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Laura Olson’s reviews

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  • Terrible lawyer lost the most important document in my divorce

    1.0 star

    Posted by David

    It must be common place for you and your office To misplace a very important document that was specifically handed to you that says importNt on it. This was the most important document in my divorce case!

    If your client calls you and says a statement is not on a financial affidavit and your legal assistant says it is 3 times but it was not on the financial affidavit? I ask again do you want a lawyer where it Is is commonplace to miss that?

    Laura stated to me multiple times that she would adjust the bill accordingly after the screw up and that it is in our (me the client and er the lawyer) best interest not I go to mediation due to the final clarification of the statement the night before our scheduled mediation and the acknowledgement of this mistake. And furthermore if the judge asks how this mistake happened to blame you? Yeah. Get a lawyer like this. (Not!)

    What portion of the bill have you adjusted? None!

    what portion of this case since this mistake has surrounded this one statement? All of it! Close to $15k for nothing!

    Where is the office assistant that made this mistake? No longer there!? Great! Good luck getting new business! Thanks for nothing! Total waste of time with his lawyer!

    Laura Anne Olson’s response: “This ex-client has repeatedly tried to blame his domestic "dismay" on everyone but himself. The bottom line is that there are very few people that are happy during a divorce, and some handle it better than others. There is a very common situation called "misdirected anger," and this was a classic case. It was explained to this client muliple times that what he believed to be a "misplaced" document was a true misperception on his part, and had no bearing on the outcome of the case, whatsoever, and even after this firm withdrew from representation over irreconcilable differences, the case resolved for what had been essentially negotiated by this firm during its active representation. Further, as for discounts or disputed fees, the fees in this case could have been litigated fully if the client had legitimately believed that he had been wronged or overcharged in any way, but the client chose to "settle" the matter under the guidance and representation of another attorney. As in all professions and businesses, you simply will never make everyone happy, as some people are simply determined not to be happy, and will find a reason to blame everyone else. We wish this ex-client all the best, and sincerely hope that he finds peace and closure with his conflict over the loss of his marriage.”
  • Long time client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leigh

    Laura has been my lawyer, both business and personal, for 17 years. She has provided excellent and professional service.

  • Supportive and Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elissa

    Laura did a fantastic job handling my divorce. She was responsive, knowlegable and a great person to have in my corner.