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Richard Evans Oswalt

Speeding and traffic ticket Attorney at Hutchinson, KS

5.0   22 reviews

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About Richard

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Richard E. Oswalt P.A. Drivers License Reinstatement practice was started by Richard Oswalt, Attorney at law. It was started to assist Kansas Drivers who have canceled, suspended or revoked drivers licenses, obtain or regain their valid driving status. Mr. Oswalt, although licensed to practice law since 1987, he started concentrating his law practice in the area of drivers license reinstatement work in 1995. He is one of a select few Kansas Lawyers whose law practice focuses on reinstating Suspended and Revoked Kansas Drivers. A substantial percentage of Mr. Oswalt’s clients come by way of referrals from other Kansas these are lawyers whom choose not to practice in traffic law, or do not have the legal expertise or desire to work with their client in these areas. A list of referring attorneys can be found here.

Due the Kansas driver's license being a Privilege, and not a Constitutional Right, the Kansas courts are not required to disclose to the Kansas driver what consequences will result to their driving privileges from a traffic related conviction. Unless the Kansas driver is informed by their legal counsel about the potential for a license suspension resulting from a guilty plea or a finding of guilt, the Kansas drivers first notice that their driving privileges are being suspended or revoked will come from the State of Kansas-Driver Control's office in the form of a suspension letter. Many never receive this notice due to their address being different from what Driver Control has on file, and they continue to drive until stopped again and unsuspectingly informed of their suspended license. This, of course, usually results in a new driving while suspended charge, further complicating the problem by creating additional reinstatement fees, reinstatement requirements and, often times, a new mandatory suspension period.

This process often ultimately results in the driver receiving a letter from the State declaring them as an Habitual Driver and informing them (to their surprise) of a three year license suspension.

Licensed for 35 years
State KS
Status Active
Acquired 1987
Updated 02/04/2023

We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

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Law Office of Richard E. Oswalt
1 East 9th Ave
Hutchinson, KS, 67501


