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Juliet Rene Piccone

Animal law Attorney at Greenwood Village, CO

4.6   13 reviews
  • Licensed for 24 years
    State CO
    Acquired 1999
    Disability Inactive Lawyer disciplined by state licensing authority in 2023

This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2023. See details

About Juliet

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Practice area
  1. Animal law
    Criminal Defense: dog bites, "dangerous dog" designation cases, restricted (banned) breed, animal control violations, litigation, custody disputes, replevin (court order of possession for wrongfully held pets), breach of contract, administrative.

    12 years

I have specialized in Colorado animal law since 2012 and represented or provided animal law consultations to hundreds of people over the years. These are some of the legal issues for which I have represented clients or provided legal advice about: Criminal Defense: dog bites, "dangerous dog" designation cases, restricted (banned) breed, animal control violations, etc. Civil litigation: custody disputes, replevin (court order of possession for wrongfully held pets), veterinary malpractice, negligence, civil rights, disability law, breach of contact. Second opinions for represented individuals. Consulting with other lawyers, including out of state attorneys. Transactional: demand letter, contracts, pet custody agreements. Administrative: Licensure, PACFA compliance, inspections and record keeping.

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The Piccone Law Firm LLC dba The Pet Law Firm
6400 S. Fiddler’s Green Cir.
Suite 250
Greenwood Village, CO, 80111


