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Cash Hennessy Aaland

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  • Expertise + Connections = Unrivaled Results

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I got into some trouble walking home from a local bar one evening. While it wasn't anything shockingly serious - a victimless crime - the allegation was serious enough to land me in jail. As it was a Friday night, I expected to be there until at least Monday morning. I had heard positive things about Mr. Aaland, and decided to give him a call. Before I knew it, Mr. Aaland's extensive legal expertise and connections had me out of jail around Saturday afternoon - something the officers at the jail noted they had seen only a handful of times. The next week, I met with Mr. Aaland to go over the details of the incident and devise a plan of action, and a week later, the prosector had declined all charges - they filed a dismissal, my bail was refunded, and I never stepped foot in court. While I certainly have no desire to go back and run an experiment with other defense lawyers, I am extremely confident that my results are directly tied to Cash Aaland's level of expertise and respect amongst his peers - regardless of which side of the courtroom they stand on.

  • I messed up twice and both times he saved my ass.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dayne

    This is the second time I have hired Cash to represent me. Both times he pulled miracles for me. I did call other attorneys on the second offense, just to get their opinions and check prices. I knew I would be hiring Cash though, as he made my first offense disappear. The two other attorneys I talked to both said they could possibly get the charges reduced but it was doubtful. I hired Cash again at the same price the other two wanted and he made it totally go away again. I think he has the same knowledge as any other attorney but his experience in dealing with people in these cases is what pays off. From what I can see, the best way to win a case is have it be settled before it makes it there. He is a fair decent compassionate guy who knows how to deal. If you need an attorney, make sure and sit down and talk to him before hiring anyone.