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Jennifer Blanc’s reviews

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  • Positive Experience(s)

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    Anonymous review posted on

    I have worked with several attorneys and I continue to have a good relationship with them although I had been disappointed with some of them for different reasons...
    Jennifer Blanc is one of the very few attorneys I refer people to. I have retained Jennifer as my bankruptcy lawyer upon the recommendation of a Church sister who is Philipina. Based on my experience with Jennifer, I can say that she is definitely trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and I have appreciated the fact that she has kept me informed during the process.
    When I was filing for bankruptcy, I was really stressed out and irritable. Jennifer took time to listen to my concerns and I felt empowered to face life with all the ups and downs; in other words, Jennifer was not only my lawyer but also my therapist! Although I sometimes was slow to provide necessary documents such as receipts of different expenses, she was very patient with me. really, she has handled my case beautifully.
    I always share my beautiful experience with my friends and several of my friends have also subsequently used Jennifer's services ranging from bankruptcy, legal guardianship, real estate, divorce. My friends feel that I recommend them the best lawyer: Jennifer Blanc!

  • Very rude initial phone conversation.

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    The corporation I work for provides employees with a link to attorneys for complimentary 30 minute legal consultations. I was referred to Jennifer Blanc's office.

    I called Ms. Blanc's office to inquire about setting up my complimentary legal consultation. The person who answered the phone did not identify themselves - the woman may have been Ms. Blanc, or she may have been an office staff member. Regardless, this woman was very rude to me and unprofessional in general.

    I explained how I had obtained Ms. Blanc's phone number, and the person on the phone was confused. This by itself was fine, but she was rather awkward and left me feeling unwelcome. The person then asked me to hold for a moment, and when she returned to the line, she abruptly asked "what are you calling about"? I started to explain that I was hoping to set up an appointment for my free 30 minute consultation, and she abruptly cut me off to ask me what my issue was. Once again, I was left feeling unwelcome.

    I explained my legal matter - I was seeking general information about estate trusts, and more specifically, an understanding of my options as a beneficiary to an estate trust that includes two other beneficiaries. The woman on the phone rushed to a conclusion based on the limited information I provided and insisted that she wouldn't be able to help me. I couldn't get a word in edgewise as she insisted on this over and over again. My attempts to be heard and to clarify what I was seeking resulted in her getting upset, saying that she "wouldn't be able to help me with such litigation" (which doesn't even make sense, since I wasn't seeking her help for litigation purposes, but rather to just educate myself, which I had clearly explained), and then she hung up on me.

    I understand that misunderstandings happen and that everyone has bad days, but I am still scratching my head over this exchange. I'm a friendly, easy to talk to person. I wasn't the least bit agitated about anything when I called. I was left shaken by the way that the call went, and by being hung up on. I have already reported this incident to the group that connected me with Ms. Blanc's office.

    The group referred to another local attorney. I called that attorney minutes later and had a normal, pleasant exchange. That attorney understood what I was seeking, asked a few follow-up questions, and made an appointment to talk to me about estate trusts later in the week.