4.6 / 5.0
  13 customer reviews
Posted by Sid | December 23, 2022
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Of the dozen or so attorneys we reached out to, Juliet was the only one to help us. Her counsel was prompt, professional, and sound. We received precisely what we needed; not just what we wanted to hear. Within 48 hours she helped us resolved a four-month nightmare. Kudos all around.
Posted by Holly | January 29, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Ethical, Reliable, Systematic, Profoundly Knowledgeable
After several months of allowing my ex to occasionally watch my pup Harley while travelling, he suddenly decided to not give him back. This quickly escalated into a legal matter after learning the police were prevented from getting Harley back due to my ex registering himself as a secondary owner under the AKC. Even though every vet record, a bill of sale, microchip registration and more was only in my name, proof of ownership via a court order was required. I began seeking legal advice only to realize that my ex had solicited numerous free consultations from animal custody lawyers which created a conflict in interest disallowing representation. In a panic, I hired the first lawyer who allowed a consultation: [redacted] with the [redacted]. This unfortunately was a huge mistake which cost me thousands and months without my pup. (Please see the full review under [redacted] as I truly hope [redacted] never has the ability deceive another client.) I then began my second review of animal law firms in Colorado this time doing my research. I came across Juliet whose profile stood out among the rest. I pre-paid and set up a time for a consultation asap. During our initial discussions, I could tell an extreme difference in the amount of knowledge Juliet possessed regarding animal law in comparison to [redacted] and the staff at the [redacted], a law firm priding themselves on being the best in this particular area. Once Juliet took over, she immediately got to work with re-drafting a motion which safe-guarded me from losing Harley forever and began to piece back together my case. I attempted to research and help to the best of my ability, but due to my emotional connection and lack of legal expertise, I never produced anything of content. However, it was during that research that I truly understood the extent of Juliet’s knowledge in this mostly unprecedented area of law in Colorado. Juliet’s display of competency only continued to grow as the defendant’s lawyer, [redacted], began to file motions and answers during and between court hearings. Not only did Juliet adequately represent the true ownership of Harley in the least time possible, but also effectively cited statutes which continuously disproved [redacted]’s statements. I was initially indifferent to [redacted], as I thought she was simply doing her job, until I started to receive motions and statements filed which completely contraindicated the prior. Ultimately, the untruthful nature of the opposing party, including falsified vet records, was pointed out by Juliet as a major determinant of lack of credibility of the defendant. In addition to her strategic techniques for hindering the defense’s unethical tactics from every angle, Juliet’s vast expertise in animal law finally proved successful, and I was able to get my Harley back after almost 4 months! Not only do I recommend Juliet to anyone needing services in any facet of animal law, but I also attest to her services being considerably superior to the competition.
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Response from Juliet Piccone February 7, 2019
This was a truly challenging case given the extremely poor way prior counsel handled it. I am so glad you were satisfied with my representation, it means a lot.
Posted by anonymous | October 3, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Juliet is a Miracle Worker
Juliet and the Piccone Law firm are amazing. I worked with Juliet for about 6 months after my dog got into some trouble, and I never doubted my decision. She was incredibly knowledgeable about animal law specifically, and wonderful to work with. You can tell that Juliet truly cares about what she is doing, and she's fighting with you (not just collecting a check). Every time we were hit with a roadblock, she fought back with two more strategies. I went from being told my dog was going to be taken away from me (AKA euthanized) to getting to keep him and having all charges dropped. If you are in any type of scenario involving your animals and the law DO NOT HESITATE to hire her. Do not go into any situation by yourself; hire the expert. The court will not be honest with you, and it is dangerous to go in there without someone who knows what they are talking about... and actually cares about your situation. I never doubted my decision once.
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Posted by Natasha | June 4, 2018
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Highly Recommend
Juliet was easy to contact. Her website explained exactly what I had to do. I was contacted immediately to schedule a consultation. She listened to what I said and gave sound advice. I hope to not ever need her again, but if I do I will most assuredly return. Beyond impressed with her!
Posted by anonymous | April 30, 2018
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Excellent and knowledgeable attorney! I strongly recommend her.
I contacted Ms. Piccone to talk about a co-ownership dispute involving a dog. She was extremely approachable, helpful and knowledgeable. I was so impressed! I recommend her without hesitation.
Posted by Frederick John Katz III | July 11, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Stallone, the former bait dog's guardian Angel!!!!
Hello, My name is Frederick (Captain US Army Retired) and I hail from New Jersey. I would like to take this opportunity to humbly ask for your attention in order to share with you a remarkable story. Back in November of 2013, I was in what appeared to be an almost hopeless and helpless situation. The situation started when I had raised money for an interstate transport for a rescued bait dog (named Stallone). The transport eminated from the Maricopa Arizona kill shelter and was planned to terminate with the dog coming here to me in New Jersey. Stallone was to come here and be with me as my therapy dog. I suffer from PTSD from my military service and loving companionship of animals has helped me beyond words. Unfortunately, on the way back to New Jersey, the driver stopped by his home town of Aurora, Colorado for a pit stop. But the pit stop was in a town with a NO PIT BULL (BSL) ordinance. Long story short, Stallone was taken to a local dog park and fought with another dog. Fortunately, the other dog was not hurt badly. Stallone, due to the years of abuse he has endured, could not handle all that stimulus (from all those other dogs). Stallone was used as a bait dog, so understandably, when he saw and heard other dogs next to him, he was literally brought back to the horrific time in his life. As a veteran who also has PTSD, I know just a little about flashbacks and nightmares. One would think that consideration would be given to Stallone due to his traumatic past, resulting in a fine issued. Consequently, because Stallone was “the wrong Breed”, instead of any consideration being given, Stallone had a very possible death sentence issued instead. Stallone was immediately confiscated and taken into an animal shelter over 2,000 miles away from me –facing a VERY DIRE future. I was, theefore, extremely overwhelmed, not just emotionally but spiritually as well. I had no idea what my next course of action needed to be. Gratefully, I was referred to Ms. Juliet Piccone, and SHE DID have an idea. Actually, Ms. Piccone just did not have only an idea, Ms. Piccone HAD A GRAND STRATEGY. What then commenced was nothing short of amazing. First, she reached out to the other dog’s pet parents. She pleaded Stallone’s case and promised that any veterinary bills they would incur due to their dog’s injure would be covered. Second, Ms. Piccone helped formulate and then execute a public awareness campaign. This campaign was fought in the trenches, though both social media and old fashioned media (TV, Newspaper and Radio media). Thousands of people, including many fellow veterans, were reached and enlisted in the fight. The fight was not only for Stallone’s freedom but also for an nationwide educational awareness campaign on the NAZI-esque Breed Specific Laws and why they need to be repealed. The day of the actual appearance at the Aurora Colorado Municipal Court was executed like a fine order of battle. Because, in fact, we were battling for this horribly abused dog’s very life. There were supporters, I counted at least 70 people in tow, immediately before the hearing. Many people were carrying signs replete with words of support and adorned with Stallone’s pictures. Second, all local news media were alerted and many were present. Inside the court room, Ms. Piccone helped fill up the chamber with supporters. Ms. Piccone, due to her very sincere outreach, had a letter of support we then gave the judge. This letter was from the pet parents of the dog that was injured. It was beautifully worded and pleaded for Stallone’s life. It was replete with a recently taken photo (of them with their recovering dog). Pictures really do tell a thousand words, especially to a judge! The end result was that we won. It would have not been possible without Stallone's archangel, Juliet Piccone!
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Posted by Demi | June 30, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
A Compassionate Attorney
Juliet is our lawyer for a nonprofit animal rescue. She has helped us a countless amount of times and we couldn't be more grateful. She helped us create contracts that have successfully protected us a number of times. She has helped us take animals out of dangerous situations and more. I have attended some of her cases for others, and the work and passion she puts into these animals is truly inspiring. She will go the distance to make sure the right thing is done, which is one of the most admirable qualities you could ask for in a lawyer and a person in general.
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Posted by anonymous | June 30, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
If your pet is in trouble....
Hire Juliet immediately prior to any hearings. Although Juliet wasn't able to get everything I wanted in regards to my emotional support dog, I realize it was a far fetch as I butchered the case prior to hiring her. Had I hired Juliet before the cities illegal hearing on my dog it not only would have been much cheaper but most likely would have been dismissed at the original illegal hearing. unfortunetly I was unable to do so but when I was able to do so, she was successful in saving my dog from murder, which was the upmost important thing to me. The fact that she does give military discount is amazing, and you can tell that she truly cares about the animals she is representing.
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Posted by anonymous | June 29, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Reasonably priced pet lawyer
My cat was mauled by a dog. I was afraid legal fees would cost more than the medical costs I was trying to recoup. Juliet was highly capable and reasonable. We had a very positive outcome. Highly recommend
Posted by Nancy | June 27, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Ms. Piccone represented our non-profit dog rescue in a lawsuit over an adopted dog. It was a very stressful, personal ordeal and she was professional, competent and compassionate throughout the entire suit. The suit went to trial and Ms. Piccone defended the rescue, the dog and the law to victory. We are forever grateful to her!
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Posted by Cristina | February 1, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Dangerous Animal Case
My partner and I hired Juliet to represent us and our dogs in an extremely difficult case. Our dogs escaped from our fenced yard and ended up on a farm where they had killed livestock. Our dogs were held at the humane society until a decision was made to keep our dogs alive. We are very thankful for all that Juliet did to help us fight to keep them alive. She was persistent and extremely thorough with her work. She helped us stay hopeful and positive when at times I wasn't sure we would win the battle.
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Posted by anonymous | December 4, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Animal Lawyer
Nothing about going to court is fun, especially when your ex steals your pets in a manipulative manner and then holds out for a handout. After an expensive journey I am glad to have my cats back and they are glad to be back. I'd recommend Juliet, for a custody battle.
Posted by Debbie pyykkonen | October 10, 2023
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
No show at court
She left my friend high and dryWon’t show up up court hearings. She should be disbarred . She completely ghosted her paying client! Do not use
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  • Hourly Rates $ 200-225 per hour
  • Retainer Sometimes
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AVVO RATING 5.1 (Average)

