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June Ann Anteski

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  • Direct, Honest and More!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I originally met with Ms. Anteski just over a year ago. Our first meeting proved she had a solid background and firm grasp of Arkansas law. Within an hour she showed I was improperly served, obtained copies of items that should have been received and went over her contract.... in the next half hour she explained how divorce in Arkansas normally works out and made a phone call to validate several items after I had retained her services. It was nice to go from what am I going to do about all of this to having someone who truly seemed to be in my corner working with me and for me. I would soon find out just how true this was.
    After several trees had been processed due to the other side, I found out I was really sick, Stage 4 and Terminal were some of the words I heard along with you never can tell, get plenty of rest and above All, Avoid STRESS.
    Everything was in full swing with the divorce and I heard something that I never thought I would hear from an attorney.... with your approval sir I can verify our direction, handle a lot of this for you and bring in someone to help. I had to ask her to repeat. I was surprised and after a little thought almost relieved but still processing the fact that my attorney had my back when I was definitely DOWN. This caused more work for everyone but me.... it was absolutely what I needed since divorces are usually enough stress without Chemo and Radiation involved. Don't get me wrong, she still had questions, needed approvals and had paperwork to be handled but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The someone June got to help was an attorney that was also a good friend of hers. It really helped me not worry as much knowing I had two knowledgeable and intelligent people keeping track of everything and taking care of me. I had enough to worry about each and every day at the hospitals and clinics, not to mention someone had cancelled my health insurance early in the game. In other words, Ms. June Anteski and Friend/Fellow Lawyer went above and beyond in my opinion.
    Did I mention Ms. June Anteski made several discoveries and also found discrepancies? You might question her motives or methods at times but I found out it's to get you where you need to be.
    She was direct and fair to me. She could usually tell me how things were going to be or would probably turn out. Sometimes she would tell me we will have to wait and see... sometimes she would tell me something I didn't want to hear at the time. It's highly doubtful I will ever be in a position to hire or need a lawyer with the time I have left but I would hire her again if things were different with my health.
    Hopefully this gives you what you need if you are considering hiring Anteski Law. I feel like I hired someone in my family that fought for me and got other good people involved to help me. That's way more than I expected. Good Luck and Thank You again June and D.

    I had to do this three times for it to finally publish... I would have normally gave up after the first attempt. June Anteski ensured I made it through this and came out ok so I am trying to return the favor in some small part.

    Hired attorney
  • Great attorney that won my custody case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    I hired Ms. Anteski about six months ago to regain custody of my children from my ex. I have hired attorneys in the past that never return my phone calls. Ms. Anteski was a breath of fresh air. She was very professional. She returned all of my calls and e-mails the same day, sent me copies of all the legal papers, and used plain English to explain to me what was happening in my case. I could tell by how she handled herself in the court room that she worked hard on my case, she was prepared for court, and we won my case.

    As far as her fees, I called around and consulted with several attorneys before I hired her and she was by far the most affordable. I paid the retainer up front. She was understanding and allowed me to make payments on the balance remaining on my bill each month.

    I now have custody of my children. I am very happy with her services and would definitely hire her again.

    Hired attorney
  • Have options

    1.0 star

    Posted by Aaron Thompson

    I went and visited with Anteski with the intent on figuring out the best scenario for me to get a fair chance at seeing my son. A consultation as you will. We spent approximately 2 hours in her office. With that being said all 2 hours was not child custody related nor do I say ok I want to hire you. She charged me $200 I don't have nor did I have to waste seeing that I'm trying to get joint custody of my son. Unprofessional and was not very clear before hand her fees and services.

    Consulted attorney
    June Ann Anteski’s response: “There are two sides to every story... My fees are reasonable. Unfortunately, this person did not have any intention of paying for the legal services I provided. I met with him in my office, after hours no less, to accommodate his work schedule. This was not a quick meeting. I spent 2 hours with him. I gave him legal advice and drafted several legal documents, made edits per his request, and he approved the final drafts. Then, he lied and said he was "going to the bank" to get the money to pay his retainer. He actually skipped out and did not return. Unfortunately, this person simply does not understand that professionals get paid for their services. Lawyers spend a lot of time and money going to college and law school to learn what they need to know to pass the bar exam and become an attorney. The only way this investment in my education can be recouped is by charging for my services.”
  • professionalism and efficiency

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Beth

    Ms. Anteski has been my attorney for the past 4 years. She has represented me in the guardianship of an elderly relative. She has proven herself very efficient and professional. Any phone calls she was unable to take would be returned the same day. If I asked a question she didn't know the answer to, she would research it and consult with colleagues. Then, get back to me in a timely manner with an abundance of information.