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John R. Bailey

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  • Very helpful, patient and knowledgeable!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    We hired John to handle our financial case. He is very knowledgeable in many areas. If he comes across something that he isn't sure about, he researches it to find the answer. We had an unusual situation with our financial case and John was prompt in returning our phone calls and thorough when completing our paperwork. He is also very patient. He answered our barrage of questions before, during and after the financial issue had passed.

    Hired attorney
  • He is not just a lawyer... He is a Father, grandfather, husband and trustworthy soul who is genuinely here to fight for YOU.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rose

    I met john years ago when I was a struggling bit determined single mother of two children. I was working as a pizza deliverer and scrapping metal to put food on the table. John not only helped me through my bankruptcy but help me save my license.
    I was reading my mail while driving and hit a doctor's car when I was being careless. That mistake cost me $10,000 Plus drivers financial responsibility fees that I could not pay when I'm bringing home $20 a day. The state took my license away until I could pay it off. I was going to have to file for bankruptcy being my only hope. My boss kept me on the job but I've gotten pulled over twice risking going to jail and losing my vehicle with even more fines and the longer suspension on my license which was my only freedom to be a mother. I was ordered to go to court for driving without a license. I was terrified and lost as to what to do and how to fix this. So I called John hoping he could refer me to somebody who could help. I was not expecting a freebie when I called I called job immediately and asked him if he knew anybody who could help because I trusted him. John called a friend who showed up to court who did not know me. This man defended me without asking for a dime and I was able to walk away with just not having drivers license in hand while driving. No words can describe how thankful I am to the man that stood by me and Jon for calling in the favor. It's just the type of man that John truly is. John not only got me through the bankruptcy erase the $10,000 so I could get my license back . He gave me back my freedom that I won't take advantage of or take for granted again.
    Later on through the years my mother came to visit me right before her divorce. 3 days prior actually. My mother had no clue what she was about to face and Court when she showed me the papers stating that she was in default meaning her ex-husband would get everything. Which would have meant that all the work that she did throughout the many years she was married to him would be for nothing. She would have left with nothing to support herself after 18 years of marriage plus the four years they were together before they were married. They built two businesses together. One being Walt's Septic Service her ex-husband ran, then the portable restroom business mom ran on her own. Which meant loading and unloading Porta-Johns on a trailer cleaning . Taking care of all the paperwork not to mention the traveling that took up most of her days.
    Mom lived 3 hours away. She had thought that her ex-husband was working with her and had no clue what he was about to do to her. I immediately called John he charged us a flat rate and got right on it. He knew Mom deserved more. And was in desperate need of Defense. He drove 3 hours away to go to court for my mother. Thank God he got her out of default . Mom wanted just enough to support herself because she was not a greedy woman. John gave that to her. Then 2 weeks later her ex-husband convinced her to get rid of her lawyer while he kept his. To make the matter worse he convince mom to call John and ask for him to refund half the lawyer fee. Stating she wouldn't need his Services because she trusted Walt. John sympathized and sent her half of the payment back. UNBELIEVABLE! little time that he did spend defending her in the three days that he had to prepare saved my mom's Financial future to be able to support herself. John had no obligation to her or me. He simply saw a woman who really desperately needed help with little time to fix the wrongs that have been done.

    I have the utmost respect for this man. He's not just a lawyer he's a friend. He's a man you can trust that carries the weight of the world on his shoulders at times but stands up with pride knowing he's doing his very best to defend you and me. I will forever be thankful for all you've done for me and my family John. May God bless you and yours always.
    Thank you... [info withheld]

    Hired attorney
  • John Gets the Job Done! - Helpful and Successful with my Financial Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jamie

    John is very professional and exudes confidence that reflects his exceptionally high success rate. He was extremely helpful every step of the way and addressed all of my questions and concerns. His staff is wonderful, and it was refreshing to know you were in the hands of such good care during a difficult and emotional period of my life. I would highly recommend John.

    Hired attorney
  • You Can Call Him John

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carrie

    John is my lawyer.

    You can call him John because calling him Mr. Bailey is too formal.

    Right now, John is helping me with a very sensitive legal matter.

    His humor, from the hip honesty, and most importantly, his legal knowledge is outstanding.

    If you let John lead, follow his advise, and work with him, the bumps in the road to "recovery" are few.

    I have passed out and continue to pass out his business cards to those who need his his expertise.

    Thank you John