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Jason J.L. Yang

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  • Great Business and Contract Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by PFS

    I have used Mr. Yang on multiple occasions for contracts, estate planning, and business tax matters.

    He is always very professional and fast with responding if I have any questions. I am more than satisfied with the work he has done for me.

    If your looking for an attorney that can get the job done, Give Mr. Yang a call.

    Hired attorney
  • Jason Yang...unresponsive

    1.0 star

    Posted by Oslaida

    The worst experience I have ever had with a lawyer. In December 2013 I came to Mr. Yang. I had a simple collection case from a former employer. The labor courts had already determined he was at fault. I knew that the bank accounts were still active; I had verifications from the banks. All that was needed was to levy the accounts. Mr. Yang said it should be done in 2 or 3 months; the only delay being his transferring his authority to collect with the courts.
    I had no money; I was broke and depending on this money to get me whole. He agreed to 30%, but said he would need $200 to file paperwork. I wrote him a check for $200, but said the check would not be good until the 15th of the month; he said he would hold it. He cashed it 2 days early, causing me a $35 overdraft fee.
    February and March occurred and no call from the lawyer. I called several times without a response. Finally, the lawyer called and said the original paper were not filed properly and he had to do them again. I filled out new paperwork.
    Finally, after a half dozen phone calls without response I got hold of Mr. Yang. He said he was going to give collection papers to the Sheriff to seize the accounts.
    This was now the first week in April 2014. Thinking this would be quick (remember I new the accounts were active), I waited two weeks. I began calling the lawyer; for 2 weeks I was told he was out of the office or in return call. When I finally contacted him it was the second week of June. I asked what was going on? He said the Sheriff went to collect, but the employer's accounts were closed. This was over 40 days after the levy papers.
    How long before he knew the account was closed? 2 weeks, 3, a month? Why so long before he told me it wasn't successful?
    He then said we could supeona the bank to see if a transfer of funds was made to a different bank. He filed the papers. I tried to contact him 10 times in the next month...he never returned the calls.
    When I at last got hold of him the second week of June, he said well the bank needs 30 days to respond. I informed him that it was already over 30 days. He said he would get back to me...he hasn't.
    The bothersome thing now is that he has until the first week of October until his levy of funds is no longer active.
    I am not sure this lawyer has done any work. I cannnot get any updates, my phone calls are ignored. This was a simple case; I had all the information. Now I am stranded without any idea about what to do next.

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jacqueline

    Responsive and very effective attorney. He not only resolved my problem but kept me informed every step of the way. Definitely would recommend Attorney Jason Yang.