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Jeannette Haag’s reviews

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  • Continued Lack of Communication and Lies

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    This attorney was "court appointed", not directly hired by us to handle this familys estate after the death of my mother. For the past 2 years we have been dealing with her refusing to speak to any of the heirs and not returning any of our phone calls. We are still waiting for substantial tax return that has been delayed for months.There was also issue with back taxes on property while in her care and we had to get her to pay them out of the monies that she is still holding onto. This family has been divided over this estate and we have pretty much begged them to get to the bottem of this and wrap it up. We recieved a letter from them re: the tax issue and we contacted the IRS and they said Haag is who we have to speak to even though WE ARE the heirs. She refuses to speak to us and tell us why the delay???? We want to be able to wash our hands of this attorney and we cannot do so until she finalizes our business. She is also being paid a substantial amount of "OUR" money for her services and she has treated us very poorley. She has been this cold and unprofessional from the beginning. I would not reccomend her to anyone. Ever.

  • Failure to suggest an easy solution contributed to excessive fees and unnecessary delays in closing a simple estate.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Probate client

    I don't know if it was lack of knowledge, but it's been 2 years since we lost my Mother. It was alleged that the will provided for filing wasn't the original. For starters, I wasn't made aware of the fact that the law requires a will be filed within 10 days. I was led to believe that because a search didn't turn it up that intestate was the only option. It turns out an "Oath of Witness to Will" could have been submitted and would have prevented a lot of hard feelings in the family.
    Of course there were other factors that further delayed the process, however complications snowballed and could have been avoided if the estate had been settled quickly.

    Confusing court orders with deadlines weren't received on time because sufficient time wasn't allowed for delivery.

    Fees changed 3 times despite having them in writing.

    Despite being required by the bar to help, my requests for advice and unanswered questions are met with threats and accusations that have no basis in fact.

    This lawyer is NOT client friendly. Call the lawyer referral service. Research available lawyers before making a choice.

    I think a lawyer should be willing to listen to concerns and offer suggestions. This one isn't.