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Steven Robert Anderson

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  • From a long time client and CPA

    5.0 stars

    Posted by AJ Robbins

    I have worked with Steve for over 20 years as a CPA for many clients and for my own personal representation. There is no one better at negotiating with the government or adversaries. His calmness and clarity always put you on the winning side. His direct and knowlegable approach are refreshing to the legal profession and bring results in a positive and least expensive manner for all sides.

  • HIghly Recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    I've now known Steve and Brian (one of his partners) for almost 10 years. I'm very glad I met them, although I could have skipped the circumstances. They are both great attorneys and (more importantly to me) simply fine human beings. My case was a very complicated tax case, one that involved law that I realized neither the judge nor the jury really understood. We mostly lost, but it could have been much worse. I've had many, many years to rethink our approach to this case. I say "our approach" because I was very much involved in it throughout. I chose to take it to trial, pretty much expecting to lose. Steve would have pled it out if I had wished to go that route. But I am one of those stubborn types who wouldn't sign a bogus representation of the facts. I don't regret that. When people ask me today, I tell them "we won the law and the facts, but the prosecution won the emotions of the jury and that was all that really mattered." I don't blame Steve for that. This case came to trial at a time where it was fairly easy for prosecutors to whip up the fury of juries in business cases. Steve is extremely knowledgeable about the relevant law in my case. Would that the various jurists we encountered along the way were equally so. Steve was always responsive to me and I believe genuinely cares about me and my family. That is important, because the ordeal of a federal prosecution is mind-numbing. And while it morphs over time, it never really ends. Defending oneself in federal court is very expensive. It bankrupted me. But when I ran out of money somewhere between conviction and sentencing, Steve had himself appointed my pro bono attorney and kept working on my case. To this day, Brian (his partner) continues to help me clean up some of the remnants. Steve also helped me acquire a great appeals attorney who spend several years working on my case as pro bono counsel. In sum, Steve is a very fine man and a very good attorney. I highly recommend him.