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Serena Hulbert’s reviews

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  • Biggest mistake I ever made was hiring Serena Hulbert

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    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Serena to handle my divorce, and feel I was duped out of my money. I didn't know it at the time, but Serena was dealing with her own legal matters, and this reflected greatly on the mess she made of handling my divorce. She was constantly changing court dates, and hearing dates, to fit her legal schedule, which ended up costing me more, because I had to pay each time something was changed. Serena sounded knowledgeable during the initial interview, but proved to be under qualified during my divorce. She was constantly having to check case references before she would file any motion and was racking up an enormous legal fee in doing so. I expected with her experience and her claimed knowledge that it would be a simple matter to handle and not have to be researched like it was. The retainer was quickly diminished and she constantly required large sums of money to continue. Prior to an important court hearing, she asked for another 2500.00 retainer for her to continue my case. After all the time and money wasted, I found it necessary to hire another attorney to get out of the mess that Serena left me in. In closing I would like to add before hiring any attorney, you should do a simple research and run their name through the circuit court system. Lesson learned, and money wasted.

    Serena Noel Hulbert’s response: “After further time has passed and the facts have slowly presented, it appears this critique is more likely from my past employer, Dale Thorpe, who fired me while I was in the hospital. After 2 years, he appears to be continuing to make attempts to destroy my reputation and career. In my opinion and experience, he is unethical and only cares about money not results. He gets everyone else to do his dirty work. What is contained on CCAP and in this false review are products of fighting battles on multiple fronts. Any review that tries to scare potential clients based on financial issues should be questioned. All client advanced fees are required to be placed in trust accounts, insured and monitored by the WI Bar Association. My monthly bills provide a breakdown of services in 5 minute increments. My clients always have 30 days to dispute charges and postponing hearings would save money, not cost the client more. The client has full control over the cost of their case and bringing it to resolution. My "legal issues" are not true to my character or abilities, the truth often takes time to surface. In seventeen years of practicing, my ethics and law license have never been jeopardized. Those alerting you to information that doesn't tell the whole story shows more about them - especially when they mask their identity. Avvo does not confirm that reviewers are truly former clients. I am innocent, but sometimes you have to be patient, the legal system moves slowly and my justice will come. My clients expect me to fight as hard for them as I do myself - that is why they return, again and again. I would be more concerned about those with hidden agendas. If an attorney has never received or responded to a complaint, THAT is what is questionable.”
  • Don't waste your time or money with Serena N. Hulbert

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    Posted by Jason

    I hired Serena for a family court matter and she messed up my case so bad I had a hard time finding a lawyer to take over the case after she quit. She quit do to the fact she lied to the judge about witnesses she didn't have and couldn't find but told the judge she would have them. Soon after the hearing she found a reason to get off the case. She sent me a bill for $4000.00 for one month and I only had a half hour hearing, we talked on the phone for a few hours she had drive time but nowhere near the $4000.00. You would be wise to hire someone else. Thanks for reading.

    Serena Noel Hulbert’s response: “This client is entitled to his opinion, but he is not being accurate in anything he is describing. He has not paid anything near what he describes and went bankrupt during his litigation. I am a truthful attorney whose clients are more than happy with the fact that they get extremely aggressive services without being over billed. If you speak with me, you will know who I am and what I do. Thank you.”