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Steven Christopher Sessa

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  • Someone honest that you can trust

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    During our trial case duration (almost 1 year), Steven always kept me informed, he never gave me false expectations, he prepared every detail of our defense paperwork. I told him when we met that this was my first time going through this type of cases and that I was going to put my trust on him.
    "Best decision I have made in a long time"

    Hired attorney
  • Awesome Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Patrice

    I recently fired my last lawyer and hired Steven as my new appointed council. I had a friend that recommended him when I was in need of a good attorney at the last minute. Not only is Steven Attentive, he will fight for your rights. I will be using him in the future again, and I will also recommend him to any of my friends that needs legal advice.

    Hired attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    On a Saturday afternoon my wife and I were with our 5 year old daughter in our home. She's a tiny kid, just about 35 pounds, and a very kind, selfless soul. I was sitting on the master bed, my wife was laying on top of the covers, and our daughter was playing on the floor. As she often does, she started jumping on my back (horsey ride!) as soon as I sat down. I told her a few times that to stop; i was busy speaking with her mm, and it wasn't time for this. Finally I relented, got on all fours, and gave her a ride around the carpeted room. Then I picked her up, and tossed her onto the bedspead with her mom.
    This was my signal to her that playtime was over. She ignored it. I then held her down on the bed. This was not punishment, it was play. We were all three laughing. But clearly it hurt her feelings. She pouted for about 5 seconds, then it was over.

    The next day, my daughter said to her teacher that I had hurt her. She didn't complain about any specific area that hurt, even when asked where, but they are mandated to call DCF and I understand the law.

    DCF showed up the next day at the school as my wife was picking her up. They took my daughter into a room and wouldn't let my wife speak with her. We immediately called Steven Sessa, because he is the best attorney we know in this area. DCF refused to take more than 30 of his calls. They interrogated my daughter without representation, then interrogated my wife. I told them to get lost, because they refused to allow me to bring a lawyer to an interview with them.

    DCF made it clear they were there to "get me for something"-that is the words they used. They yelled at me in front of my home in an exclusive community that I was "being investigated for sexual abuse" RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HORRIFIED NEIGHBORS!!!
    DCF then told me that if I didn't vacate my own home and refuse to see my daughter, they would seize her. By this time, they had interviewed her, and anyone with a brain could tell that it was a frivolous case and we are not child abusers, and there had been no child abuse, just a child who didn't like being told to stop clowning around for a moment.

    Stevn stopped work on all his cases (or so it appeared to me) and called DCF and me all day, every day until this was resolved. In the end, DCF had no choice but to relent, and get out of our lives. What is amazing is that even after they knew their was no case, they wanted to make one anyway, and the result would have been to destroy my family.

    I am not sure if Mr Sessa would have been so passionate if I had been obviously guilty. I can tell you this, though; This guy cares about clients. He's the first lawyer I have ever met that I felt good about the VALUE of the retainer. He's not the most expensive, nor the least...but frankly, who cares? This lawyer gets involved, and gets the results you NEED, when everything is on the line.

    I could be without parental rights right now for nothing more than disciplining my daughter (who hears "no" all too few times). Instead, i spent this weekend with her at a waterpark. And our lives are moving forward.

  • facing 3 felony charges and 10 to 20 statutes.

