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William Denton Slicker

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  • Professional knowledgeable Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    I am very pleased with the help Mr Slicker provided me. For starters he returns phone calls which a lot of Lawyers don't, he answers questions and his willingness to help & win is his goal. I was very nervous about my case, he informed me of essential things that I needed to have in place before the court hearing. He went over and over things with me due to all the anxiety I was having and made sure I felt comfortable before the judge. He is well known with the judges as the judge even personally referenced him on taking over a football league lol. Mr Slicker is very knowledgeable, he knows the law! He is very professional and punctual with his court hearings. We won the case!!!! I would use Mr Slicker again and I would recommend him to my friends, family & anyone else! Mr Slicker saved my life from my abusive Ex. I can't thank him enough!

    Hired attorney
  • Mr. Slicker

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ivy

    He is amazing. He saved me when I was in a horrible place in my life. He was by my side and was organized and timely with all my court dates. He knows the laws inside and out and is well known by the judges . The person that was trying to destroy me failed because I had Mr slicker was in my corner. They person that was against me had a lot of money. I thought I had no way of standing a chance but my Mr slicker was my angel and I will always be greatful to the man that saved my life and the life of my child he is an angel in my eyes . Mr slicker is best of the best !

    Hired attorney
  • Child Custody/Support

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Claude

    Six months ago I came to Attorney William Slicker with my life in tatters. A dramatic breakdown of a seven year relationship, a temporary restraining order had been granted against me, denying me access to my son, and I was facing an a ex who was hell bent on destroying me. Her primary weapon was my son. Mr. Slickers expertise is well touted. His legal mind is unmatched; however, what truly impressed me was the care and concern Mr. Slicker showed for me and my son. Heated emotions often envelope custody cases and can severely impair judgement. Mr. Slicker was adept at ensuring I remained focused on the true matter of the case, which was the health and welfare of a child. 6 months later I have full custody of my son and a protective order which inhibits my ex's ability to strike at me emotionally. Whenever I had a question or concern, Attorney William Slicker and his staff were always available to assist me. There was never a moment in which I felt I was on my own.

    Consulted attorney
  • Professional , Experienced, Compassion

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    It is nearly impossible to put into words, the capacity of this individual's experience and knowledge of the judical process.

    With a 4 plus year divorce case that seemed as if it would linger indefinitely, being pulled in and out of court hearings with a prior the grace of God or Destiny.... I found Mr. Slicker.

    He is compassionate, he is steadfast to see his client complete the task they setout to achieve.

    Most of all he is vital, in providing his expertise and knowledge to ensure, Peace for his clients.
    That is priceless.

    Very few Lawyers can compare to the level of care, concern and protection Mr. Slicker provides.

    If you do not feel you are being protected or you have legal issues of concern make that call and contact Mr. Slicker. I assure you, he will do what it takes to bring you justice and Peace...

  • Responsive, Personal, Attentive, Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    Handled my parents' estates through all phases of probate. In the case of my father's estate he handled everything while I as personal representative could execute my responsibilities from my office in California. I always felt well informed and fully understanding of the steps and processes we would go through. He secured bond, rounded up the assets of the estate which were confusing and poorly recorded as my father did everything himself after the death of my mother -- he had been a senior military official but was ill prepared for day to day management of his assets. Had Mr. Slicker not been so capable and dedicated, I likely would have had to spend considerable time thousands of miles from my business trying to sort things out and likely stumbling through the process. As it was personal and real property, stock and CDs were organized, sold or new ownership identified and distributed per the wishes of my father, inheritance taxes computed and paid with my having to be on site only two times in the eight month period. A real service to me personally and to our family. Were I a Florida resident William Slicker would be my lawyer.

  • Karl Scoggin

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Karl

    Mr. Slicker accepted the child custody case between my wife, her sister, the named father of 2 of the 3 children involved, and a possible 2nd father for the 3rd child. My wife's sister was temporarily incarcerated with an incomplete restraining order posted for the biological father. The case had multiple children with multiple fathers and one mother related to my wife. Mr. Slicker thouroughly researched my wife's rights to be listed as the custodian of the children. Mr. Slicker aggressively pursued the process of determining if the father and other possible fathers would like to come forward to claim their parental responsibilities. Mr Slicker acurately detailed the progress being made, kept my wife informed of every step. Mr. Slicker completed the motion filings for temporary custody well within the alotted time frames allowed for each stage. Mr. Slicker presented realistic possible outcomes from the beginning of the process so there would be no surprises for my wife during this process. Mr. Slicker recently communicated to my wife well after the process had been completed to notify us that the father's attorney removed himself from representation when his client failed to meet the remaining stages of the mediation. As such Mr. Slicker recommended that we continue at the stage of mediation that had been obtained without any further pursuit of the remaining stages. Mr. Slicker's 30 + years of practice make him a well versed attorney for family law.