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Robert Leland Glushon

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  • Excellent experience with Robert Glushon

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    I am in an ongoing real estate situation, with both legal and interpersonal issues. Rob Glushon has done excellent work for me, accomplished our goals with as favorable an outcome as could be reasonably expected, and remains on the case. I am impressed with his efficiency, his knowledge of the issues, and his consistent clear recommendations as to our course of action. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone.

  • Legalization of 4 Unit Condominium Building

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bonnie

    In Dec. of 2009, we hired Robert Glushon to represent us in legalizing our 4 condominium units .Our building was built in 1971 and converted to condominiums in '75. Thirty three yrs. later, we were notified by the LABDS that our building was never legally converted. A parcel map did not exist, nor did a subdivision, the c/o was incorrect. In essence, we bought a condominium that did not exist... However, each one of us paid our mortgage and L.A. collected property taxes for 33 yrs.
    Robert Glushon, who has extensive knowledge in land use, subdivisions, entitlements oversaw the 3yr. process in getting our condominium legalized. This was a complicated process that involved L.A. City Planning, LABDS, L.A .City Council and the Coastal Commission .
    After three plus yrs. our condominium was legalized but the nightmare was far from over. The other two owners had filed claims with their title companies of which they were told their insurance co, would cover the cost of the legalization process. My title co., which is the largest one in the U.S., declined my claim three times. I found this reprehensible and sued them for breach of contract and bad faith.
    Robert Glushon, in addition, to legalizing our 4 condominiums, represented me against the title co. He worked tirelessly on my case... Always believing that they were in the wrong. After all, you pay a title co. to make sure that you receive clear title. In my case, I now did not have clear title and was unable to sell or refinance.
    Mr. Glushon always kept me informed. He never misguided me.. always told me the truth. He listened when I didn't know which way to go. Through his help and support, I never gave up.
    I had so much confidence in him that I kept on was difficult. I went through two mediations and two trial delays. After 4 yrs. and one month, the condo was legalized and the title co. finally settled with me. I can now move on with my life-- thanks to Rob Glushon.

  • Robert Leland Glushon...when only the best lawyer will do....

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela Adams-Keefer

    Robert Leland Glushon is the best lawyer that I have ever come in contact with and the most effective intelligent trustworthy lawyer that anyone could ever ask for to help them in any legal matter.

  • Los Angeles area understanding of legal and political issues

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melinda

    Rob Glushon helped a group of neighbors deal with a development project in the Hollywood Hills/Coldwater/Beverly Glen canyon area. He was knowledgeable about all the applicable laws and ordinances and understood the kinds of issues that arise among neighbors in these areas as well as what the positions of the various political appointees and administrators involved might be. He was tenacious and succeeded for us where many "experts" told us we were not likely to win. He was also flexible and smart about billing us.

  • Greatest attorney bar none

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    I hired Mr. Glushon to help me settle a real estate dispute. He was not only knowledgeable, and dedicated but also aggressive yet compassionate and realistic and never lost track of the end result that we were attempting to accomplish. He is straight forward and will inform the client on the all case scenarios so the client is well informed of his options so he can make the best possible decision on how to proceed. I have full confidence in referring him. He will not disappoint.