    4.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    On March 31st 2014, I got arrested and was charge with Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon and Firing a a firearm within a moving vehicle. At that time my family and I were in dire need of a good but affordable attorney; and Steven Sessa was whom my family and I chose to represent our legal matters. Steve tells you exactly how it is and what you should and need to know. No sugarcoating. Once hired, he proceeded to work on the case as soon ASAP and always trying his best get the case to drop. He truly cares about his clients. The first deal the state offered me was a 3 years prison or we could go to trial, but if we lose face 20 years in prision, we rejected the plea. After many motions, depositions of the witness, victim, and the arresting officer to prove to the state that they can't prove their charges the state still refused to drop the case and didn't want to corporate with us with a lesser deal or a case dismissal. Steve kept working as hard as he could do resolve the case which would be in our favor. Many motions were filed just so that the state would be able to prove the charges and they couldn't. Steve would always show up to court with me and ready to fight and represent for me. A year and a few months after rejecting many plea deals in order to solve the case, Steve was able to get the state to only charge me with "Discharging a firearm in public" which is a 1st degree misdemeanor. The reason he couldn't get the whole case to drop was due to my confession to the police officers I made during my arrest which I confessed that I did discharge the weapon but there was never any act of aggravated assault occurred nor any crimes being committed, but the state believed otherwise. Also, Steve was willing to work with me and my family in regards to payment and not once stopped working on the case because he didn't get paid. Even when we owed him, he continued to defend my case. Steve really knows his stuff and very knowledgeable in what he does. Finally, I was charge with a misdemeanor and not felonies. I didn't have to do any probation, prison, jail time or pay a fine. I just had to pay standard court cost. So, On April 24th of 2015 I walked out the court house and everything was over with. As a result, my family and I shall forever thank Steve and his team for helping me get through this without any jail, prison or probation. I certainly will never forget what he has done for me and i my family. I would recommend Steve to anyone or family members and friends of mine.

  • Amazing!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by christy

    Mr. Sessa recently represented me in a case that could have ruined my career and life. His knowledge of the legal system and communication with all parties involved, especially with the court system is to be commended! He was honest with me through out this tremendously stressful situation! he understood my anxiety and found ways to "handle" me on those most stressful days! I would highly recommend Mr. Sessa to anyone seeking professional, sound legal advice. He was able to resolve my situation successfully. Thank you Mr. Sessa, you are a blessing to all. C.S


    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I first met Steven Sessa after being released on bond for an arrest on charges called "Domestic battery with Strangulation" In short, I was accused of putting my hands around my wife's throat during an argument. She was not actually strangled, or even hurt, but that's irrelevant. This is a much more serious charge than "Domestic Violence" which can be as little as touching someone's arm or hand.
    Without going into the specifics of what happened, I'll tell you that I was horrified about the whole matter. My daughter was just 1 year old at the time, and I was told right away that I wouldn't be able to see her for a long time. This didn't seem fair, because she was not present when this occurred. There was talk of jail time for the offense. The court then offered 2 years of probation (I had no criminal record) along with an order that I would only be able to see my daughter in the presence of whoever the court deemed appropriate, be drug tested, etc.
    My wife and I wanted to seek counseling, and work this out as a family. She and I knew the truth about what had occurred. We knew we had a problem. But we agreed that the state prosecutor and the court system did not seem to have our interests, and most importantly the best interests of our child, at heart.

    Steven got extremely involved. We had long conversations in his offices that I know I was never billed for on time basis. He cared. He actually listened to me. He understood how I felt as an accused felon, as a father. I refused to take the plea agreements offered by the prosecutor. He advised me on what was possible, and did everything he could to keep me out of jail, and worked toward the ending that would reunite my family.

    In time, the entire case was dismissed. Now, my daughter is five years old, and my wife and I are happy. nobody uses violence in our family. We do argue. After all, it's been almost 30 years! But we handle it as a family.
    When I look into my daughters beautiful eyes, I give thanks for all the blessings that have made our lives together possible. Steven knows I'm a devoted father; we keep in touch. And it is my hope that after reading this you understand that Mr Sessa is a guy you want on your side.

  • Steven Sessa Upheld the law for me - Instantly!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by MIchael

    In early 2012, my wife was driving Eastbound on Donald Ross Rd in Palm Beach Gardens and was involved in a serious car accident. The police report said that she had run a red light in my SUV, and struck a sedan with two people inside. Both were injured, and the passenger was seriously injured, though later recovered. Witnesses at the scene initially said that my wife had a green light, then upon speaking with police, said they were not sure. My wife maintains to this day that the light was green for her.