5.0 / 5.0
  22 customer reviews
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Posted by anonymous | February 16, 2023
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Amazing Lawyer
Mr. Oswalt provides a amazing service. He was very knowledgeable and experienced. Always Making sure I understood both during consultation and after he took my case. Helped me get through a complicated CDL matter. For that I will always be grateful
Posted by anonymous | June 3, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Expert Representation
Where do I begin. I was charged with my third, a felony driving under the influence charge. Knowing that I would loose my job, and my source of income for a conviction of this charge., I was in a panic. I was looking for an attorney for my representation and was referred to Mr. Oswalt by another attorney. Richard was very up-beet, and was excellent at communication with me about my case every step of the way, and answered every question I had professionally. My felony DUI charge ended up getting dismissed, and my administrative hearing ( regarding my breath test refusal ) also ended up getting dismissed on a technicality by the state. Wow, have I sure have learned a lesson from this case and through this representation. Mr. Oswalt’s legal representation more than surpassed my greatest expectation. I can’t thank him enough for his work. If you are looking for a excellent layer on any drivers license matter, he is your man.
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Posted by anonymous | October 17, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Great lawyer!
I was in diversion for a DUI and a month away from my termination date. I had another alcohol related charge come up and was on the verge of losing my diversion. Dick was able to work with both prosecutors and get the alcohol charge dropped and help me keep my diversion. I am forever grateful for him! His professionalism and attentiveness to the situation helped me get through an extremely tough time!
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Posted by Stephen Thomas | September 25, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Richard Oswalt
Richard Oswalt was polite, prompt, and concise with what he could and would do for me. I understood what each step of my case entailed and what would be required of me throughout the case. An experienced and capable attorney with a proven track record was not hype. I am appreciative of him and grateful for his assistance.
Posted by Lisa | June 13, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Double Trouble
A few months ago I contacted Mr. Oswalt regarding my younger sons revoked drivers license. He was revoked under the Habitual driving statute. Having worked with Mr. Oswalt myself on a similar matter many years before, I knew he was the one to go to with these types of cases. While working on this matter, my other son plead to two separate driving while suspended charges that would have also revoked his drivers license under the habitual driving statute until 2019. After several court appearances, Mr. Oswalt was able to remove my younger sons three year habitual suspension. In addition, Mr.Oswalt went back to court and re-pled my older sons previous convictions, preventing his three year suspension as well. Both of my sons now have valid drivers licenses. I'm sure this would not have happened without the help of Mr. Oswalt. Thank you Mr. Oswalt for helping helping both of my boys.
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Posted by Betty | March 17, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
A Life Spared
The only thing about trying to write a review of someone is that there is always so much behind the review that no one ever knows . So I will try to explain and be as short as I can. In 2013 my daughter got into some trouble with traffic tickets. I paid one lawyer $200.00 to stand in court and say 2 words, she's guilty, that was it. The next ticket I was told was an automatic 3 months in jail and up to $3,000.00 dollar fine. So this time I hired the best, Dick Oswalt . Yes it did cost more but there are no words to describe what he and the district attorney did. In June my daughter will go to K-State she will marry the man of her dreams . This is what Dick Oswalt gave my daughter a new life . Thank you and may God bless you. There are not enough stars to show my appreciation.
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Posted by John | April 1, 2015
Definitely the Best Attorney I've ever had !
I would like to express my appreciation about a case Dick Oswalt was hired to work on. Mr. Oswalt was courteous and paid special attention to me and my concerns about my situation. He was able to give me an opportunity that I don't believe any other attorney could have done. He was up front, honest and kept in touch with me throughout the process of resolving my case. If not for Mr.Oswalt's hard work and attention to detail, I would not have my commercial driver's license right now. He is definitely the best attorney I've ever had!
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Posted by Bryan | April 6, 2013
I have been battling with my driver’s license for years, and recently had my driver’s license revoked for 3 years under the Habitual Driving statute. In addition, I had multiple new court cases, and was facing Driving while suspended charges number #4 and #5. I had been told by many attorneys that there was nothing I could do. Because I needed my driver’s license to work I was looking online to find states that offer a hardship license and was preparing to leave the state when I saw Dick Oswalt’s webpage. Still not having much hope I decided to call him, I figured he would tell me the same thing that every other lawyer had told me but decided to call as my final attempt before just leaving it all behind. After our initial conversation my hope began to grow. This hope grew more with each conversation until my privileges to drive actually got reinstated. During the time prior to contact with Dick Oswalt I felt like the world was coming down around me, facing jail time, losing my family and having to lose my business, I didn’t know where to turn and felt like the only option was to run away from it all. I believe with all of my heart that God put Dick in my life not only as an attorney but a friend, and my life is much better for having met the man, and have gained much from not only being able to drive but the life lessons I’ve learned from our many discussions. I believe that he cares for his clients they are not just a paycheck to him. He returned everyone of my phone calls, and gives clients the personal attention lacking in so many law offices. Thank you Dick, for providing hope in a hopeless situation.
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Posted by anonymous | February 6, 2013
Lucky to have found Mr. Oswalt.
I wish I would have known years ago! Competent, persistent, patient, polite, reliable, honest. Turned away by other attorneys I had all but given up when I came across Mr. Oswalt's website. From beginning to end he was polite and thorough while explaining the processes, progress or delays and possible outcomes. Through many, many phone calls, all handled from out of state, Mr. Oswalt answered my questions or looked for the answers good or bad. When I expressed concerns that something didn't seem right, he was both patient and persistent checking and rechecking until getting a definite answer, and thankfully a positive ones. My situation was a difficult one, but Mr. Oswalt stuck with it to the end. I'm sure there are other attorneys that COULD do what he did, but not very many that WOULD. I'm getting my license back three years earlier than expected and can move on with my life. I couldn't be happier with Mr. Oswalts performance and professionalism. Due to the rating system above, I must add that for my situation (case/filing) any question or conflict that Mr. Oswalt did not immediately have an answer for, he took the time to find the answer. Thank you Dick Oswalt and God Bless.
