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Peter N. Camps

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  • Down to earth, a fighter in your corner. Very good staff.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Camps and his staff have been excellent. The treatment I have received has been top notch. I would and have recommended his firm to potential clients that need to know their options. He is down to earth and does what he promises. No misleading or "pie in the sky" false promises. Professionals from every facet of this legal office.

  • Excellent, absolutely would entrust with the highest-stake and most sensitive isues. Got a *great* outcome. Fought hard for me.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Wrongful Termination client

    I contacted Mr. Camps with a highly complex legal problem involving sexual harrassment and wrongful termination. Not only was my issue complex, but time was ticking. I needed a lawyer to drop everything, understand a complex situation, and provide sound advice--quickly! I had some embarrassing and sensitive information to disclose. Mr. Camps made me comfortable and was not at all judgmental. He was crystal clear that he wasn't judging my character, he was simply trying to understand the full situation and my legal options.

    When my situation "struck" I contacted probably 2-4 attorneys. Mr. Camps was the first I had contacted and given the high-stakes (my career!) at hand, I wanted to make sure I had made a good choice. I paid for a couple of hours of consultation with other attorneys. Oh my goodness----it was pretty scary to hear how the other attorneys would have handled the situation: Not good! So after exhausting work finding attorneys, paying them, and going through my situation (exhausting to do and embarrassing!), here is what differentiated Mr. Camps for me: #1: quick study/super smart, #2: let me choose our path, #3: timely and "pain-free" updates, #4: very creative and agile legal mind, #5: good at preparing me on what to say/not say (has great ways to say things!).

    #1: Mr. Camps is a quick study. My situation was complex (and given my shock, I wasn't very good at explaining it!). He was able to take a muddled mess of issues and considerations and somehow --and very quickly -- say "okay, the way I'm seeing it, I think there are three paths....." The other attorneys I saw just were not as quick--and some were not able to absorb all the information and crystallize an opinion. And those that were, scared me with what their opinions were and what their client-interaction styles were (See #2 and #3 below). Moreover, these other attorneys even had a "head-start" as I was better at my story and had some of Mr. Camps' synthesis, but still couthey couldn't cut it.

    #2: Mr. Camps was crystal clear the decisions were mine. Mr. Camps' approach was one of "here's how I'm seeing things... we have two options, I'm thinking option X will give you the best outcome. But take some time, sleep on it, see what you think, I'll mull it over as well, and we'll figure out what to do. I won't do anything until you tell me to..." Other attorneys were not as collaborative. Rather, other attorneys would say "here's what I'm going to do..." Easy for them to say when it wasn't *their* career at stake!! Moreover, these other attorneys hadn't mastered the situation so didn't fully understand the implications. And Mr. Camps was very receptive to the calls a few hours later about "I like that option but here's what I'm worried about....." He listened and would change the path or give advice on how to handle. The interesting thing about Mr. Camps is that he is a quick study and can come to recommendations quickly, but he isn't hot-headed in terms of his approach.

    #3. Mr. Camps communicated good (and bad) news well/easily. I was divorced years ago and whenever my attorney called, I dreaded talking to them or listening to their voicemail. Their updates were painful, even if the news was good. It's hard to put my finger on exactly what the issue was, but... When Mr. Camps called he was straight and to the point but in a nice way (e.g., "well, I talked to X, and it didn't go well... let me tell you what happened and we'll figure out what's next...."). Very professional, would call me literally moments after meetings took place.

    #4. Mr. Camps' knowledge of the law was much more sophisticated and used his expertise in nuances of various laws. He came up with some very creative angles. Mr. Camps is also good at explaining the law and his thinking in "English"/easy terms. I never felt stupid asking Mr. Camps questions.

    #5. Great with words/What to say in tough meetings. "If they ask you X, you say Y..."

  • Great Advice.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    Mr Camps handled my case with professionalism and class from beginning to end. We obtained a great result. I would recommend him highly.