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Richard Alan Karcher

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  • just there for the check

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Hired him for a few cases and overall he just seemed to not care to do much. I asked him to handle a child support case that was obviously wrong he tells me after a month that he hasn't done anything with it. I also was in an accident that he was handling at the same time and when I finally saw him before the case he talked to me for all of two minutes showing he just wanted paid and had no interest in helping. after court he vanished before I could talk to him and when I called he basically said I had to take care of it myself. I would not suggest him to anyone that needs help I would have been better off with a public defender.

  • Came highly recommended but did not earn my recommendation

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Having just been served with divorce papers, I needed a lawyer quickly and hired him based on a family recommendation. I think he is very knowledgeable of divorce law. What turned out to be a major problem that I saw hints of throughout the progress of my divorce case is that I did NOT find him to be a strong advocate for me at all. I do not feel that my best interests were looked out for and I paid for it in the divorce decree.

    If someone else were going to hire him and were reading this, I would strongly advise such a person to inquire at the beginning if Mr. Karcher has an existing professional relationship or friendship with the other spouses attorney. Mr. Karcher had either worked with or across from my ex’s attorney numerous times before. I found him to be more concerned with maintaining his relationship (and no I am absolutely not implying or suggesting anything beyond a peer relationship) with my ex’s attorney than looking out for my best interests. I believe he was way too accommodating to every request from my ex’s side. Even though I had a horrible work record for many years leading up to the divorce which certainly raised serious questions about my long-term ability to supply spousal support, I was saddled with monstrous child support and alimony. A few months after the divorce my company went bankrupt and because of the horrendous spousal support terms I now face jail and license suspension due to 5-figure arrearages.

    Since the marriage was a long one, the one minor child was close to majority. I have such large arrearages on spousal support because being a good father, I made sure that every possible penny went to paying the child support that I did NOT petition to have reduced because of job loss !! When the terms of child and spousal support came up, there was no disagreement or counter-proposal even attempted by Mr. Karcher. Although I knew I could not afford it, my attempts to have lower payments negotiated by Mr. Karcher were rebuffed BY HIM and not even presented to my ex. To paraphrase, I was pretty much told - Too Bad, it’s a standard formula. Again, I personally felt that Mr. Karcher’s overriding concern was for maintaining his professional/peer relationship/friendship with my ex’s attorney and not looking out for my best immediate, short-term or long-term interests.

    I paid the many thousands of dollars to this attorney for his years of experience and alleged ability. Most of the time, I found myself to be the one asking him to push back since it was not being done automatically as one would expect. To put it mildly, I believe I was walked all over by my ex’s representation and the person I thought was in my corner spent most of his time looking out for the best interests of my ex’s attorney.

    Some additional objective examples:

    During the marriage, I completed 3 college degrees easily doubling my earning potential which greatly benefited my ex. No attempt was made to account for the nearly SIX-FIGURES in student loans that enabled the college education that provided the higher earnings. I left the marriage responsible for every penny of the student loans. Not only that but I also was assigned much higher spousal support than I would have otherwise been if I had only worked lower-level employment instead of college. You would think that this would have been a heavily mitigating factor in establishing and negotiating spousal support; a mitigating factor justifying deviation from the basic spousal support calculation. This is something I expected a well-paid lawyer to bring up and address. That did not happen.

    My ex worked during our marriage and obtained a Bachelor’s degree. This hardly made her a displaced homemaker, yet Mr. Karcher essentially allowed spousal support to be calculated as if she was a displaced homemaker incapable of self-support..

    Yes, hindsight is 20/20. HOWEVER, in looking at the points I raised above, I firmly believe that those are areas that should have been addressed during the divorce process. As I look back now, I am incred