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Jude Aubry’s reviews

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  • Disgrace to all other attorneys

    1.0 star

    Posted by Susan

    Jude Aubery is awful!!!!!!! He is not prepared for court. He lies right to your face. He over charges on billing hours. He "MIGHT" of been good in his much younger years but believe me, he is awful now. My husband was in contempt of court for alimony and for not paying his truck payment (which I am stuck paying). Jude would do nothing about it. Husband is EIGHT months behind on truck payment and I have NEVER got the full amount of alimony as of yet! One month I got $27.00 in alimony. I called Jude and told him and his reply was, " SO ......So what.
    To begin with, I did think Jude would be good. First couple of meeting went well. Thought he would fight for me. Then I paid him. Everything went down hill from there. Doesn't return phone calls. Messes up all the paper work, then charges me when I email him to correct the mistakes. This happened many many times, (over billing). I should of not had to pay for his mistakes. He even changed the schedule 3 paperwork after I signed it! He is not trustworthly! I would not recommend him to anyone!

    Hired attorney
  • A knowledgeable advisor and strong advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Jude is at the top of the list of divorce lawyers in NW Ohio. He is trustworthy and knowledgeable, he thinks strategically and creatively, and he works tirelessly to achieve the best result possible in what is typically a very difficult and stressful situation. Jude has worked with the judges and other attorneys in the Domestic Relations Court for many years and he knows when to push aggressively and when to reach an agreement. He explained each step in the process to me, used my input to strengthen our approach and was always a strong advocate for me. Although no one wins in a divorce, I feel that we reached an outcome that was fair and reasonable for everyone.

  • The Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joann

    I hired Jude after interviewing 3 other lawyers. The other lawyers did not seem interested in my case. Jude instantly asked me questions, listened, gave me a run down of his charges, and from there it was my call. I was honest from the start with have to have faith and trust in your lawyer and I trusted Jude with my life! He had first hand knowledge of what I was going to deal with, he has access to forensic accountants, and he dug right into my ex 's files, finding things and companies I didn't even know existed. Jude was very aggressive but had to be dealing with my case. He found my ex in a lot of lies and knew how to approach the opposing lawyer!! I would highly recommend Jude for a divorce attorney...he fought hard and wouldn't let me give up....we battled for almost 22 months but I got what I wanted and I am living a good life. His office help was always available for phone calls and they also were very helpful. They (Jude) always had time to talk to me or would call be back. They were very professional and informative. Thank you Jude for all you did!!

  • Exactly what I needed

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathy

    I can't speak for the previous reviewer but I've always taken anonymous reviews with a grain of salt. I suspect I know who the reviewer was as he initially recommended Jude to me but fell out of favor when he neglected to pay and was less than up front regarding his situation. Now after going through a very long, very messy and very emotional divorce personally I will say that when you walk into your lawyer's office and lie about hiding funds from the court and your spouse do not blame your lawyer when he can't help you. It was embarrassing at times but I learned to be honest with Jude and I learned to trust him and his paralegal who helped me through a great deal of the emotions I was dealing with at the time. I'm very happy with the custody arrangement and the settlement and Jude was incredible in the courtroom. Be warned because he can be aggressive and abrasive but take it from someone who has been there that is exactly what you need in a divorce attorney.

    Contrary to what my co-worker posted Jude and his staff were always prepared and available. I always felt fully prepared for our court dates and my spouse, who also tried hiding money, squirmed on the stand and that was rewarding to watch in all honesty. Jude's forensic accountant tracked down every last cent he hide and Jude made sure I received my fair share.

    Mary, Jude's paralegal, was warm and kind and knowledgeable and when I called her crying (a few times) after opening correspondence from my ex she calmed me down, walked me through everything and Jude handled everything my ex-husband threw at me.

    Like I said highly recommended. My best advice to those of you going through the same thing, take it from someone who has been there. Be honest and direct with your lawyer (unlike my co-worker). Hire Jude but if you don't please remember your lawyer is there to help you and will maintain confidentiality. Tell him or her everything and don't hold back or they can't help you and you'll get buried in court. You have to be honest so your lawyer can be prepared. If you hide money (for example by transferring property and a boat into your girlfriend's name) the opposing side will find it (Mr. Aubry found everything my ex hide from me). If you lie to your lawyer he can't help you as much.

    When I first walked into his office I was ashamed that my marriage didn't last and more so that my husband was sleeping with a younger woman. Jude made me feel at ease right away. In the end I felt more confident about my situation than I had in years at that point. I was still out for blood don't get me wrong and Jude was too. Be aggressive because the other side will be.