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Sharon Morris’s reviews

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  • Sharon makes me feel like she has my back

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    Attorney Morris came highly recommended by two of her satisfied clients. From the beginning She made me feel like she had my back the entire time, and that became more evident when i saw her represent me in the courtroom.  Sharon was successful in getting my DUI charge reduced to a wet reckless, and she soon became my go-to attorney.  

    In a following matter that was very personal, she understood my dilemma. Again she took my matter to heart, and worked tirelessly to get it resolved.  I mean calls and emails after business hours and weekends, and very responsive. 
    I have never had this type of experience and success with another attorney, or any other trusted professional.  I adore this woman, and trust her implicitly. 

  • Sharon is a tough and smart Lawyer, but not jaded.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I got pulled over and booked for a DUI this year. Never been arrested before, not a pleasant experience.

    When I first spoke with Sharon I was greatly relieved. I knew that she would do everything in her power to get me the best possible outcome, and she did. She knew that my meager business depends on me driving around to clients houses. Not having a car would be really tough. She went to work.

    For some reason I opted not to take the breathalyzer, so they gave me a blood test. Blood tests are accurate. REALLY accurate. So Sharon laid out a game plan to find something we can work with. After having the blood retested with a result that was about 18% different, and with careful and clever questioning of the officer... we had a great case. Even though the DMV didn't exactly rule in my favor, they treated me favorably, and even though my license was suspended for a short period, I immediately got it back. why? because of Sharon's insistent and kindly prodding over at the DMV. That was above and beyond the call of duty, and she did that for me so I could keep my little business running.

    The court was a little bit of a different story. Sharon easily got my charge reduced to a wet reckless, bam- done. It took about a 5 minute conversation with the prosecution on her part. I've come to appreciate that when someone makes something look SO easy... that's how you know they're REALLY good. At that point it might be tempting to think you could have done it yourself... but you also realize that 19 years of experience makes them a PRO.

    I was glad Sharon was on MY team, and not the other team. She was responsive and helpful. I found the legal and technical process with the DMV utterly confounding with incorrect dates and the like. She always patiently helped me through the muck.

    In the end, I got a great deal. Wet reckless, no breath-lock on car, license returned, I can drive to and from work. Lesson learned. Sharon is a smart and savvy person, who actually genuinely cares. She takes a personal interest in your case, and is armed to the teeth with knowledge and experience. Her detailed approach yielded an excellent result I would not have otherwise gotten.

  • Efficient, thorough and responsive

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Ms. Morris assisted me with securing a Court Ordered Civil Harassment Restraining Order against an acquaintance. In addition to being efficient, thorough, responsive, communicative and caring at every stage of the process, she presented my case to the court in a way that was most favorable to my case. She advised me on appropriate strategy and organized and presented the evidence in a manner whereby all of the facts stacked up in my favor, leading to a positive outcome.

  • 2nd Offense DUI offense, city of El Monte

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    First of all let me start off by saying, a 7.7 rating does not do her justice and whoever gave her the 1 star terrible review is nuts.

    No one likes long-drawn-out reviews so I’ll just get to the point. Had I been convicted, this would be my 2nd DUI offense and it would have a pretty big impact in my life. The suspension alone would have inhabited me to run my business.

    I was arrested by CHP approximately 1:30 in the morning, for what I was told, driving with a dealer plate or without a plate. I was not driving stupid, not speeding, didn’t run a red light, regardless I was still pulled over for not having a plate. After the stop, the officer asked me if I had been drinking because he smelled alcohol in the car. I admitted to having 2 Long Islands, well long story short, they put me through the whole sobriety test and booked me.

    After the incident, I immediately stated looking for a good defense lawyer. I felt strongly that the CHP office did not have reasons to pull me over. My first defense lawyer was good, very attentive and walked me through the entire process and kept me well informed of their strategy but he was unable to win the DMV hearing. After losing the hearing the DMV lawyer told me not to give up hope because I do have a pretty good case in the criminal court. He then refereed me to Attorney Sharon Morris. He added, she is an aggressive and sharp criminal defense lawyer and she may be able assist me.

