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Arens Dilaveri

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  • Arens Dilaveri

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bobbi

    Mr. Dilaveri is an overall excellant attorney. He is very knowledgeable, helpfull, compasionate, and made a very difficult time in my life less stressful and easier to cope with. He is very trustworthy, and I would never hesitate to turn to him for any legal matters.

  • Young, Inteligent, Driven, Respectful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I am a Transsexual woman and hired Mr. Arems Dilaveri for my attorney to fight an unwarented stop leading to charges of a DUI. Mr. Dilaveri showed me a great deal of respect during our consultation and showed charicter that I had not seen in other offices.

    I decided to hire Arens Dilaveri not only because he was reasonably priced but also presented a very strong presense of confidence. After he completed his discovery. He felt confident that my case had a good chance of being won.

    After some delay from the prsecution and an accident in which the arresting officer was injured I had my first hearing almost a year later.

    Mr. dilaveri discused his stratagy with me and allowed me to be prepared for questions from him and what whould be expected from the prosectors. He was calm and confident and it put me at ease even with being on the stand.

    During the hearing he was very persistant and deliberate in his questioning. He was able to keep the officer and the prosecution therein on the defensive throught the hearing. He was able to establish fact out of a situation that the prosecution tried to make seem hear-say in reguards to my testomony. HAsking the questions of the officer that allowed the future questions be me to be allready established as a situation that was most likly.

    After the hearing he was reassureing to me about how the days events had gone. He typed up the writen argument that he submitted to the Judge over two weeks earlier than the prosecution submitted theres. He kept me informed of the situation.

    Roughly a month after the hearing I recieved an E-mail from MR. Dilaveri that I had won my case and it had been thrown out. With all evidence being suppresed due to the nature in which it was obtain was not legal.

    I would recommend this attorney to anyone needing someone to fight for them in court. He is quick, smart, tactful and extremely respectful. I not only recomend him because he allowed me to clear my name but because of these traites. I had offered him this high of regaurd for his work for me before the case was even finalized.

  • Sound legal advice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    I retained Arens for a modification of child support.He kept me informed and his knowledge of the subject left me feeling confident that this matter would be dealt with professionally.

  • Class Act

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    When I retained Arens things were not stacked in my favor.He provided me with a "gameplan" that was realistic and up front.He did not lead me in a direction then change courses.It was consistent,personable,professional counsel.What impressed me most about Arens is his confident nature in the court room.His line of questioning was relevant,and to the point.He seemed prepared,confident and willing to stick to his guns.The outcome was best case for me.This was due in part to the road map Arens laid out for me.Through all the litigation I can say that I was treated in such a way that I now call Arens a friend.I trust his word and his legal counsel,he has my gained my confidence and I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone now or in the future.