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Linda Geisler Marshall

Linda Marshall’s reviews

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  • VERY Poor Excuse of a Human Being

    1.0 star

    Posted by Theresa

    Though most of these reviews are good I am unfortunately going to be the one to break that mold. This woman is an absolute nut-case. Linda Marshall represented our former landlord in a SMALL CLAIMS dispute regarding our deposit (this by the way is an area of law Linda knows absolutely NOTHING about and she proved that lack of knowledge while in court). Prior to the court case (which she delayed time and time again for a year and a half), it was settled via a mediator for a sum to be paid back to us by the landlord. This was after she concocted bogus charges of over $10,000 (an amount of money the Small Claims division does not even deal with). The landlord was ordered to pay within 10-days. On the 10th day the money was received; however, due to my grandmother's illness we had to be back in our home state when the money arrived. Upon our return the money was deposited and a letter drafted for the court and sent. This was obviously NOT within Linda's perceived timeframe because she has proceeded to file a motion demanding $700 for her time to contact the court. A decision made solely by her and NOT her client as he confirmed. I will spend as much of my personal time as it takes letting as many people throughout Houston know about her tactics. Family law??? I wouldn't let my family within 500 yards of this woman...
    Last, and this is important for anyone considering hiring Linda, she milks her clients for as much money as she possibly can. She has drained our former landlord to a point that I actually feel sorry for him. She has also taken complete advantage of his lack of knowledge of American laws further draining him of his finances.

  • A Rare Gem in the world of Family Law Attorneys

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ms. Marshall is nothing short of a rare gem in the world of family law attorneys. I have worked with other attorneys, many of whom very well known, and have excellent reviews, but Ms. Marshall still stands apart due to many reasons: Intelligence, creativity in finding solutions, trustworthiness, and honesty that I have not seen before. She is very detailed oriented, and very sharp in grasping the full picture and dynamics of the relationship. Her creativity is outstanding, and shows well when providing solutions that many other attorneys I consulted with have not even thought of. If you are in an abusive relationship, look no further! She will listen, understand, and figure out how to deal with abusers. But most importantly, she helps others, while expecting nothing in return !! That only speaks for itself.

  • Been through the ringer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rita

    Linda is the greatest divorce lawyer in Houston. After she helped me with my divorce I have referred many people to her and everyone thinks she is wonderful. She is kind, helpful and compassionate but a bulldog in the courthouse.

  • An Attorney That Will Have You NOT Hating All Attorney's

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Barbara

    I would hire this person for anything she has the credentials to do. This attorney, not only kept me up to date throughout my case, but responded to any questions or concerns I had, VERY quickly. To me, that sets her apart from any other lawyer I have had or anyone I know has had. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and hire her again for myself, if needed. The bonus: She is very likeable.