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Scott Garrett Goldstein

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  • The best Workmans Comp Attorney you will find--Period

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Packer Bob

    I burned through 2 suburban attorneys during the beginning of my work related injuries, I could tell right off the bat that these attorneys while working in good faith, did not have the experience to deal with what was to lie ahead. This is your livelihood and your future, you were legitimately injured at work, and unless you are well represented you could find yourself having grave serious problems that are not your fault for the rest of your life. Scott Goldstein, a partner of the the Howard Akin Law firm in Chicago were referred to me right off that at at the beginning by a close family friend--I did what most people do--I did not listen and stayed the course with my suburban lawyers--there was a critical time when my gut told me things are about to get real tough as my medical condition was not improving and it was getting worse--and my suburban lawyers were clueless of what I was going through, and not ready for the task that could lie ahead..Thank God, my wife being persistent and the family friend happened to stopped by at a critical time, I made the decision and called the Akin Law firm. Scott Goldstein happened to answer my call, the chemistry was there with myself and Scott as I knew right off the bat that these guys were in the big leagues and the best you will find as for legal representation, Scott knowing the law backwards and forwards, working with all of the adjusters at the major insurance companies on a daily or weekly basis will represent you and protect you with everything he knows and has--and all Scott does for the firm is Workman Comp cases--my past lawyers were involved in personal injury--divorce and even criminal cases--for some that might be fine--but not for my case ..There will be "bumps in the road" you can not prepare yourself for , and when they hit, with out my current representation--these so-called bumps in the road would have been land mines ..With out a doubt, I would recommend Scott Goldstein and Howard Akin--his firm to anyone that is out there with out legal representation, or out there with legal representation you have the slightest doubt about..These guys are all business and will put you at ease right off the bat. Your not out to screw anyone, you just want to be sure your being provided the best medical care and compensation care the law requires and even then some..That is what this is all about..Between what my primary Dr. has done for me , setting me up with a team of the best specialists, Doctors in the Chicago area and suburbs, and my decision to get the best possible legal team of attorneys to represent me- You need both equally as they are both equally important...It has made my life, my piece of mind some what more comfortable to deal considering current and future major medical procedures, surgeries and legal issues that lie ahead.. PEOPLE--trust me when I say this, I know what some of you may be going through--do yourself and family a huge favor--call these professionals, you will not regret it as I would stake my life on this statement... You must look after yourself first and foremost--it is not selfish, if you don't you will never be in a position to help the people that count on you and others down the line. If you don't you could end up very miserable for the rest of your life when you don't have to be...

  • Scott Goldstein (Ankin law offices)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ray

    Over exceeds my expectations, I have enough to worry about and Scott and his crew will NOT allow me to have to worry about any legal issues, as well as making sure my well being is being taken care of. They are simply terriffic.