    My first meeting with Sharon was in her office, she gave me a quick introduction and we briefly went over the case details again. She was starlight forward and honest and told me that my DMV lawyer was right, I do in fact have a pretty good case; however, my chances are 50/50. I decided to take my chance with Sharon because I appreciated her candidness and the fact that she seem to know EXACLTY what to do next.

    Here I am today, cleared of any DUI charges and DMV suspension. I was in the court room during the trial and I have to say, she was relentless and precise with her questions and really knew how to handle the arresting officer and the DA.

    Well, Sharon did it; she has won the case for me. I believe she really took this case to heart because I heard the excitement in her voice as if she was the person receiving the non guilty verdict. Let’s not stop here, after winning the criminal case, Sharon went back to the DMV, fought with the DMV and arresting officer again and got my license back. What can I say?! She is one determined lawyer.
    If you have a DUI or criminal case, I would highly recommend Sharon. It would be your loss if you don’t.

  • Case Dismissed!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Sharon assisted me in a small, but stressful case over the past year and a half. Today, my case was dismissed....thanks to Sharon! She is easy to work with, very competent and extremely caring. Thank you, Sharon! You ARE the best!

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mano

    Sharon is an excellent attorney. Very capable, smart and above all very approachable and personable. She feels for her clients and works with them as though they are her family! I highly recommend Sharon VERY HIGHLY to anyone who is seeking expert legal advice. She works with you closely, keeps you informed of the progress and very professional. I wish her all the best in her career. Keep up the good work Sharon!

  • Extremely Competent and Caring

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bonnie

    A good friend highly recommended Sharon to me regarding my sister's wrongful conviction for murder which is twelve years old. Wrongful convictions are some of the most difficult cases to handle and many attorneys won't deal with them as they are SO difficult and the odds are so stacked against anyone.

    I also told Sharon early into our conversation I'd run out of money a while back so I think it was pretty clear to Sharon from the start she wouldn't be getting paid for her time and that my sister's case was not only extremely difficult, but fairly stalled in the system. Nevertheless, Sharon kept asking me questions about the case and clearly looking for something - anything - that might help my sister. I knew there probably weren't any, but Sharon kept looking and trying. This impressed me immensely as clearly Sharon wasn't going to get anything for herself out of continuing to talk to me.

    I had to end the conversation as my next patient had arrived at my office or Sharon would have kept talking and exploring the possibilities of the case. Even after we hung up, Sharon continued to research the case and review what things had been filed, examined, etc. She spent a great deal of time reviewing and researching the case and trying to help; she emailed me the next day to give me her assessment and conclusions about the things that had been done so far. Unfortunately, my sister's case IS stalled in the system and there really is nowhere to go with it unless new evidence turns up.

    Sharon is a very kind and caring person and an extremely capable and competent attorney. I feel sure if my sister would have had the benefit of someone of Sharon's caliber and expertise during her trial, she never would have suffered the injustice she did and she would be a free woman today.

  • Malibu DUI reduced to Dry Reckless - thanks to Sharon Beth Morris!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anne

    I was charged with DUI Section (a) in Malibu in May 2010. I was arrested at a checkpoint and blew three .09s and one .08 on a PAS device, then a 08. and .07 at the station. According to the police report I “performed field sobriety tests well” and showed no signs of impairment.

    Sharon Morris represented me with compassion, understanding and commitment. I always felt that she truly cared about the outcome of my case. She made herself available to discuss my case whenever I needed and answered all of my questions throughout the process.

    During the discovery process, Sharon found the areas where evidence was weak or inadmissible. She effectively presented my case to the D.A.’s office, showing the prosecution where they would have trouble convincing a jury beyond reasonable doubt that I was guilty. The prosecution reduced the charges to a dry reckless, to which I pled “no contest”.

    Sharon was also successful in dealing with the DMV on my behalf. Due to lack of evidence, she was able to have my license returned immediately without having to submit to a hearing, and I never went a single day without a license.

