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Tamara B. Packard

Tamara Packard’s reviews

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  • A great lawyer and talented advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Licensing client

    Facing a professional licensing issue can be devastating  After consulting many attorneys about my situation, most of whom gave me inadequate or inappropriate advice, I decided to contact Ms. Packard.  Not only did she listen to my concerns with sensitivity, she analyzed my case from the perspective of a lawyer who is at the forefront of her profession.  Ms. Packard possess impeccable judgment, and she turned out to be spot on about my case.  I could not ask for a better result, and I am extremely grateful that I found someone with the skills and experience to resolve my case with the best possible outcome.  I highly recommend Ms. Packard, and because of her, I look forward to continuing my professional career with confidence and consistency. 

  • Conscientious Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Licensing client

    Attorney Tamara Packard is an excellent lawyer because she is an able, educated and experienced person but more so because she is a good person. At first blush, this may sound like a strange way to evaluate a lawyer but after a bit of reflection this makes perfect sense.
    Before I engaged Ms. Packard, to represent me in a professional licensing case, I had already spoken with a couple of lawyers competent in the field. Tamara was the last attorney that I interviewed and before the end of our conversation, I knew I wanted her as my lawyer. Why?
    Bright lawyers abound but bright passionate lawyers, without monster egos, are far and few between. She falls into the latter category. By the middle of our initial conversation I could sense Ms. Packard’s interest in my case, in its issues and in me. I could also sense that she had a good grasp on the subject matter, although she was not afraid to say, “I don’t know, I’ll find out.” She was an excellent listener and was interested in every detail.
    After I retained Attorney Packard, she requested documents from me, from others and did her own research as well. Not until she was completely informed did she formulate a strategy. Tamara Packard, although capable of spontaneous response, is not a lawyer who “flies by the seat of her pants,” rather; Ms. Packard is a lawyer who is well prepared for her case.
    Attorney Packard always was available for my telephone calls and always kept me apprised of the case as it progressed. Tamara was always open to my suggestions and did not make any attempt to “bully” me into her way of thinking. Our relationship was based on an hourly billing schedule ands I believe that I was treated fairly. The hours billed were clearly put into the matter and I have little doubt that she failed to record some of her time.
    Last, but very important, Tamara not only knew what to say and when to say it, but she also knew when to not say anything. She was a successful advocate for me and I am sure that, win or lose, anyone represented by Attorney Tamara Packard is a person well represented.

  • Attorney Packard Consistently Performed at the Highest Professional Level in my Employment Dispute

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    In November of 2008 I retained Tamara Packard to assist me in resolving a dispute with my former employer. From the initial meeting to the signing of the negotiated agreement two months later, Attorney Packard acted dilligently, professionally, and assertively on my behalf to bring about a settlement I was more than pleased with.

    My former employer is a small (100 employees) privately-held company. It was reluctant to provide the information necessary to establish a fair settlement. Attorney Packard countered their attorney's every argument against releasing information with her superior knowledge of applicable labor laws.

    I completely trusted her advice during the negotiation of a severance package, and I have no doubt that she got me thousands and thousands of dollars more than I could have, on my own.

    I was kept fully informed every step of the way and at no time did I feel she was "running the bill". She patiently explained the legal concepts in our strategy and I felt she really was a powerful advocate for me. She handled every step of the process, from the initial contact to the negotiated payout and redemption of my stock in the company, in a thoroughly professional manner.

    Without hesitation I give my highest personal and professional recommendation to Attorney Tamara Packard.