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Charles O'Hara’s reviews

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Review Charles O'Hara
  • The best lawyer I've ever had.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Myles

    My case Is now FINISHED! Without Charlie O'hara I would be in prison for 108 months for intent to distribute within 1000 feet of a school. I fired my first lawyer because the DA refused any deals and basically said I was doing ten years. Today 6 months later after hiring Charlie ( sent from God ) I got everything put on diversion . Which means after time all charges will be dropped. The first lawyer I had I asked him about diversion and he said " that isn't even an option". Charlie had my charges dropped when no one else could, when EVERY OTHER LAWYER I CALLED SAID THAT WAS IMPOSSIBLE, BUT HE DID IT! He is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone. I respect this man to the fullest. And if you are reading this debating on hiring him, you would be an idiot not to, he is worth it. LISTEN to what he has to say. This man is brilliant! Hire him, he will safe your life! He saved mine when NO ONE ELSE COULD! Out of 1 to five stars. I rate him 1 billion stars ! He did the impossible when every lawyer I called and the one I fired said it couldn't be done. Charlie O'Hara did it!

  • Only worth it if your high profile criminal.

    3.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Paid almost $3,000.00 to take on multiple city and county cases. Not only was he late for most of my court times but most of the time sent another attorney from his office to represent me who had no knowledge of me or my cases. Also did not inform me of ways to prepare a better case to look better in front of the judge (i.e. enroll into drug and alcohol treatment etc.) Should of shopped around a bit but have heard several times when it comes to criminal cases he was the best. This is only true when it is a high profile case, guess my cases were not going to get his firm any publicity. I honestly would of been better off representing myself.

  • Not impressed

    1.0 star

    Posted by Aaron

    When I first met him, he acted real enthusiastic about my case and also very concerned with the money. He barely returned my calls and when he did he was very short with me. He talked me out of a trial and into taking a plea which I regret now. I would never hire him again.