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Michael Miner’s reviews

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  • Excellent family law attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Miner was referred to me by another attorney in town who said that he is the best in town. I agree wholeheartedly! Mike Miner did an a amazing job helping me to navigate a difficult divorce. He is very knowledgeable, intelligent, and does an amazing job keeping track of details as well as the big picture. Mr. Miner was always on top of whatever was the issue of the day, and always responded quickly. He is strong, respectful, ethical, and fair. He handled my angry ex with finesse and was an excellent counselor. Overall, Mr. Miner is very psychologically astute. He interacts well with real estate agents, house appraisers, mediators, lawyers, and judges, and fully knows the ins and outs of the court system. He has a thorough understanding of trusts, properties, IRAs etc. I believe that the outcome of my divorce was as positive as it could have been financially. Mr. Miner is very experienced overall and is able to work with many types of personalities and situations.

    Hired attorney
  • Caution

    1.0 star

    Posted by Bernd

    There are many aspects to what went wrong with his handling of my divorce, so I'll just pick the most egregious failure on his part. The major asset in my divorce was a house I had built that the court awarded to my ex at a valuation of $1.6 million. She subsequently sold it for $2.3 million in an market with unchanged valuations from the divorce date. I had no appraisal, because Mr. Miner had been told by my ex's attorney that she would agree to have it sold and the proceeds split. She reneged on that verbal agreement days before the divorce hearing and I got shafted.

    Mr. Miner subsequently told another attorney that he had been hoodwinked by my ex's lawyer in this matter. Here's the problem: Mr Miner got played like a schoolboy by my ex's lawyer while billing me $300 an hour for the privilege. His screw-up also effectively legally indemnified him against any negligence or malpractice claims, because I could not prove what the proper valuation of the house would have been on the day of the divorce, the only thing that matters if you sue for malpractice. As I couldn't force my ex to let an appraiser into the house she now owned and the court didn't care what it had actually sold for later, I had no recourse whatsoever.

    This is just one of the things that went wrong in my divorce that lands squarely on him. I'll admit he talks a good game, but you'll find that that amounts to nothing in court. You may be better off representing yourself.

  • Review of Michael Miner

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr. Miner is very intelligent, and extremely organized and knowledgeable. He was hardworking and thorough. He responded to me in a timely fashion whether by email or phone. He is an excellent counselor with the ability to deal with difficult conflict and is very compassionate as well. He also displayed much patience. He helped to deal with splitting of the house, animals, and possessions, and understood trust, IRA type issues. He worked well with the real estate agent and other mediators involved. He did not attempt to keep things going in order to make money. He was very fair.