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Ivan Barry Schwartz

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  • Ivan Schwartz- A knowledgeable, aggressive attorney who skipped the "A-Hole" class most attorney's take in law school.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nina

    I was a heroin addict for over 20 years. Mr Schwartz was recommended in 1999 by a friend and when we met several years ago. I had no money. We spoke only briefly at the courthouse before he shook my hand and said he would take my case and allow me to pay him when I received that check. He trusted me when no one else would. He proceeded to be the best lawyer I've ever met and I'm convinced he skipped the "a-hole class" most attorneys are required to take in law school. The 1st thing I did when I got my check was to pay him and he has represented me several times since then (unfortunately, I didn't stay clean) Then 5 years ago I contacted him to help me clear up old warrants. I didn't really want to get clean, I just didn't want to go to prison or jail. He sat me down on a bench in the courthouse and told me a very personal story that made me realize I was slowly committing suicide. I had never put a gun to my head but I had tied a noose around my neck and the other end of the rope to a baby tree and had just been waiting for that tree to grow tall enough to finally hang me. I took is advise and went into Drug Court, finished there after 2 long years, and now I am a full time college student, raising my grandchildren. I think Ivan is not only an exceptional lawyer, he is probably the worst thing a lawyer can be; he inspired me to lead a life were I didn't need an attorney anymore. He even helped me manage my trust fund money for a brief time so that it wouldn't be such a temptation to use. If it were not for his legal expertise, his willingness to take a personal interest, and that trust he extended to me when we met I would either be dead or in prison and I would not have 2 grandchildren starting college this year and another younger granddaughter who now has the 1st secure, happy home and life she has ever known. As for me, I'm grateful to be able to say I am happy and fulfilled for the 1st time in my life and proud to be associated with Mr. Ivan Schwartz. He has since successfully represented other family members who have been extremely satisfied with his work.