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Susan Wilson’s reviews

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  • First Attorney, Worst Attorney!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Ms Wilson did not fight for me at all in court. I had to secure her services via telephone because i reside in another state 900 miles away. I felt like she only worked on my case when I mentioned that I was coming to town. The day of court she was asking me did i have paperwork that i know i already submitted to her. Any information that I gave her relevant to my case she obviously did not utilize based on the judgement that was rendered.
    How is it that I have an arrearage in child support almost $10,000 when I have voluntarily paid ever since my child was conceived. I have paperwork to prove this too! After looking over my paperwork years later I found critical evidence that I provided to Ms Wilson but she did not present it which is ultimately the reason for the arrearage.

    What really got my goat was when she made a comment about me being angry over the judges decision. I quote,"I don't see what you are angry about, you got away with it for fifteen years...." referring to the amount of payment that the judge set years ago which I paid faithfully with no intentions of dodging the court system. Whose side is she on is what I asked in between all of the expletives she managed to pull out of me.
    Also, I drove the 900 plus mile trip to only just stand in the hallway of the courthouse and not even have a chance to talk with the judge to present my side of the story and try to remove the deadbeat dad stigma that was already upon me just because my situation has ended up in court.
    To be fair to her, she did tell me that I could talk to the judge, of course when it was absolutely irrelevant to the judge because he had already rendered his decision. If that was the order of business then why did I need Ms Wilson to represent me?
    Initially $2,000 was paid upfront and she said that she would let me know when more money was needed, well needless to say all I got was worthless repetative correspondance and an additional $800 bill when this fiasco ended. Thanks for nothing except for feeding me to the wolves with pork chop drawers on. Stay away if you know what is good for you!!!

  • Total Failure on my case too

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Not sure why but was denied my first post. I gave the truth yet I was disapproved. I posted the same exact post on another lawyer forum and it was approved. First and foremost Ms. Wilson acted very interested in my case prior to getting the 2.5grand up front. Once paid, it was as though I didn't exist. Her services were so bad that I ended up having to do my own research to see what I was entitled to as a petitioner and then I personally drafted my own divorce agreement up via email between myself, my ex and Ms. Wilson's office. Even after emailing her with the final product her staff couldn't type it correctly. There were several typos they made ie..childrens names, ages, dates of birth ect...every typo they made that I found they charged me a fee to correct. (I still have all of the email interactions to prove it). I could have paid much less to a more knowledgeable lawyer. Two years and more than $5,000. later I am still fighting the agreement as she did not make it iron clad in certain areas. If I have prevented even one fool from making the same mistake then the time I've put into this review was worth it. I wish I could have switched lawyers but after paying the 2.5 retainer I was unable to afford to go to a different attorney.

  • total failure

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    ms. wilson totally missed the most important aspects of my case....she failed to recognize me when i spoke to her on the phone and in person...she had me sign a paper without explaining it to me, that agreed to an uncontested divorce, when she knew that i was absolutely contesting the divorce.....she said i "had to sign it or go to court" the time my physical health was such that an appearance in court was impossible...she made no attempt to work with me in the manner that my case required....

  • Wonderful Lawyer! Unbelievable in court!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Susan Wilson did wonders for our custody case. She was quick, smart, knowledgable, and kept me informed at all times. Ex's lawyer did not keep her informed and this caused her to miss many chances at making things better for her and worse for us. I retained physical custody of my children and received a higher than expected award of child support. Ex hid money, Susan found it. I can't express how wonderful she was to work with!