE to know that there is hope!

    Best of luck to you!

    Anna, Orange, CA

  • Me and my wife and our daughter are very happy with craig

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    I was a client of craig and he settled the case in a timely manner and we were very happy with his knowledge. we were being discrimnated against for letting our daughter to play outside of the apartment the only time our daughter could be outside was if we were leaving to go somewhere which was becoming old very fast. But we settled out of court for a good amount and we were very happy with the outcome. keep up the good work craig.