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Michelle E Gonzalez

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  • This lawyer knows her stuff and is not after your money she truly wants to help.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    This lawyer is the most knowledgeable and honest lawyer I have met. My husband had gone to 7 different lawyers before her and none of the lawyers told him what she told him. He immigrated in less than 3 months of course each case is different but if your tired of not finding an honest and knowledgeable lawyer please look no more go with her first you will not regret it and believe me she's not after your money like most lawyers are. She had the option of telling my husband that he could immigrate through me and charge the double but she didn't like she said I'm giving you a faster and cheaper option since he qualified to immigrate as a NACARA derivative since his father immigrated through that program something that none of the lawyers had told him. 4 ppl he knows have already asked him for her number because as everyone knows it's hard to find a good lawyer. Thank you Michelle!

  • Michelle E Gonzales

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I would recommend Michelle Gonzales she is good at what she does. I had another lawyer tell me nothing could be done for my case, but when I talk to Michelle she informed me that I had a winnable case that we had to fight the case. At the end my case was dropped by immigration court thanks to her. If you are in need of an immigration lawyer she is worth calling first.

  • Glad I found her

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cecilia

    I recomend Michelle Gonzalez because she has showed me that she cares to help people to Immigrate. She is very busy but honest and not affraid to tell you if she cannot help you, she is not after your money only, if she cannot help you she will tell you up front and she will tell you why and believe her, is the true. My advice to you if Michelle already told you you cannot immigrate at this time because of wherever reason or she asked you to wait, listen to her don't go to another lawyer who is probably going to take your case and get your money but not help you. Lawyers make you sign this paper that says they cannot warranty that you will Immigrate and with that you cannot sue them even do you know they knew they cannot help you and they lied to you and still they went ahead and took your money. She is not like that, you can trust her. And I am not related to her and this is not a commercial I am been honest, she told me she was not able to help my husband and I lost the 50.00 for the consultation but no more than that. She helped my nephew who was waiting for his residency for 13 years and went to 3 lawyers before her, they all took his money and didn't help him. Michelle got him his residency card with in 10 months.