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Gretchen Ruth Szydlowski

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  • Gretchen knows her stuff!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Gretchen is experienced and professional. Her guidance has calmed me during inflammatory accusations and allegations by the other party. Gretchen is thorough as well as caring for the client's position and needs. When one deals with the law, it is not about getting your way but also protecting yourself in the long run. There is no fixed price for attorneys for any service that requires legal oversight, nor would you want one that says so. The other reviewer may have gotten a better "quote" but there is no way to be sure that additional charges would not have incurred with that firm. I had a previous attorney that claimed to work for a big firm in Clayton prior but every time I asked him a question, he would have to ask other attorneys for guidance; yes, he was cheaper but I ended up paying a lot for him to do research instead of just knowing like Gretchen does.


    1.0 star

    Posted by Dave P.

    I have known Gretchen Szydlowski for 6 years and wanted to use her services for an adoption process. I had looked around at what other lawyers charge and it averaged about $1500. The other party in the adotption process insisted that i use her even though Gretchen said it would be $2000, which was more than others. I was a little concerned about it as $2000 was all i could afford, so i sent her an email asking her if $2000 would cover the whole process. Gretchen replied and said "If there is no abnormal circumstances it would not be any more than the $2000 retainer". So we went ahead with the process. It took a total of 9 months which was because the court date did not work out for Gretchen's schedule. We had to move it out another month farther. No time in this process did Gretchen say we are going over the $2000 total. I never recieved any bill in the whole nine months and was not concerned as we were told it wouldn't exceed the retainer. Then it was finally done, 2 weeks after the signing of the paperwork she sent me another bill for an extra $554! I asked her about not being more than $2000 like she said. There was no "abnormal circumstance" except for her delaying the court date because it didn't work out for her schedule. I kept asking her how it could be more than what she initially emailed me if there was no abnormal circumstances? She said "I am no longer having this discussion, you owe $554" and would not respond to any emails after the final bill. Please be aware i have known her for 6 years and this is how i was treated. Remember the lawyer i was origionally going to go said it would cost no more than $1500. Plus she will no longer even explain the bill to me. Please be aware when you look at Gretchen Szydlowski for any lawyer process.