    There were no mitigating factors in the accident. No alcohol, distractions such as cell phone use, and it was a perfectly bright sunny day. And my wife was driving below the speed limit. The driver and passenger in the other car (that my wife said actually did run the red light) were 90 and 88 years old, respectively. This was a tragic accident, regardless of who was to blame. However, the police investigators wanted to charge my wife with a serious crime, because of the age of the people in the sedan. The police were abrasive to her and to I. And they impounded our vehicle, telling us they would keep it for up to a year and a half, citing that "elderly people can often die of complications from an accident more than a year later", and they would want to keep the vehicle as evidence in order to charge her with Vehicular Homicide at a later date. And the police demanded that they interview my wife immediately and without representation.

    We couldn't believe what we were hearing. This seemed like she was being treated like a deliberate and calculating criminal, not someone accused of causing a car accident without any contributing factors whatsoever.

    I called Steven Sessa the next day. The officer who impounded the vehicle (and told me he was keeping it for up to a year and a half) and was extremely rude to us at first actually called me just hours later and apologized, then instructed me to pick up the car at my convenience. If he hadn't, we would not have been able to make an insurance claim, and would not have been able to get another car (it was a total loss), and indeed would have ended up with ruined credit as well.

    The case was finished in court. My wife was never charged with a serious crime, only traffic infractions. Steven turned the focus of the case from a serious felony charge that could have resulted in my wife going to prison, into a traffic case. We paid a fine.

    Fact is, we were way more concerned with the other drivers health to care about a fine. Our feeling was that it mattered less who ran the light, given nobody was deliberately negligent, and more that everyone survived.

    The security of knowing that you have a lawyer that will correct a wrong done to you, immediately, is irreplaceable. This incident showed us that anyone can become an accused criminal. And thank God that we knew someone like Steven to set things right.

  • Seemed hopeless until Steven Sessa took my case and turned it into a dismissal, correction from previous review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Beverly

    I have made a mistake in the 'Overall Rating'
    This needed to be corrected immediately!!!!
    Mr. Sessa is Excellent in every single area.
    My sincere apology Steven!!!

  • Seemed hopeless until Steven Sessa took my case and turned it into a dismissal

    1.0 star

    Posted by Beverly

    I hired Attorney Steven C Sessa in July 2014.
    My husband and have used his services four times with excellent results.
    In July of 2014 I was charged with four serious felonies in Martin County Fl. The prosecutor wanted to skip my due process and send me to prison for the three years minimum sentence.
    My bond was set at $130,000.00. Steven got this reduced to $26,000.00. Mr.Sessa was a lawyer from another county. In Martin County, this automatically put him and my case at a disadvantage. For six months it looked like the state had an iron clad case against me. Mr. Sessa worked tirelessly and eventually formulated an entrapment defense. His unprecedented understanding of law and research is the only reason this was uncovered. He was nothing short of amazing.
    Month after month he worked toward the goal of proving his case. He wrote and won countless motions for discovery, and subpoenaed then deposed the informant that was used by the police, the detectives, and other witnesses. He kept winning. The tables began to turn in my favor.
    Mr. Sessa then wrote a motion for dismissal, It was so well written, and reading it convinced me that I had a real shot. Finally on the afternoon before my court appearance for motion to dismiss, my husband phoned me to tell me that I would not be appearing that next morning. I was not expecting the next words from him, but never the less there it was, "your case has been dismissed"!!!
    I was overwhelmed to say the least.
    I will say without a shadow of a doubt that my attorney is nothing short of amazing. He was an 'outsider' attorney in a very conservative county and he worked a miracle! He did something that in Martin County is unheard of!!!!
    Attorney Steven Sessa is and will always be my Hero!!!!!

  • Great Defense Attorney - If You Need Help Call Steve

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jane

    There is no way I can thank Attorney Sessa enough. He did a great job explaining how arrest went from posession to a felony and then getting the case dismissed. The he helped me put everything behind me. Thanks again Steve.