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Gerald Howard Summers

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  • Keep your receipts

    2.0 stars

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    I hired Mr. Summers to represent me for a DUI charge in East Ridge court. He was in the media a lot at the time and seemed to be one of the best attorneys in our area. Definitely very knowledgeable. From my experience he does a cattle call on a Saturday morning and has all of his potential customers show up so he can do his dog and pony show. He has everyone show up at the same time and you just wait until he calls you in. I felt like he was a car salesman and really trying to sell himself to me. Well, it worked because I hired him. Of course I paid an extra fee for him having to come to court on a Tuesday night. With that I ended up paying his total fee off prior to my first court appearance with him. That night he had several clients. I watched one by one as he called them into the hall to discuss the case and then come back to talk to the judge. He never called my name so I went out to him in the hall. He asked my name, I told him what it was and he started walking away from me to another client. I went back up to him and asked what was going on. He got angry with me and said that he runs a business and that in order for him to operate his business he needs his clients to pay him. He was a real jerk the way he was talking to me. Then I got pissed and told him he needed to check his records because I had fully paid him. I pulled the receipt out of my wallet and he was stunned. His attitude changed. He represented me and I was convicted of a 1st offense when it was technically my 2nd. Not sure if I could have done any better since it was all done in East Ridge. The icing on the cake was getting a letter from him a couple weeks later asking for basically a "bonus" check for achieving what he called favorable results. I didn't owe it and he didn't deserve it. I personally believe there are better attorneys to work with out there other than Mr. Summers.