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D. Richard Haime

D. Richard Haime’s reviews

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  • Incompetent

    1.0 star

    Posted by Rob

    Incompetent is an understatement. Rick didn't show for court. I had to call and remind him of court in progress. Rick failed to submit an order, causing me to hire another attorney to clean up his mess. Buyer beware on this guy!

    Hired attorney
  • Rick is a straight shooter & committed to excellence.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wayne

    Rick is a hard working and dedicated attorney. I have been able to call Rick on weekends, evenings almost any time day or night. Rick treats you like a real human being. Other attorneys act like they above you and they are gracious for taking your case. Rick makes you feel like you are part of the team. Time and time again he has helped the underdog. Read his web page and you'll see real testimonials about people who have time with the kids because of Rick.

    Rick is down to earth and truly cares about you and your family. I would recommend him to anyone simply because he does care. I have seen others post negative things about Rick and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Like any service provider you can't make everyone happy all the time.

    Most people complain when they don't end up winning or getting what they want. When people get what they are hoping for nobody ever writes reviews for that. Well I'm writing to say that Rick will get the job done.

    I personally dealt with other lawyers and Rick was the only lawyer that didn't lie to my face. I had one lawyer tell me that I wouldn't have to pay maintenance at all in my divorce. Then she said "I never said that" so she lied twice. Rick sets the right expectations with you. If you have a problem Rick will do what he can but what he won't do is sugar coat it and inflate your expectations.

    Rick charges a fair wage for his services. He works with you and can even help you with a budget plan. He is a good family man and practices good family law. I have even had him help me on a criminal case of which he handled flawlessly.

    Make an appointment to see Rick and talk to him. When you ask Rick questions he gives you straight answers. That is the best anyone can hope for.

    Thanks Rick!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client


  • Disappointing at best

    1.0 star

    Posted by Tom

    I hired Mr Haime to represent me in a college expense/support case and was totally disappointed in what transpired with the case. During my consultation, which was over the phone, as I live out of state, I told him I wanted an aggressive attorney as I have not had very good results in Winnebago County family court. His first appearance for me should have raised the red flag as he did not show up in time and a default judgement was ruled against me, which should have been my call to discontinue his services. I was always told over the phone by his assistant that he feels I had a good case and doesn't see me paying any expenses to my now 19 year old daughter. I never recieved any documentation from the other side to show was what going to be submitted to the judge. When I went to court, they had a pretrial meeting with the judge and came out to tell me the judge awarded 200 per month and could not answer any questions I had of him about case law pertaining to this matter. Mr Haime even supported the judges ruling and the other side's judgement. He could not look me in the eyes when speaking to me and he even had to ask me what 5 times 12 equalled. I felt Mr Haime was totally unprepared for this case. He did not read any case law pertaining to the case. His answers to my questions of him where, "I don't know." So for my rating of Mr Haime, it is poor on all accounts. He seems to be a pushover, everything the other lawyer asked of the judge, it was granted without even Mr haime defending me. I feel there are better, more knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who trully want to see their clients win in the courtroom and Mr Haime doesn't represent that in any matter.

    D. Richard Haime’s response: “Unfortunately, this client does not realize when he won a case. The other side was seeking over $700.00 per month on this case. When this individual called he represented that he was making little or no money. However, once he filled out his financial affidavit, this was not true. Unfortunately, I can only give my advise when the client gives me truthful facts.”