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Anthony Marshall’s reviews

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  • Two Aunts Two Mortgage Foreclosures

    1.0 star

    Posted by Anicia

    Two of my aunts hired Mr. Marshall on the word of my cousin (with whom he is a personal friend). As a result he advised both of them to file bankruptcy in an effort to retain their homes. Two years ago one of my aunts was foreclosed on and today the family had to help pack my other aunts home. This attorney literally did nothing to help them stay in their respective properties. He kept reassuring them yet they both lost their homes. After a year++ of "filing" so called motions to stay in her home, all was lost today.
    God will provide and hold him accountable for his negligence.

    Hired attorney
  • A very nice man who really helped my family.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carolyn

    My husband and I had an extremely positive experience working with Anthony and his law firm. Mr. Marshall handled a bankruptcy matter for me that allowed me keep my home. Before I met him, I was a nervous wreck. However, he took his time to reassure me and really guided me through the whole process. He is a very nice man who really knows the law but more importantly he knows how to treat a person with respect.

  • Find the nearest Exit and Run Fast

    1.0 star

    Posted by Shaleya

    I hired Anthony Jan 2012 for a divorce which I informed him about community property, spouse support, and re-instate my maiden name. The first time we went to court he did not show up he sent a person unpaired for my case whom did not have my information to properly represent me which left me with bills and no spouse support. Second time we went to court was several months later he did not resubmit my paperwork for spouse support which he said he would and maiden name request as we spoke about several times. He was not good at returning phone calls or keeping me informed of my case. When I hired him Jan 2012 he told me everything would be finish within 6-7 months. My divorce was not finallized until Nov. 30 2012. I did not receive any spouse support because he FORGOT to submint paperwork and I had to file a motion on my behalf and pay $ 75.00 dollars to have my name re instated because he FORGOT to submit to court as well. Jan 2013 he was stilling telling " yes I have you covered I will get your spouse support ." I am thinking one year later he still telling me the same BullShit he told Jan. 2012. In 2012 he told me we would go to court in March for Emergency support and it never happen. My paper work was always misplaced because he always ask to send a copy of information I submitted earlier in the year. When I called no body ever knew what was going on with the case. On 2 separate times he said he would have a court date and days passed nothing. So I called the court a few times and there was never anything in the system because he never submitted the paperwork to the court. I begin having more stress from this Jackass then my ex husband. I told him I wanted this resolved before I attend school because I did not need the stress and he promise he would but it never happen. Jan. 2013 he gave me a partial refund and told me it was a LOAN to help me out until I get spouse support but to my knowledge it was on record at the court as a parital refund. So WTF? Was I to pay him back and the court thinking it was a refund. SO in the month of Feb. 2013 I fired him because he did not do what I hired him for and reported to the Bar Association because this need not happen to another person. I received a refund but with a smart ass sugguestion. His suggestion to me was the next time represent myself or find another lawyer so I would not have to continue going to the courts.
    Well I did represent myself that is why I fired his ass. The first time he did not show, second time he was unprepared, I did not get any spouse support that he assured I would get and I had to pay $75 and file a motion for maiden name. Less than a week I communicated with my ex and I kept the community property.
    On another note he would never return a call but the day he was fired texted me about 6 times and 3 phone calls.
    This was a horrible experience and it caused me a lot of stress thinking my lawyer had my interest but gave me the dam run around.
    My opinion unprofessional, very very unorganized and seem to think he can out smart the client.

  • The man knows what he's doing.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wayne

    Mr. Marshall handled two matters for me within the past two years. The first matter was a bankruptcy. I was so nervous when I went to his office for a consultation. He was very easy to talk to and put me right at ease. He walked me through the whole process and my case went through fine from start to finish. After my bankruptcy was done, I decided to let Anthony's office handle my divorce. He met with me, gave me all of my options, and I was divorced in less than two months. Again, the process was smooth. His office is quite busy but he really knows what he's doing.

  • Don't waste your time

    1.0 star

    Posted by Shaun

    Hasn't accomplished anything after being hired for a simple motion to remove judgement. It has been 9 months. Hasn't even returned my calls in the last two months.

    Anthony Terrell Marshall’s response: “With all due respect, Shaun's comment is simply not accurate. All tasks for which Shaun retained my law firm were completed in a timely and professional manner. My law office which has serviced thousands of clients over the past 15 years considers it privilege to represent our clients and we certainly do not ignore them.”