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Sam Lawrence Amirante

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  • Sam was great

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    I do computer maintenance and support on a contract basis. One client of mine rejected my advice on performing backups. When his office was hit by a power surge, he lost all of his company data. He sued me saying that it was my fault that the power surge shut down his business. Sam was able to get copies of e-mails, texts and receipts to show that I had made the correct recommendations, and he had overruled them as too expensive. Thanks to him, it was thrown out of court. The only ding is when he called me and asked for info; I was able to get it the next day. When I tried to call him with the info, I could not get hold of him for 2 days, as he was busy in court with another case.
    Overall, he was confident, quick and knowledgeable. A bit expensive, but well worth it..

  • Thank you Sam

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I had the great fortune of meeting with Sam. I am extremely pleased with his knowledge and communication. He and his staff are very respectful of my situation. He is very patient, and gave me the time to understand what the process to remedy my case.
    For the first time, I am comfortable that he will represent me fairly. Thank you Sam and staff!

  • great

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dennis

    I met Sam a few years back, I Have used him and recommend his firm to everyone..It makes me laugh how people slam him when things don't always go perfect, or you don't get a "Get out of Jail free card", As far as calling back fast..Someone in His Office always called Back, Sam is In High Demand and I Personally Have walked through the court house with him and the amount of respect he receives is unreal, I have nothing but complete confidence in him and his firm, remember..the deal in Defense Law....and everybody one is ever guilty...

  • I would beg to differ

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I would have to beg to differ from the two reviews on this board. I went to Mr. Amirante and his firm about ten months ago for a DUI. I called the office, in which, I actually spoke to his secretary. She asked me the required questions, such as, if this was an urgent matter, when I was arrested, when my court date was, etc. Once she got all that information she asked if I would be able to come in that day. I was in their office within hours later. I met with the Associate first, who expressed the steps and she explained in detailed the process. As I was never arrested, so had no clue what I was going to have to do. After meeting with the Associate, Mr. Amirante came in and introduced himself. I explained the situation and he said it was now in his hands, nothing to be nervous about. Mr. Amirante not only gave me his card but both his associates, and his and both of his associate's cellphone numbers. I received a letter within days of retaining the firm, welcoming me, reminding me of my court date, invoice, and filed papers that were my copies to keep. I have to say this is probably one of the most well-organized firms I had went to. ( I definitely shopped around before finding an attorney that fit.) I called a few times before my court date with questions I had. I left messages with the nice girl who answers the phones and asked to speak with one of the attorneys. She took my information down, and within the day I received a call back. My case moved fast. We went to hearing on my license before it was suspended and petition was won because Sam and his firm proved that there was no probable cause. I am very happy with my outcome and the representation this firm did on my behalf.

  • Stay away!!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Where to begin...Sam will make a lot of empty promises at your consultation. He'll tell you about similar cases he had and brag how he was Gacy's defense lawyer and an ex-judge. After he gets your deposit he will be almost impossible to contact. In my case he/his associate showed up late to EVERY court date. The last court date I had he was OVER 2 hours late...Contacting him over the phone is next to impossible, if you do manage to get past the answering machine and speak to someone, you will get no answers to your questions and certainly will not get a call back. For the money I spent with this guy and the outcome of my case I would have preferred to just go with the public defender. I would have saved a lot of money and ended up with the exact same outcome. I actually considered firing him multiple times but due to my financial circumstances and how much money I had already given him(which I most certainly would have lost) I was basically forced to stick with him and hope for the best. Much like the other reviewer here, once it came time for the trial Sam pressured me into taking a plea bargain by telling me he doubted he could win the case, it would cost much more money, etc. PLEASE do yourself a favor if you value your freedom find another attorney. I lost a high paying job because of this man's incompetence, and I now have a felony on my record for a case that should have been relatively easy to win. Do not trust this guy. He is the very definition of a bottom feeding lawyer.