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Alice Marguerite Yardum-Hunter

Alice Yardum-Hunter’s reviews

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  • The best immigration lawyer and life saver

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Alice saved my life I was in deportation proceedings for four years it was a long run and sleepless nights but Alice made my stay in the United States possible with all her hard work I would recommend her to everyone she truly is the best. Thanks Alice!you saved my family from seperation. We really do appreciate everything you done.

    Hired attorney
  • Terrific Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Alice helped me to get my R-1 Work Visa (Religious Visa). This type of visa is very hard to get, but Alice did a terrific work within a small frame of time.

    She explored, researched and explained to me in simple terms the complexity of the case, but also the different options we could used to get to a positive response from USCIS.

    The deadline was really close for me (3 months I believe), Alice spent several hours and late nights working on my case, sending documents back and forth and responding to every single one of my calls. She organized my file in such a way that USCIS could understand chronologically, and legally. Alice guided me step by step and always answered my questions. If she did not have an answer for me she will have it within hours (sometimes within minutes).

    Alice is very professional and a hard worker at heart, but most importantly in cases like this, she is an incredible person. She can empathize and sympathize with the clients and she does not hold back on anything, she gives her best daily. She will stay up with you working on your case, she will get mad with you, cry with you and celebrate with you.

    I would recommend Alice Yardum-Hunter to any person looking for legal advice. If you want your case to succeed, she is your lawyer.

    Hired attorney
  • Cream of the crop Immigration Attorney!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Julia

    Alice worked on my immigration case, and in about 3 months I received my work permit card and was able to obtain a social security number. Thanks to Alice, my case was approved and I am able to apply for a travel permit. Words can not describe the gratitude I have towards Alice. Besides working her magic with my case, she is very easy to contact and a response will be prompt. Alice makes herself very available to her client and has a great back up, Tristan. Alice is amazing and you can rest assure that your case is in good hands with Alice and her staff.

  • Attention to details and a thorough preparation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marga

    Applying for the Green Card process involves a lot of detailed paper work and I knew I needed to have the guidance of an experienced Immigration Attorney and that is why I turned to Alice. Attention to details and thorough preparation are some of Alice’s strengths so we worked perfectly together.

    By the time I had provided all of my information to Alice, I knew there was nothing missing in the package that was submitted to Immigration. Alice attended our Immigration interview and prepared us so we were clear about the questions that were asked of us. If you are about to embark on such an important life changing process as applying for a green card, we recommend working with Alice.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    I am so thankful that I found Alice Yardum-Hunter. Another lawyer suggested I call her. My circumstance needed an immigration lawyer. I would absolutely recommend Alice Yardum-Hunter to anyone in need of an immigration lawyer.
    Having had some poor legal advise prior to calling Alice, I could tell that she was the right person when we first spoke on the phone. She is extremely hardworking-her hours don't end at 5 p.m.
    She was very patient with me and encouraging throughout the legal process. Her attention to detail and knowledge exceeded all of my expectations, resulting in a positive outcome.
    I would definitely recommend calling Alice Yardum-Hunter if you need legal advise.
    Thank you Alice!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Yeris & Chris

    Hi Alice,

    We want to thank you for all your help. Having you take the time to explain and inform us throughout this process and in the manner in which you handled our case was truly first-rate. I would gladly recommend you in the future.

    Best regards.

    Yeris & Chris

  • She saved my life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    This is a letter that I wrote to Alice, thanking her for all her hard work. I hope that you will read it and find that She is a wonderful person and if you have a legal problem or even just a legal/immigration question, she's the one you need to call and have on your side!

