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Claire Karlene Mehaffey

Claire Mehaffey’s reviews

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  • My review for Claire Mehaffey

    1.0 star

    Posted by Alex

    I will start off by saying that Claire seemed very ready and willing to represent me in the beginning , when I had first come up with full amount $3,500 dollar retainer fee for my Child custody case for my son with my ex boyfriend . As I said , at first she seemed attentive to a degree . Then I would get emails from her where it came off as if she was putting my story and actions into question . In our particular case there was domestic violence that I had occurred that I had never reported until after I had taken my children , my 3 year old daughter from a previous relationship and my son and fled . I had pictures of the numerous attacks on me and had filed a report with APD and had even been living at the Noah Project . She seemed enthusiastic about all of this documentation that I had , yet when we went to court she didn't really focus on it too much . Infact , she really didn't focus much on anything . It seemed to me that she was just there to keep the peace and not really fight for me . After it was all said and done, Claire was very short and hardly ever responded to an email or phone call . I was never sent copies of the court order and had to go on a "Wild goose chase" to only find out that our orders had never been filed or even signed by the judge . So, basically I'm right back where to where I started and it feels like I had payed all of that money for a retainer, which somehow she managed to GO OVER !!! All for nothing . What a terrible experience, She is horrible ! Definitely wouldn't recommend her ..

  • Terrible experience with this lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by Steven

    Mrs. Mehaffey was inattentive to us and our case. We feel strongly that the reason SHE lost both the case and the appeal was her lack of effort and inattention to us and the issues before the court. She missed a scheduled appointment without letting us know beforehand and we showed up to find her not in her office. Her assistant is rude and treated us with disrespect. Mrs. Mehaffey did not return phone calls or emails in a timely manner and did a poor job of keeping us informed on the proceedings of our case. Having lost the case and ordered to have it moved to another county, Mrs. Mehaffey advised us to hire another attorney but would not refund any of the unused retainer.

  • Highly recommend Claire!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by CC

    If you need a family law attorney, I highly recommend Claire. Claire and her assistant/paralegal Sherry are awesome!!!! They were quick to get back to me, answered all my questions, and were EXTREMELY prepared for court. They were always honest with me and gave me great legal advice throughout my modification hearing. Attorneys are not miracle workers...they can't gaurantee anything...the best they can do is to know the law and be prepared to represent you...and Claire did all that and I was very happy with the judgement.

  • Horrible

    1.0 star

    Posted by Candy

    Not only do I work in the Legal field with this woman and her employees but I have also had my own personal experiance with her office. My husband and I split for a short time! Claire Mehaffeys legal assistant Courtney Fugate sent my husband text messages from her personal phone saying "I can help you through you divorce not a word of this can be spoke to anyone text me and i will call you." Courtney is married and her husband contacted me telling me that he had all kinds of text between them I had him forward them to me. Along with my own pictures and there texts and proof of her taking my husbands personal file to her house I submitted this to the Texas State Bar along with a copy of it to her! Courtney is still to this date employed with Claire and no action was taken by Claire! The State bar has yet to return any documentation!