Professional misconduct

This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2023.

Immediate Suspension issued in CO, 2023
updated on 04/22/2024

Suspension means an attorney lost his or her license to practice law for a period of time. The attorney typically returns to practicing law when the suspension expires.

Suspension Stayed Placed on Probation issued in CO, 2020
updated on 02/14/2022

Suspension stayed means the attorney has been disciplined, but that the suspension is placed on hold (and ultimately removed) if the attorney complies with probation requirements.

Juliet's comment: “Probation successfully completed and terminated as of 2/18/22. "Ms. Piccone felt justified in all that she did by a true conviction in her cause—a crusade to save animals and a campaign against what she saw as a callous city bureaucracy." 2019PDJ041 p. 28. "...we were impressed by the quality of Ms. Piccone’s advocacy in the underlying cases and believed that she is a competent, diligent, hardworking lawyer..." p. 31.”

Work Experience

  • Managing Member
  • The Piccone Law Firm, LLC
  • 2013 - Present
  • Associate
  • The Animal Law Center
  • 2011 - 2013
  • Associate Attorney
  • Various Law Firms Insurance Defense
  • 2000 - 2010
  • Legal Intern
  • Colorado Governor's Office
  • 1999 - 1999
  • Legal Intern
  • State Of Colorado 8th Judicial District
  • 1999 - 2000
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  • University of Colorado School of Law
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 1999
  • University of Colorado - Boulder
  • BS - Bachelor of Science
  • 1996


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Insurance Attorney | Jan 18
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse Juliet unreservedly. She is a bright, conscientious, caring and highly intelligent attorney, with extreme attention to detail. I have known Juliet since law school and hold her in high regard. I would recommend her to any employer or client fully."
Social Security & Disability
Greenwood Village Animal law Lawyer Juliet Rene Piccone
Juliet Rene Piccone
Animal law Attorney
Greenwood Village, CO
This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2023. See details