    Throughout the entire process, Sharon always did exactly what she told me she would do and worked hard to get the best possible outcome for me. Honestly, I was prepared to deal with greater consequences, but she exposed the weakness in the evidence and minimized those consequences. She provided excellent defense counsel and effectively protected my rights, resolving my case with an extremely livable outcome.

    Sharon is extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, and quick on her feet. She exudes confidence in the courtroom and is well liked by court and DMV staff. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Triessl & Morris and Sharon Beth Morris if you need a criminal defense attorney who will care about your case and explore all possibilities for reducing your sentence or even getting your case dismissed if there is cause.

  • This is a trustworthy lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    After calling Sharon's office for a consult, I received a return call within 90 minutes. She was attentive and showed genuine concern for the charges in my case. She offered suggestions that might prove to be helpful as this plays out.

    During my consultation, Sharon asked detailed questions and took notes diligently throughout the interview. She had immediate ideas and saw options for dealing with my situation to provide the best possible outcome.

    Her paralegal is pleasant and accessible. So far, my experience with Sharon Beth Morris has been outstanding. Her knowledge of Title 17 and issues surrounding DUI charges is extensive and her approach is direct and comforting.

    I am pleased with her representation and would recommend this lawyer.

  • Horrible experience with Sharon Beth Morris

    1.0 star

    Posted by Tom

    When I first contacted the Law Offices of Lawrence Taylor for a DUI, I was led to believe my case had multiple possibilities to explore for a dismissal. I was quoted a price of $7000 for the DMV hearing and handling the case to avoid trial. I read all the positive press (apparently self-generated) about the firm and was given a confident explanation that the services they could provide would lead to a desirable outcome. I'm not a fool that expected the best from a bad situation but the attorney assigned to me, Sharon Beth Morris was absolutely the worst. From the start, they provided no defense in the DMV hearing. That was dispatched immediately with a negative result. When the outcome was explained, they acted like I should have expected a negative outcome, given the circumstances. A complete opposite answer from when I first called to inquire about the possibility of a positive result. After that, things just got worse. In California, you are able to see your case minutes online. After numerous calls and minimal or no response, I looked up the case to see where it stood. To my dismay, an attorney I had NEVER heard of nor EVER been told would be representing me showed up as representing me on the docket. I asked Sharon Beth Morris about who this other attorney was, she denied that anyone else was ever in court on my behalf. She flat out lied to me and told me she was the only one in court. When I told her I saw the case minutes online, she started to backpedal. Then my calls were ignored. If this weren't bad enough, NO defense was ever mounted in my behalf. The only thing the law firm did was enter continuance after continuance. I specifically asked during the initial call to be kept informed and have input to my defense. I never was afforded this opportunity. I continued to monitor my case online and found that the DA offered a plea bargain. I was never contacted with this offer. After some digging, I found that it is illegal in California for an attorney not to apprise his/her client of an offer. After a few weeks of this bizarre behavior, I contacted the firm to ask for another attorney. I sent a letter explaining my displeasure and the illegal actions. Their Operations Manager called back to discuss my concerns - with Sharon on the other line! I can appreciate avoiding mud slinging with this approach but in my opinion, it is completely unprofessional. He should have contacted me first to explore my concerns and then had us on a call together. His approach was intimidating and I felt like I could not be honest with him knowing she still might be representing me after the call. He brushed off my concerns, stating that he's know Sharon for 13 years and that's now how she behaves. He completely dismissed my concern about the illegal actions of not presenting my offer. When I expressed how unprofessional it was to not be kept informed of my case and for her to not take or return my calls, he explained that I was not a $100,000 client. When I brought up that a junior lawyer was representing me in court - a lawyer I had never spoke with, never discussed a defense and never approved to represent me - he simply stated that its not unusual for attorneys to use junior counsel in court. To my disappointment, he kept Sharon assigned to my case. As a result of this incompetence throughout the organization, I felt I had no other options but to take the offer and put this behind me. The firm wanted $2,500 more dollars just to take it to court. I felt I had already been fleeced enough.

    In summary, I spent $7,000 to be treated unprofessionally, ignored, lied to and abandoned. I would have been better off using a public defender.