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Thomas Murtha’s reviews

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Review Thomas Murtha
  • Testified against me in my appeal

    1.0 star

    Posted by john

    He did win my O.F.P. hearing, but not my criminal case. He talked me into taking a plea bargain, which he knew I didn't want, by telling me there was no possible way I could win my case. I researched my case extensively, and offered several valid scenarios that would prove my innocence, but he insisted. If your lawyer tells you there is no possible way you can win in trial, which was the opposite of what he said when I hired him, what choice do you have? This was after he missed 3 consecutive court appearances in a row, while I was sitting in jail, and would not answer one phone call from me.
    I took a plea bargain, with the assumption I would go to "Teen Challenge," but that was also not the case. I appealed my case from prison, with a state public defender, but unfortunately Mr. Murtha chose to testify against me in this proceeding.
    He turned in my Brief, which he had 3 months to finish, a week after the deadline. It was then returned for incorrect postage, and ended up 2 weeks late. The brief was a generic version of cases similar to mine, with many of the points outlined having nothing to do with my case.

  • Won an "Order For Protection" hearing, and working on criminal case for me

    5.0 stars

    Posted by john

    Tom won an O.F.P. hearing for me, which is next to impossible if you're a male falsely accused by a female- Look it up on internet under "false Ofp's once. He is currently working on an extensive criminal case for me, which I'm confident we will win... Right Tom?