    Mrs. Alice Yardum-Hunter,
    I am writing you this letter just to thank you for all the hard work you did for me and my family. I was first referred to you by my legal attorney early in September of this year, (2012), because they could not answer an immigration question. We needed to know what effects a no contest plea in a criminal case would have on my status as a permanent resident. Again, my legal team said they had worked with you before and that you are the one person they go to when they have any immigration questions, but it was up to me.
    I contacted a few other immigration attorneys at the same time as I wanted to hear my options. After speaking with you and three other attorneys, I immediately felt comfortable with you. Everyone else’s first question was how much money do you have, and they all made me feel less than important or told me they couldn’t help me in the short time frame, as we only had two weeks to come up with a decision.
    Alice, you understood what I was going through, and made me feel better about my situation without lying to me or filling me with false promises. You were more than flexible with helping me make payment arrangements as you know my situation as the provider to two separate house holds left me with very little funds to work with. I know you didn’t bill me for all the hours you actually spent working on my case. You went far beyond what I asked for and expected. I even remember getting a phone call from you after 10pm on a weekend. That’s so unheard of these days where everyone else lives on a Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm schedule.
    All over the internet can be found your many awards and proclamations of your legal expertise and prowess. That’s why people come to you in the first place. But it’s your huge heart that makes them want to come back to you; as my family no doubt will. My sister is ready to turn in her green card for her US citizenship. We would love for you to help us through that process.
    Again, thank you for all your help and understanding.

  • Lost in LAX

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bru

    When my then-future wife was whisked away at the Immigration/Customs counter at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, I was concerned, but not overly worried. After all, she had a 10 year Visa that allowed her to stay in the U.S. 6 months at a time - I knew that couldn't be the issue.

    After multiple people questioned her, Immigration admitted that she was not violating the terms of Visa in any way, and that she had broken no rules, but incredibly, they told her she had a 5% of getting in next time she came through LAX. What? As she was being told this, other visitors to the U.S. at that very moment, also being questioned, were being re-boarded on planes back to their country of origin, even though they had just landed.

    We left LAX pretty shaken up and baffled about what the problem was. And since we would be traveling again soon, we suddenly needed to find an expert Immigration lawyer as quickly as possible to help us demystify the process and figure out what was going on. The next day, through a referral from another lawyer, we found Alice Yardum-Hunter. After our first meeting with her 2 days after arriving back in LA, we felt an enormous sense of relief that we had been directed to the perfect attorney for us.

    Although she came very highly recommended, I didn't realize at the time that Alice was a person of the highest integrity, nor did I realize how extremely hardworking she was, how extremely detail-oriented and thorough, nor did I know what a successful and amazing track record she had. Alice will tell you like it is and she will demand a lot paperwork and thoroughness on your end because she is so exquisitely meticulously on hers. Maybe that's why she hadn't lost a case in 11 years, had been voted an LA "Super Lawyer" the last 9 years in a row. Alice has a very, very good reputation in the Immigration Law community.

    Our case turned out to be long and complicated for reasons that had to do with our own circumstances and nothing to do with her, but what Alice did do - was get us through it all - and our case was resolved with great efficiency and care. I really can't recommend her enough and in addition to having a top Immigration lawyer, we also have a new friend. : )
    Bru & Aina Muller

  • The Best Immigration Lawyer, I ever met!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Fanta D.

    Mrs. Yardum-Hunter is the best lawyer I ever encounter.
    She was recommended to me in December 2007, l live in NYC. Before contacting her, I met 6 lawyers in NYC, they were rude, and inconsiderate, they all told me my case was doomed and I will be deported!!!

    Desperate, her friend, gave me Mrs. Yardum information, I immediately called her, she was very kind, soft spoken, and reassured me she can help me, I immediately felt as ease with her.

    Mrs. Yardum was extremely efficient, even though I live in NYC, she always picked up my phone calls, and responded to my emails promptly. She gave me a list of documents I needed to provide her.
    Then, she sent everything to the Immigration in a timely manner, she also provided me with a copy of the documents she sent to the Immigration which was wonderful.

    After less than 2 weeks, in January 2008, the Immigrations sent me my Green Card for 10 years!

    Mrs. Yardum is "THE BEST LAWYER" I ever encounter!
    I highly recommend her for any Immigration issues!
    She is professional and extremely qualified, and distance is not an issue at all, she has clients Worldwide.

    Thank you Alice,
    Fanta D.

  • Best immigration attorney !!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by GINA

    Alice helped me with my complicated immigration case and did such a wonderful job. I'm so happy I finally got a green card. I totally relied on her at my green card interview and she did not disappointed me. She is very experienced and well prepared. I appreciate her professionalism and integrity. She did waste no time telling me what has to be done. and was very accurate while preparing for the case and responsive.
    She is friendly and honest person and amazing laywer.
    I highly recommend Alice to anyone that has an immigration issue.
    Thank you, Alice You saved my life and my family!!!