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Kip Russell Peterson

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  • Professional. Worth the higher fees. Keep an eye on this one.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    You'll like Kip. He's a very effective lawyer -- knowledgable, friendly, and down-to-earth. He's a genuine up-and-comer that's been missing from the law scene in past years. Use his services while his fees are still reasonable -- you may be paying big bucks for this guy in the future.

    The best thing about Kip is that he makes the law friendly. It was something that I never experienced with other lawyers. A true, professional lawyer knows the law but can still be an everyday human being -- that's Kip. Some newer lawyers are without a vestige of humanity, trying to prove to clients that they are top-performers at the law by belittling clients with over-the-top legal terms and a laundry list of past wins and accomplishments. I could care less about a lawyer's wins -- just give me simple legal advice and options that I can act upon for my business, plain and simple.

    Kip embodies what a lawyer of the younger generation should be. For one, you would never guess this man is a lawyer outside of the office. That speaks wonders. Too many new lawyers appear to be irreversibly transformed by law school -- what was left of their humanity is merely a husk and their soul is now a gladiator in a legal arena. They care less of humanity and how the law applies to society and are more interested in becoming partner of a big firm.

    Kip is different. He approaches legal situations in a very calm manner. He listens first. When he talks, it is not legal-speak; rather, sound legal advice. Easy to digest legal advice. It's exactly what's needed in a lawyer (and pardon the medical analogy) -- a humble, sociable legal practitioner with a wonderful bedside manner.

    Granted, he is not the cheapest lawyer out there, but he is also not the most expensive. You might look elsewhere for general business needs and come to Kip when you need a surgical problem solver to deal with your legal issues. Frankly, I'd go to Kip for everything if the budget allowed for it. Fortunately, he is more than willing to field a question or two and is very blunt about whether his services merit the situation.

    If there is any lawyer out there that might reach the top in his career, it's Kip. I would strongly urge anyone seeking legal advice in his field of practice to give him a call. You will not be disappointed.