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Posted by John | January 10, 2013
great job
I was looking for a DUI lawyer and found a very good respectable lawyer. He did me a awesome job.
Posted by COREY | November 28, 2012
Best lawyer for the job
I found mr. Oswalt while surfing the web for a good lawyer to help restore my driving privileges and I might say I lucked up and found him as soon as I called he got right on the job my license had been suspended for some time and after hiring mr Oswalt my license were reinstated and I am happy as can be thanks mr Oswalt your the best
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Posted by marie | October 1, 2012
super attorney!
mr.oswalt was prompt and handled my case with a favorable outcome .i kept my drivers license [driving while suspended] great attorney would definately use him agian !!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by chad | August 13, 2012
Handled case in a professional manner
Dick handled a very difficult case where I was accused of driving without a license. It was a mixup and he got the court and DMV to staighten it out.
Posted by Mario | August 7, 2012
Mario Batres
My name is Mario Batres and i am cdl driver from fontna,ca. I got into a traffic violation and i was looking for lawyer in Reno county and i spoke with like three more lawyers and none of them told that they were able to do something with my case. So, then i found Richard Evans Oswalt. The way he talked to me made me think that he was a honest person. I am glad that I hired him he really helped me in my case when no other lawyer could help me. so I am really thankful to this lawyer and I not just not found a really good lawyer but i found an understandable person that could help people in need.
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Posted by anonymous | July 31, 2012
Amazing Lawyer
Very Thankful for Mr. Oswalt! I currently live out of state. I came down to KS to visit some family. During my trip, I was pulled over for speeding. I was not aware that my drivers license was suspended for a failure to comply ticket violation and was arrested. However, the ticket was paid prior to suspension and KS was not informed. To make a long story short, Id research KS Lawyers and base off all the reviews I chose to go with Mr. Oswalt. I am glad I did. Not only did he live up to all the positive reviews but also what he stands for in his practice. My case was dismissed. The amazing thing about all of this is that I've NEVER met Mr. Oswalt and all of his assistance were over the phone, faxing and emails. He worked my case as if I was sitting right in front of him.
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Posted by Nicholas | June 18, 2012
Drivers' License Reinstatement
Got my drivres' license revoked for 3 years. About a year and a half into it, I decided I couldn't take it anymore. Cabs were getting too expensive, I could barely find transportation for basic everyday needs, and my daughter was about to start school soon. Everyone I knew (including professionals) told me there was no chance I would get my license back before the end of my revocation period. For a father, a year and 6 months is just way too long to go without wheels. While researching traffic lawyers in Kansas, Oswalt's name was among the first few to pop up, and for good reason. I gotta admit, at first, I doubted the reviews were real, they just sounded too good to be true. But this guy's the real deal. I got Oswalt on the case and within 2 months, my habitual offense was lifted and I was no longer on revoked status. Even after he did his "lawyerly duties", he still kept an open line of communication and encouraged me to call back if I had any more problems or questions. I've never had a lawyer be as patient and truely concerned with my case. Prayers really do get answered and the work that Mr. Oswalt does is proof! My only regret is not calling him sooner!
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Posted by bullie210 | June 7, 2012
Got stopped for window tint and found out my liscense was suspended.. searched online to see what kind of trouble I was in and found Mr Oswalts website. Gave him a call and let him know what the situation was. He was professional kind and actually seemed to care about the situation. Went over everything and found out I was looking at habitual violator and losing liscense 3 years for prior dui and two new charges of driving on suspended and no proof of insurance. Thot I had insurance at first then found out it was cancelled 2 days before court and Mr oswalt still took care of things... kept my license and still driving can not thank him enough.. 7 outta 5! Thanks, Brian c Abilene ks
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Posted by Louis | May 23, 2012
Working My Case
Attorney Oswalt was great and did all he could to make sure I knew the situation I was going into and represented me well. He is a man of great integrity and does not compromise it and he gave me honest legal advice on where my advantages were and where I went wrong. He is definately worth the hire.
Posted by Marion | May 22, 2012
revoked license
My license had been rovoked for serveral years do to a error on the behave of the driving bureau. It took me going thru a three years suspension, and then immediatley being re-revoked for a additional three years, before i decided that i needed to seek additional help. After paying the initial review fee, Mr. Oswalt found the reason behind my driving license problems, and after i paid the second installment, by the second day he was calling to tell me that he had gotten the revoked status completley taken off my record. I did have some other minor things left to clear my record completely, but would have been able to do so if Mr. Oswalt had not have cleared the way. I'm going to being able to take care of my family without worrying about being back to jail for driving my kids to school, or to work. Mr. Oswalt help keep my life on the up and up, and i am truly greatful.
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Posted by Corey | May 9, 2012
Great man to work with
I was a client for Dick. I had received my second driving while suspended and I was facing a week in jail. I called dick to see if there was anything that could be done. With a matter of time he had worked his magic and gotten me free of the charges. On top of that he also cleared my other Driving while suspended off my record so now I have a clean record. He went out of his way to help me. He is definitely worth using, i would use him again if I ever need to.
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  • President -Owner
  • RIchard E. Oswalt P.A.
  • 2008 - Present
  • Owner
  • RIchard E, Oswalt Attorney at Law
  • 1987 - 2007


  • Oklahoma City University School of Law
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 1987
  • University of Kansas
  • Business
  • 1979


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  • Reno County Bar Association
  • President
  • 2016 - 2017
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  • 2015 - 2016
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  • Client Champion Award
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • 2021
  • Distinguished
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • 2017

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  • Bar Association Luncheon
  • Driver LIcense Reinstatement Issues in Kansas - Speaker
  • 2016

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Endorse Richard
Speeding and traffic ticket Attorney | Sep 27
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I've known DIck Oswalt for over 20 years and have found him to be an excellent attorney, especially in the area of driver's license issues."

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Hutchinson Speeding and traffic ticket Lawyer Richard Evans Oswalt
Richard Evans Oswalt
Speeding and traffic ticket Attorney
Hutchinson, KS
Licensed for 35 years